‘No Contact’, a funny and witty parody that is all the rage on the networks

Humor and irony are their thing and they ratify it with the furor they cause on social networks with the premiere of No contact, a morning parody In contact.

Leonardo ‘El Chino’ Moreira, Noralma Reeves, Fabo Doja, Jorge Campozano and Scarlett Córdova (at the time of the interview he was in Miami), are the actors who participate in this digital series. They put their eyes on TV programs with the purpose of undressing their realities with wit and humor.

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like in the 90s

The original idea is from Jorge Campozanowho previously made the micronovela on the networks What the beach hides. The creative acknowledges that all the madness they have generated with this new production took them by surprise.

“It is very cool that people can laugh and enjoy our work. Us compare in the networks with 90’s erawhere there was a lot of parody and humor on television.”


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The Chinese toadd that they grew up watching neither live nor livethe pioneering comic series of this genre on the screen, originally from Jorge Toledo and David Reinoso. But Fabio Doja he clarifies that, despite liking the comparison, the idea has never been to imitate them.

“The concept is not to do what they did, we did it as it emerged and hit.”

good humor

Francisco Pino Argotti

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No contact It is the first, but not the only one that the actors have on the list to perform their imitations.

“We do the parody of the morning, but in the good sense of the word. We don’t want them to feel offended”, he adds Campozanowho also indicates that, previously, he spoke with some of his morning friends.

Caroline Jamesalthough he is no longer on the show, he is also part of the parodies of No contact.

“Everyone took it well and that is important, that humor prevail”.

“It should be emphasized that the characters are born directly from us, we exaggerate them and create new situations, it is not exactly someone we are imitating,” he explains. Moreirawho appears with a queen sash and immediately recalls Virginia Lemongi, Miss Ecuador 2018 and presenter of In contact.

Victor Arauz

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For Doja, everything depends on the imagination of the public to define each character. “We are handling the code of parody with situations that have already starred, not only in this program, but there are many What are we going to drink”.

Noralma Reeves is the ‘ballerina’ in the series. “My character has been very well received by the public and the important thing is that we enjoy it and all that is reflected in the support of the people. We have a lot of ideas with which we are going to surprise them”.

They have the attention of netizens and now they expect brands to appreciate their content as well. “We are focused on making that happen,” he concludes. Campozano.

‘No Contact’, a funny and witty parody that is all the rage on the networks