Mia Hansen

She barely rushes the first coffee in the morning, but her gesture already explains her serene, thoughtful. Perhaps it is a preview of her cinema, the one that becomes great in the montage and that hate empty stares of meaning. She asks for water in French, sorry for being late to the journalist in English and sits looking for the light, perhaps as a reflection of that Nordic gene that she inherited from his paternal grandfather. Mia Hansen-Løve (Paris, 1981) is one of those directors capable of painting landscapes in a few lines, appealing to the most holistic conception of authorship. She thus attends LA RAZÓN, a few days before the premiere of “Bergman’s Island” and just out of the maelstrom of the Cannes Festival, where she presented an even more recent film, “A beautiful morning”with Lea Seydoux. With a filmography that is already larger than hers, eight feature films of hers –awarded at the most prestigious competitions–, the French director was deserving of the honorary award Moon of Valencia, which awards the Cinemajove of the city of Turia in its 37th. Edition.

Mia Hansen-Løve: “Bergman’s greatness was not being afraid of the darkness of the human”