Mental health: why do celebrities leave social networks?

They are actors, singers, influencers, Tiktokeurs… They have millions of subscribers on the networks, and they can’t take it anymore. Some have decided to delete their social networks because the pressure is too enormous and it calls into question their well-being. The latest to have made this decision is called Brody Wellmaker, an American tiktoker followed by 21 million people. His niche is humor, he parodies movies and people love him… Except that despite that, he decided to take a break from Tiktok for a while. He announced it in a 2 minute video on the network saying in particular “take care of your Mental Health . We swipe, we laugh. We swipe, we cry, No one in this world can convince me that it’s normal and it doesn’t affect us!”

Brody Wellmaker goes even further by swinging how much the platforms don’t give a damn about us, that they’re just there to make money, that’s all they care about… Well, we’re not falling from the clouds Obviously, but it is rare to see an influencer speak so freely about the impact that the networks have on their mental health, but also on ours. In fact its message is a kind of warning, a reminder that swiping on an app is not real life. He even advises his followers to go outside and read books. And he is not the only one to have chosen to cut his networks because this summer, there was English actor Tom Holland aka Spiderman who announced his withdrawal from the networks in an Instagram video viewed more than 23 million times “I get overwhelmed and I spin when I read something about me on the networks and it affects my mental health. “. Tom Holland decided to prioritize his sanity by deleting apps from his phone altogether. It must be said that he is one of the most bankable actors of the moment at only 26 years old, who has become the absolute idol of GenZ. So yes because he is cute and he plays in big blockbusters but especially because he goes out with the actress of the Euphoria series: Zendaya. Between them, they accumulate more than 217 million followers on Instagram and their relationship soon became one of the networks’ favorite topics. Everyone goes there with their comments, either to declare their love for them but also to invent a life for them with rumors of deception and so on. All their appearances have millions of views and are covered from A to Z so it’s no wonder that Tom Holland wants to get away from it all.

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And then there’s also been a lot of history of cyberstalking, especially for famous women. Most of the time those who have chosen to leave the networks have done so after comments on their physique that it is the actress of the series Riverdale Lily Reinhart*, the singer Iggy Azalea and even one of the most followed women on Insta Selena Gomez. In France we also had the example with the youtuber Lena Mahfouf aka Lena Situations last year, who decided to quit Twitter for a while following comments on his chest. In fact, what’s crazy when you look at it is that those who make this decision are part of the network generation, they are the figures of Instagram, Tiktok or Youtube. But unlike their elders who were harassed in the street by paparazzi, thinking of Britney Spears, they show that they are the bosses of their image, that they can control what they give and that they know above all say STOP when it is no longer normal or bearable.

Mental health: why do celebrities leave social networks?