Mel Brooks, the most important films and a lot of irony

The career of Mel Brookstoday almost centenary, it is articulated above all through three decades: the 70’s, ’80 And ’90. Actor, director, screenwriter, author, voice actor, he asserts himself as a well-rounded artist in the difficult world of cinematographic comedy. Today we discover which are the greatest works of him, to tell the truth already famous in the history of cinema and among fans of the genre: here is a ride between Half past twelve of fire And Space balesmemorable and cutting parodies, without forgetting some biographical and private notes.

Mel Brooks

Making comedy films is much more difficult than supporting dramatic themes, especially by addressing the so-called demented type of comedy, without being superficial and provincial. He knows it well Mel Brooksone of the greatest exponents of this current, one of the most loved directors and actors of the American comedy. Born in New York several springs ago, how old is actor Mel Brooks? His date of birth is June 26, 1926: at the dawn of his firsts 95 years old, Mel Brooks in 2021 announces the publication of a memoir, a book in which he also talks about the loss of his wife and Oscar-winning actress Anne Bancroftwho died in 2005, with whom he had his son Max. Brooks in his career proves to be a multifaceted artist: let’s find out, therefore, which are the major films in which he appears as an actor and, very often, also as a director.

How many fingers does Mel Brooks have?

A curiosity before getting to the heart of the guide: you know how many fingers does Mel Brooks have? If someone happens to take a stroll around the Hollywood Walk of Fame, they can look at Brooks’ footprint with a hand that features six fingers. Irreverent and always ready to make irony of others and of himself, Mel Brooks to distinguish himself from all the others thus leaves his indelible signature also to posterity with a small special effect.

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Mel Brooks movies

Which ones are they the most important Mel Brooks films? To begin with, we need to make a premise: here we will talk about Mel Brooks film in which he takes part as an actor, although his figure is much more impressive than this in the world of cinema, as he is also a screenwriter, director, voice actor and author. Brooks dedicates himself to the big screen as well as to TV, passing through the theater and even touching the world of music with two songs: It’s good to be the king and the satirical song for the film To be or not to beby title To be or not to be (The Hitler rap). Now, however, we come to Mel Brooks and the best films divided by decades.

Mel Brooks movies in the 1970s

Between Mel Brooks movies in the 1970stherefore, those that represent a bit of its beginnings, are there The mystery of the twelve chairsbased on a Russian novel, about the adventure in search of a treasure lost during the revolution and the success of Half past twelve of firefrom 1974, through which Brooks began his partnership with Gene Wilder. The film looks like a parody of the genre western and a satire on racism. From the same year it is also Frankenstein Junioran iconic work of comedy of all time, in which Brooks is the director and the protagonist is Gene Wilder in the film that leads him to success… And also a nice fight with Mel, according to the gossip on the scene. It follows The Last Madness of Mel Brooks1976, mockery of silent films, with an exceptional cast including, among others, Marty Feldman, Anne BancroftLiza Minnelli, Burt Reynolds, James Caan and Paul Newman. High voltagefrom 1977, continues on the parody vein by “targeting” the thriller genre, with particular reference to the films of Alfred Hitchcock. The decade ends with Here is the Muppet moviefrom 1979, the only production, compared to the others mentioned, not to see Mel Brooks himself as director, but James Frawley.

Mel Brooks movies in the 1980s

Some of Mel Brooks’ films in the 1980s turn out to be among the most famous of his career. It starts with The crazy history of the worldfrom 1981, an ironic reinterpretation of our history from the dawn of life on Earth to the time of the French Revolution: in the cast, in addition to Brooks himself who writes the screenplay and directs, there are Dom DeLuise, Madeline Kahn and Hugh Hefner, patron of Playboy. In 1983 he arrives To be or not to beirreverent reinterpretation of We want to live! by Ernst Lubitsch (whose original title is To be or not to be), to seek an ironic reading also of the tragic events of the Holocaust. The protagonist, together with Brooks, is once again his wife Anne Bancroft. Another unforgettable masterpiece of comedy is Space balesfrom 1987, an unparalleled parody of Star Wars which some believe is better than the original, and the science fiction genre in its entirety. In the cast Bill Pullman, John Candy, Daphne Zuniga and George Wyner.

film with ezio crude and mel brooks

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Mel Brooks movies in the 90s

What they are Mel Brooks movies in the 90s they start to include a dramatic streak too, like What a dog’s life! of 1991, to then resume the course of the most hilarious comedy with Robin Hood – A man in tightsof 1993, and Little scoundrelsfrom 1994. In this decade we should also mention a couple of film with Ezio Greggio and Mel Brooksthe first of which also works as a director: it is de The silence of the hamsof 1994, and Unscrewfrom 1999.

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Mel Brooks, the most important films and a lot of irony