Not only Shakira: Adele and other musical artists who have “billed” with heartbreak


Despite the fact that Adele began working on her second album at the beginning of her first love relationship, after 18 months of failed creation, and added to the fact that what was turning out did not satisfy the singer, the relationship ended. The way the singer found to deal with her feeling of heartbreak was by composing an album that sold 31 million copies.

Several songs from the album “21” sing to the sadness due to the breakup, but the singer assured that she did not attend to those who believed her to be “weak” or “miserable” for singing about her grief, but rather to be convinced of the influence that this experience had on her, especially for personal growth and learning regarding what she ‘wants from a relationship’.

“He was cool. But it was never going to work (…) After a long time, he deserves some credit because until now he has been the person who has had the greatest impact on my life, ”Vogue Magazine published. In fact, the album continues to occupy the first place on the list of the best-selling albums of the 21st century.

One of the most popular songs on this album is “Rolling in the deep”, which according to drummer Leo Taylor, “is nothing more than the heart of the artist herself about to explode with rage”. The musician told Agencia EFE that to make the sound of the drums “physically grow in the room”, they built a “tunnel” with three bass drums in the studio, “experimented” with the snare drums and the rest of the pieces. , and accompanied them with “footsteps” and palms”.

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Taylor Swift

The story that the singer tells about the composition of the song “All to well”, describes a day in which she felt “broken” and entered the recording studio, in which she was not alone, and began to play chords spontaneously. Chords that, moreover, were repeated several times.

Noticing this, the musicians who accompanied her did the same to follow her in a series of rehearsals and explorations that ended in the aforementioned song. Her lyrics are said to have been inspired by her relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal.since, according to the fans, in his video there are several references to details that had been published about that relationship.

“And I know it’s long over / and the magic’s not here anymore / and I could be alright / but I’m not alright at all,” Swift sings in this song.

Some of the details that his followers highlight regarding the song and Gyllenhaal, is the aforementioned scarf: “I left my scarf there at your sister’s house / And you still have it in your drawer even now”, because the couple was photographed during Thanksgiving 2010, and she was wearing this accessory. Also because, despite the passage of time, there are photos in which the actor goes out with the same scarf, which is also very similar to the one Swift wore on the aforementioned day. This aspect, in addition to the fact that the singer added a few lines about their age difference (he was 30 and she was 21), and the duration of the relationship (a few months), are, for many, clear signs that it is a single that originated in spite.

The video for the song, which was also released on the occasion of its relaunch, has 82,056,247 views, and was published on November 12, 2021. Just twelve hours after its premiere, the video already had 12.5 million views. This video was so successful because of the expectation it generated: several days before the premiere date, new details about this break began to be discussed.

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Carla Morrison

The singer acknowledged that during the promotion of “While you were sleeping”, she was going through a crisis in her relationship. She recounted that, due to her breakup, she composed songs like “Let me cry”, a title that recalls the times when, to help her, her relatives and those closest to her advised her not to cry and to appeal to ” his strength from her.”

The singer told the portal, that despite the fact that the tears revealed her fragility at that moment, she did not interpret it as a trait of “weakness”, but of humanity.

“Carla confessed to us (to all her followers) not long ago that being a singer, songwriter and artist happened”by mere accident‘, she felt sad one day and used all that jumble of feelings to make poems that later became songs, she didn’t study music and when she tried it it didn’t work at all, but her heart kept looking for ways to vent, she kept looking for how to express and get out of her all that that hurt her inside and her project, her songs, her records, are sustained by that, by the humanity that she carries inside”, recorded Radionica, in a text written by Mariel Bejarano Vásquez.

The video for this song, published 11 years ago, has 337,547,960 views on YouTube.

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Joaquin Sabina

This Spanish musician and poet, who in 2021 won the Latin Grammy award for musical excellence, began his career in 1978 and has dabbled in genres such as pop, folk, ranch and rock. His discography includes songs like “19 days and 500 nights”, “With you”, “Y sin embargo”, recognized for their lyrics dedicated to heartbreak and spite. “Love is called the game” could stand out as one of the singles that have marked the most, not only his followers, but the artist himself. The song was written for his album “Física y Química”, released in 1992, and dedicated to the mother of his two daughters. A song that has never been played in his concerts, as he says, because it is “difficult and emotional”.

Natalia Lafourcade

Debuting at number twelve on the Billboard Latin Albums chart in 2015, the album to the root by the Mexican Natalia Lafourcade, winner of two Grammy awards, is perhaps one of the singer’s most praised and well-known works for its deep references to feelings and heartbreak. Among her songs, “Never is enough”, “Why suffer” and “What we build” stand out.

“What we build is a heartbreak song that leans towards ending cycles, evoking that feeling of nostalgia generated by knowing that everything that was built day by day comes to an end”. The song was four times a gold record for the Mexican Association of Phonogram Producers and to date it has obtained more than 19 million views on YouTube.

Not only Shakira: Adele and other musical artists who have “billed” with heartbreak