Milan and Puma, the Paninari are back

From Milan in the early Eighties, the phenomenon that conquered the young people of forty years ago returns, thanks to the partnership between Milan and Puma.

Milan And Puma celebrate the iconic age of the gods Paninari with the new collection, available on, store.acmilan.comin all AC Milan official stores and at authorized sellers, inspired by the social phenomenon born in the early Eighties in Milan, which has become an expression of Italian youth culture, and beyond.

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The Paninari: generational phenomenon made in Milan

In the early eighties, like all the rest of Italy, Milan too was frequented by groups of young people with their own rules and styles, such as metalheads or goths. But, in the Lombard capital, a fashion was born and developed, a need to emphasize belonging to a specific group of young people, adolescents or little more, who gathered at the premises of San Babila squarewith its own vocabulary, a unique style, based on the ostentation of very expensive designer clothes, but at the same time also within everyone’s reach, thanks to a market that began to provide what was necessary at affordable prices, to conform to the new style.

In the sandwich shops and fast food outlets in the center of Milan, a custom phenomenon took shape which, over the years, after having spread throughout Italy, also spread abroad: and from these meeting places, their name was born. To be precise, from a local in Milan, the bar To the sandwichusual meeting place of the first nucleus of paninari.

In addition to clothing and terminology, i paninari they also created a value basis on which to be founded, namely the prove to be worthwhile and to make a career, with a perfect body and image, obviously trendy. However, they decide not to copy their American peers, the yuppies, aiming at branded and luxurious garments, but that were more reminiscent of a working and peasant class: for men, Timberland boots and Levi’s jeans became emblems of this new all-Italian generation, while girls, defined sfitinzie or squinzieand translatable as smorfiose or flirtatious, aimed at a style inspired by the nascent television context of the late evening shows, even if some of them preferred to dress like their male peers.

Paninari and television

It is thanks to television and the world of advertising that the phenomenon of paninari spread rapidly throughout Italy: thanks to the nascent commercial televisions, which exploit fashion, transmitting the message and spreading its style; and credit for the actor’s parody Enzo Braschiwhich he brought into the comedy program Drive In his version, obviously in a highly ironic key.

Even the world of music was conquered by this phenomenon: in 1986 the Pet Shop Boys, following a visit to the center of Milan, recorded the single Paninarowhich allowed fashion to cross national borders, complete with themed video clips, obviously shot in the city.

The eclipse of the paninaro

The paninari current ran out in Milan with the end of the decade, and in the rest of Italy shortly thereafter, remaining basically linked almost only to the very young people of the lower and high schools of the time, which obviously, as for every cultural current , still organize gatherings and revival evenings in the disco.

This at least, until today, or rather until the arrival of this collection streetwear who wants to reunite fashion made in Milan with the first team of the city, which brand represents it all over the world: will the operation of Puma and Ac Milan succeed in reviving the paninari, at least the Rossoneri ones?

Credits of the cover image: Ac Milan and Puma. All rights reserved.

Milan and Puma, the Paninari are back