Natalie Portman, from Star Wars to Thor. A Thunderous Race

The sound of Sweet Child O’Mine is heard dangerously closer. That just means that Thor: Love and Thunder hits the billboard. And for that reason it is worth reviewing the very powerful trajectory of its protagonist.

In no time, the goddess of thunder will burst onto the big screen with force. That means that, after almost ten years, Natalie Portman will return to play Jane Foster (if we don’t count the superfluous cameo in end game and his voice in What If?). The character may not have caught on too well with the public, but there’s no doubt that’s because the scripts couldn’t take advantage of one of the most interesting working actresses.

That statement is not a shot in the air, as evidenced by a very large and varied filmography that speaks for itself. She is an interpreter who has managed to combine sporadic roles in commercial films with a very powerful independent career. Not surprisingly, she has collaborated with some of the best directors, which has allowed her to grow exponentially as an actress.

But also, it has impressive versatility, showing off in all known genres.. For sample, this complicated selection from all his filmography:

Leon: The Professional

After a short short, starting a career creating one of the most iconic characters in 90s cinema is not something that just anyone can say. But neither can he say that he did it when he was a minor.

Bypassing his controversial and discussed sexualization, his Mathilde gave off a very special charisma that even today turns out to shine with a special light. That character is a tour de force hardly forgettable. As is the film directed by Luc Besson, who has not yet managed to come close to the results of this film.

Beautiful Girls


After a supporting role in Heat (Michael Mann’s cult film), a daring Portman swerved her career. The first of many, which has helped keep it fresh over time.

Mars Attacks!


At the age of 14, he landed a small role in the film of one of his favorite directors at the time. The little child prodigy shared the screen with Glenn Close and Jack Nicholson. She didn’t steal their scenes, but it was the first time she had to tackle a major project. And, again, she passed with flying colors.



After Mars Attacks, he was left wanting more alien creatures, landing him in the first role that really made an impression on popular culture. Despite the fact that the films were not well received and that the actors seem largely out of place, Portman skillfully defended all of his appearances.. As strange as they may be, like that murky pedophilic relationship in the first installment or the ineffective love story in the second installment.

In any case, Padmé Amidala had a handful of moments to shine as a charismatic action heroine and Portman managed to give the character a defined and clearly differentiated arc. With a more incapable actress, Padmé could have ended up being a complete disaster.

Cold Mountain


Portman’s first film to enter Oscar competition. The actress started, again, with a secondary role that the interpreter defended with ease, despite being surrounded by giants.

Garden State


The second big swerve in Portman’s career came when she chose to embrace indie cinema at a time when she was already established as a star. This is a leading role and the first time he really had to deal with a smaller, deeper role.



Mike Nichols’ penultimate film is a portentous emotional drama in which Portman once again managed to win over the public in which, even today, he is strong. At this point no one is surprised. What was surprising is that this film gave him his first Oscar nomination.

v for Vendetta


Despite this, Portman needed a role that would help her fully establish herself as an actress for the general public. The prequels of starwars They were not enough, since they were not well received and there was not much dramatic material to play with.

Quite the opposite with v for Vendettain which she gave absolutely everything in her performance as Evey, surely the most demanding to date, based on the character’s intense dramatic journey.and. It was a film that connected with an audience and managed to gain a foothold in the competitive market of popular culture.

Mr Magorium


After that, a cult children’s film had a prominent role in which Portman brings a palpable candor and in which he is able to endure the scenes of a plethoric Dustin Hoffman. Almost nothing.

Black Swan


The role that gave him the Oscar is the darkest, most complex and hardest he has developed. Portman conveys the descent into madness magnetically and flawlessly. And it is easy to see the unattainable desire for perfectionism in an elite actress.

Aronofsky is a director who brings out the best in his performers and who is always non-conformist and demanding of the public. He will turn out good or bad, you always have to pay attention to the cinema of him. Y Black Swan transcends.

– No Stings Attached/Your Highness


It is logical that he needed to degrease and, for that reason, the following roles would be his only forays into comedy. For one thing, he chose to collaborate with Ashton Kutcher on No Stings Attacheda romcom that passed without pain or glory. More curious is the absurd parody of fantastic cinema was Your Highness. Comedy is not his strong point, but he held his own.



Despite being merely a romantic interest for the lead hero, Portman managed to give his Jane Foster a certain backstory and personality. To such an extent that I could look face to face at a god. Although it was a weak role, his involvement was such that he fought for the second part to be directed by Patty Jenkins. It did not happen, which caused friction with Marvel Studios

However, the first two installments of Thor weren’t particularly satisfying. And it is with this fourth installment when the actress will be able to claim her place.

Knight of Cups/Song to Song


interpret with Terrence Malik it is somewhat absurd. But he always opts for naturalness and spontaneity, since you never know when he may or may not be filming. Or if their relentless set-ups will be survived. Not all stars can say that. But Portman can say it not just once, but twice.

In addition, in the first, he coincided for the first time with Christian Bale, with whom he meets again in Thor: Love and Thunder. So technically it’s a prequel. Or something like that…



The first part of Pablo Larraín’s trilogy of women was dedicated to Jackie Kennedy, with an absolute weight in Natalie Portman. She portrayed the pain the character went through in the hours after JFK’s death very honestly and bravely. She impressed so much that she gave him his last Oscar nomination.



The fact that this film was released on Netflix and had mixed reviews meant that it didn’t make the noise that it could have. However, Alex Garland re-released one of the most thought-provoking works of pure science fiction to come out in recent times. And, again, a charismatic Portman led a star-studded ensemble cast flawlessly.

Lucy in the Sky


The last big slip of his career. However, from here we can claim the very intelligent staging of Noah Hawley, who manages to elevate a somewhat problematic story. Just like Natalie Portman’s very dedicated interpretation.

CWith his seventy credits, his appearances in films by directors such as Woody Allen, Wes Anderson, Milos Forman, Todd Haynes, Wong Kar Wai remain in the inkwell. It can be clearly said that he knows how to choose very wisely what steps to take in his career, in which absolutely everything has been combined. She has even found time to direct and star in the highly creditable A Tale of Love and Darkness. And she always with a common denominator: a brilliant and committed actress.

To those who deny that there is no small role for her or who seem to understand that Portman in Thor: Love and Thunder is not particularly motivated, they can be challenged to reach their muscular level. Surely Taika Waititi’s film has been his most physically strenuous test and has managed to find a challenge in inspiring new generations.

His Thor is Thor, without any additions. And, from here, one can only wish to see how she has been able to surpass herself, again. Sounds of thunder are heard. And it looks like this time, they’re going to have a different impact.

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