Murderville: Who Killed Santa Claus? the review

The special of the improv comedy show Murderville: Who Killed Santa Claus arrives on Netflix from December 15th? This time to investigate the culprit there is Maya Rudolph, Jason Bateman and… two other surprise guest stars.

Official Synopsis for Murderville: Who Killed Santa Claus?

Chief Detective Terry Seattle (Will Arnett) is back and this time the case is critical. Along with its two famous guests Jason Bateman And Maya Rudolph is on a mission to find out… who killed Santa Claus? But there’s a twist: Bateman and Rudolph haven’t received the script and have no idea what’s next. Together with Terry Seattle (and among many surprises) they will have to improvise for the duration of the investigation… but only the two of them will decide who the murderer is.

Review by Murderville: Who Killed Santa Claus?

From December 15, the comedy show con returns with a Christmas special Will Arnett Murderville, released entirely on Netflix in February of this year. A made in USA experiment inspired by the BAFTA-awarded BBC3 series Murder in Successville, which, despite some risk of repetitiveness, had proved to be a welcome breath of fresh air in the usual panorama of serial comedy products from the big N; a mixture of crime and comedy made peculiar thanks to the use ofimprovisation and the unscheduled situations in which his guest stars were literally ‘thrown’ during the approximately thirty minutes of the episode.

Also for Murderville: Who Killed Santa Claus?in fact, the same rules apply as in the series. The host or in this case the guests Maya Rudolph and Jason Bateman, join Detective Terry Seattle (Will Arnett) in solving a murder case in the city, thus trying to track down the killer through the scant evidence available. At the end of the investigation it will be only and only the interns who will decide who you are three suspects is the real culprit.

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The comedy show Murderville it is pure acting experiment

In the episode Who killed Santa Claus? Detective Seattle is assigned to supervise the Christmas party organized by the mayor in favor of the children of the orphanage, but shortly after his arrival at City Hall, the Santa Claus chosen for the event, a former legendary quarterback, is brutally pierced by a stick of sugar expertly pointed and stuck into the chest of poor Santa, played here by a beloved actor from Will & Grace which we will not reveal. It will be the task of Seattle and his two novice accomplices Rudolph and Bateman (and another much-talked-about actor) to find out who is responsible, in a real whodunit in bullshit format halfway between a mokumentary and a sit-com shot in front of the public.

Complicating their sort of law enforcement internship, however, the guest stars are the only ones who don’t have a script or canvas to draw from to play their part; therefore, everything that happens on stage is totally improvised, save for the indicative script that knows Artnett and the various other figures in the role of suspects and extras.

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Maya Rudolph, Jason Bateman and… two surprise guest stars in the special by Murderville

Between scenes that work more like parody a Die Hard or the embarrassing (full) nude that will put Bateman in difficulty and those that sometimes tend to repeat themselves (the various mangled accents suggested in the earphones of the two guests/actors), the special hits the mark especially when the detail is triggered, almost as if mechanism by which we viewers laugh because the comedian on duty he couldn’t hold back his laughterthus dismantling for a few moments the basic construction of the credibility of fiction which is the suspension of disbelief.

A little sketch à la Saturday Night Livea bit of an improv class in a theater school, Murderville: Who Killed Santa Claus? and especially lightheartedness and pure entertainment irreverent without taking yourself too seriously; a formula that convinces especially in a platform like Netflix which has already made us available since November the usual old story (Christmas).

3 5
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Murderville: Who Killed Santa Claus? the review