Merate: a 2023 already full of commitments for Rocinante

The sixth edition of the “Città di Merate” National Theater Festival concluded on 3 December with great success with audiences and critics. Rocinante back to the starting blocks with the prospect of the first few months of 2023 really intense.
In fact, the actors from Merate will be busy in the month of January with the “Wannsee” show on various dates, on the occasion of the events related to the Day of Remembrance: Saturday 21 January, after the morning performances for schools in the area, the work “Wannsee” it will be performed at the Brivio Theater at 9 pm (; Friday 27 January Rocinante will perform in the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Lurago d’Erba (CO) at 21; Saturday 28 January the show will be staged in the atrium of the Primary School of Barzanò (LC) at 21; Friday 3 February at 9 pm it will be the turn of the CineTeatro Edelweiss in Besana Brianza (MB). And finally, on Saturday 4th February the actors from Mera will be in Pompiano (BS) again at 9pm.

The show, written by Ivano Gobbato, faithfully reconstructs a crucial episode for Humanity that occurred during the Second World War: Berlin, Tuesday 20 January 1942, noon. The main hall of a large villa overlooks the Wannsee, one of the most picturesque spots in the city. A meeting is about to begin which will be attended by middle-ranking SS officers and high-ranking officials from some Ministries, the Reich Chancellery and the Chancellery of the National Socialist Party. During the meeting, which will not last even two hours, “the organisational, technical and material measures for a definitive solution to the Jewish problem in Europe” will be illustrated.
The strength and drama of the work translates into a perfect apathy with respect to the subject matter, the problem of the Jewish question is settled in less than two hours with a solution that will upset the entire world population.
Thus, the banality of evil, as Hannah Arendt defined it, emerges in all its force, an extreme but never demonic evil that can invade and devastate the world, because it grows on the surface like a mushroom. A meeting, in itself, very operational, no deep thoughts, just a few clashes on the modalities, but nothing more: trivial, in fact.

At the end of this short but intense tour, Rocinante will perform with “Tre sull’Altalena”, performed in 2022 in the most important national non-professional theater festivals:
Saturday 11 February Rocinante will be in Treviso and on 18 February in Valmadrera (LC).

After which, finally, the brand new production of “I Promessi Storti”, a parody of “I Promessi Sposi”, will debut on Sunday 19 February at 5.30 pm at the “Giusi Spezzaferri” Auditorium in Merate.
“Finally, after the unfortunate dynamics that didn’t allow us to go on stage last December” comment the actors from Merate “we managed to agree on a new debut date! We can’t wait to be able to perform “at home” in front of the public who has been following us for years, with this hilarious parody which, we are sure, will amaze every single viewer…for better or for worse…”.

The show presents an unprecedented and desperate Manzoni in search of a company – of any nature – to stage his work. Few would be able to tackle such an immense and complex job, but among them a shady group of people willing to do anything, even the staging of Manzoni’s opera.

The self-styled actors start the play in the worst way, namely theirs. Only one element will remain in place: the plot of I PROMESSI SPOSI. The rest, despite Alexander’s efforts, will all go wrong. On stage, in an almost total anarchy, we will see the characters we all know: Renzo, Lucia, Don Abbondio, Perpetua, Azzeccagarbugli, Don Rodrigo, a bear, Fra Cristoforo, the Nun of Monza, Agnese, Cardinal Borromeo, the Unnamed and again Griso, Nibbio, Egidio, a monatto, Tonio, Gervaso and many others. A succession of misunderstandings, improvised dances, off-key songs, anomalous behaviour, delusions of being the protagonist, and so much more on stage, are the ingredients of a “slightly” complex recipe, but so amusing and grotesque that you can taste it in one bite as long as you don’t go sideways, sorry: crooked!
“Surely facing the GRI (Great Italian Novel) on which everyone, without exception, had to pass” admit the actors “will be a very difficult undertaking … What would the good old Alessandro Manzoni say about it? For posterity the arduous sentence”.. .
Giuliana Atepi, Lorenzo Corengia (author of the text), Giuliano Gariboldi, Giorgio Mariani, Antonio Takhim and Emiliano Zatelli will perform on stage.

Reservations for this show can take place from Monday 9 January by writing to: or via whatsapp or SMS on 3355254536

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Merate: a 2023 already full of commitments for Rocinante