Nino Frassica, 72 years old with ‘Paola a true story’ in Messina and Milazzo

Nino Frassica, born in Messina on 11 December 1950, is 72 years old. On Thursday 15 December Nino Frassica will meet the public at the Feltrinelli Point in via Ghibellina in Messina and will talk about his latest book, ‘Paola, a true story’. Friday 16 the presentation of the book of Frassica will be held at the Teatro Trifiletti in Milazzo. Today, November 11, Frassica will take part in the screening of the film “Sunday tales”, at the Apollo Cinema in Mesina, together with the director Giovanni Virgilio and the Messina actors Stella Egitto and Raffaele Cordiano

Messina, 11/12/2022 – Nino Frassica, born in Messina on Monday 11 December 1950, turns 72. With light-hearted irony, as always, the Messina actor who has now become an undisputed star of national TV and even of publishing, owes his entry on the television scene to Renzo Arbore, with those of the night, in the role of friar Antonino da Scasazza, with his ‘little dwarfs’ and the ‘fabulous prizes’ of the Cuore Toro Competition.
NIno Frassica in 1970 participates in some theater shows and in local Messina televisions. He gets noticed by Renzo Arbore thanks to an eccentric message left on the answering machine The Apulian musician, in 1983, calls him to play the part of Tele’s technician Ottaviano in “FF.SS.” – That is: “… what did you take me to do above Posillipo if you don’t love me anymore?”. Again with Arbore he participated in 1985 in the variety Those of the night, in the role of friar Antonino da Scasazza, organizer of an improbable prize competition, and in 1987 in Back all!, where he played the role of the “good presenter” and staged a parody of the typical TV host.

He then presents the transmission Ritira ilpremi on Rai 2 and subsequently participates in Fantastico, Domenica in, Scomchiamo che…?, I braini, Acqua calda alongside Giorgio Faletti and, more recently, in Colorado Cafè and in the first season of Markette conducted by Piero Chiambretti. His comedy is mainly based on surreal speech: nonsense speeches, improbable puns, self-evident phrases and considerations beyond any logic are his favorite rhetorical tools. One of the latest successes is the television drama Don Matteo, which began in 2000 and now in its thirteenth season in 2022, with Terence Hill, Flavio Insinna and Simone Montedoro, in which she co-stars and plays the marshal of the Carabinieri Nino Cecchin

In the first months of 2008 he took part in the program The best years presented by Carlo Conti; the following year, together with Conti, he presented the program Premio Tv 2009. In 2009 he was chosen by the director Sofia Coppola to play the role of presenter of the Telegatto in her film Somewhere: Frassica declared that the director selected him after having seen some videos of Back all the way! on Youtube

In March 2010 he has a small role in The Tourist by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, where he plays a carabiniere who chases Johnny Depp’s character through the canals of Venice The same year he returns to The Best Years, in which he plays the judge of the reality show Disfactor; with him are Francesco Scali, in the part of the singer-songwriter Gianfranco Padda, Benito Urgu and the comedian-dancer Igiul (Luigi Leoni).

Also in 2010 he participates as a regular guest in the radio broadcast of Lillo and Greg 610, where he plays the role of the magician Acirfass, providing surreal and bizarre horoscopes. The following year he starred together with Giulio Scarpati in the television series Cugino & cugino broadcast in prime time on Rai Uno starting from 22 February. Since July of the same year he has hosted, together with the singer-songwriter Simone Cristicchi, the radio program Meno male che c’è Radio2. Also in the summer of 2011 he took part in L’agnellino con le trecce, a short film for social issues. From 14 March 2012 he took part in the new program by Sabina Guzzanti broadcast on LA7 entitled Un due tre stella, in which he reproposes some of his characters such as the Magician Acirfass and the television critic Anno Ghiotti. In the autumn 2012 season of Le Iene, he works as a correspondent under the name of Tommi Paradais, using his friend Pietro Pulcini as a hook to disturb the filming of some television programs and films.

In 2013 he participated in some episodes of the television series Mario, written and directed by Marcello Macchia, which airs on MTV Italia, in the role of the fireman Pompiero. From 6 April he participates in the new talent show of Rai 1 Otherwise we get angry, with the conduction of Milly Carlucci. In the spring he was again part of the cast of The best years always conducted by Carlo Conti. In 2014 he published his signature book My Autobiography (70% true 80% false).

Since 2015 he has been part of the fixed cast of the program Che fuori tempo che fa, a spin-off of Che tempo che fa. On 10 February 2016 he was a guest of the second evening of the Sanremo Festival, where he obtained critical and public acclaim for his double interview with Gabriel Garko and for the song A mare si Gioca, written with Tony Canto, reaching the peak share with 59.7% On 9 September 2017 he was a juror in the Miss Italia beauty contest broadcast on LA7; fifteen days later he joins Fabio Fazio in conducting Che tempo che fa on Rai 1.

In the TV series The mafia kills only in summer, Frassica plays the priest Fra Giacinto colluding with the mafia. He was a guest of the Sanremo Festival 2018 during the third evening playing Marshal Cecchini together with Pietro Pulcini, in the usual role of Pietro Ghisoni. The Sunday column Che fuori tempo che fa by Fabio Fazio was so successful as to push Frassica to publish the book Novella Bella, published by Mondadori, on 25 May 2018. He has been acting since December 2020 in the fiction Fratelli Caputo of Canale 5. Frassica is the testimonial of various social advertising campaigns.

Thursday 15 December 2022 at 18:00 Nino Frassica will meet the public at the Feltrinelli Point in via Ghibellina in Messina and will talk about his latest book, Paola – a true story, will dialogue with the author Daniela Mangano, professor at the Nautical Technical Institute Caio Duilio.

«This novel is based on a true story that happened in the 89-90s in Sicily. I have documents, photos, recordings and videos that confirm that this is “a true story”. The names of the characters have been replaced by the author, out of respect for the people involved and their families. By the will of Mondadori Electa, the age of the female characters was increased by 10 years. Instead, the age of the male characters was lowered by 2 years. A film will be made from this book. The protagonist will be the soldier Carlo, never mentioned in the novel (played by Luca Marinelli). In the film, Elisa known as “Eli”, Carlo’s fiancée, also never mentioned in these pages, is played by Isabella Ragonese.

The direction will be by Matteo Garrone who has decided to completely remove the character of Paola. Music by Domenico Modugno (quoted on page 38 of the novel). The film will be shot entirely in Puglia. Shooting will begin on the 6th. The production hasn’t decided on the month yet. Working title of the film This doesn’t matter to me right. Matteo Garrone interviewed by “Ciak” said: “I’m undecided whether to take this film to the Berlin Film Festival or go to my cousin Tommaso’s wedding in Turin”». With prefaces by Valerio Lundini and Maccio Capatonda.

Friday 16 at the Trifiletti theater presentation of the book by Nino Frassica. The Proloco association, in collaboration with the municipal administration, organizes the presentation of the book “Paola una storia vera” by Nino Frassica on Friday 16 December at 18.30 at the Teatro Trifiletti. The author will be present. Moderates the meeting Maurizio Presente.

The photo of Nino_Frassica is by GM Ireneo Alessi (Sinix), Rome, Italyderivative license

Nino Frassica, 72 years old with ‘Paola a true story’ in Messina and Milazzo