Moments of Brendan Fraser before his return to the cinema

MEXICO CITY, October 8 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Brendan Fraser’s career seemed to be on the decline until a character for which he gained 200 kilos returned him to the world of cinema and promises to give him redemption over many other roles he had played. and the intermittent brightness that had overshadowed his work.

The actor of American origin was one of the highest-grossing actors during the 1991 decade, shortly after starting his career, as he soon led casts of comedies that were very successful, however many of these roles were those of coarse and funny men. without much background.

Pigeonholing himself in the role of the funny character and pausing his career for several years in 2008 cost the fame of the actor who could no longer regain promotion, but went into decline with films like “Wild Chronicles” that did not collect in theaters or not even the amount of investment made in them.

Now with his participation in “The Whale”, the new film by Darren Aronofsky, the actor promises a worthy return playing a 275-kilo literature teacher, a job that demanded more than he had ever done, according to affirmed himself.

Here are five pivotal moments in Brendan Fraser’s career:

“George of the Jungle”

In 1997 this film directed by San Weissman made a parody of Tarzan with Fraser as the main character, it was about a primitive man who was raised by animals in the jungle, just like the classic but with a lot of crude comedy.

Such was the success in 2003 that a sequel was made and then an animated series for children that was broadcast for more than eight years.

“The Mummy”

For 1999, the actor gave life to O’Connell, a brave, funny and brave character, an ex-soldier who for some reason is going to jail but a mission in the lost city represents his only salvation.

The film became a box office success, grossing $43 million in gross in the United States alone, from which a trilogy and an animated series emerged; even Universal Studios opened a roller coaster called “Revenge of the Mummy” in 2004. “To Hell with the Devil”

One of his last great successes was in 2000, together with Elizabeth Hurley, the actor starred in this film about Eliot Richards (Fraser), an employee who works long hours in a call center and is the victim of different jokes from his colleagues, until the Devil appears to him to grant all his wishes.

In Mexico, it raised 10 billion dollars.

Disappearance and complaint of sexual abuse

In 2008 he left in a surprise and only 10 years later he himself declared that his refusal to use doubles and the strenuous effort he made to make physical interpretations took a toll on him, such as severe pain in his knees. In 2018 he returned to tell about the depression that motivated him to leave the industry and that he later understood was due to various reasons, including the death of his mother due to cancer.

In addition, that same year he confessed that the journalist Philip Berk abused him in 2003 after a lunch organized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, an entity that awards the Golden Globes and of which Berk was later president for several years.

Since then, the actor affirmed that he entered a kind of blacklist, since he was rarely invited to the award ceremony, however the director of this organization said that Brendan’s career had declined for reasons unrelated to the organization.

Divorce and memes

During a party at Winona Ryder’s house in 1993 Fraser met Afton Smith, who would be his wife five years later and the mother of his three children, however in 2007 they decided to separate and although everything seemed to be an amicable divorce it ended costing Fraser $900,000 a year in spousal support.

Three years later he began to be the protagonist of memes and ridicule after he was caught laughing out loud while Martin Scorsese delivered an award from the Golden Globes gala, this was a moment that ended up ending the prestige of the actor, who today tries to bounce back as an Oscar nominee.

Moments of Brendan Fraser before his return to the cinema