Nyaight of the Living Cat: first impressions of the feline advance to conquer the world

Cats. Sweet and sophisticated beings, born persuaders and with great leadership and coercion skills.
When a cat owner makes eye contact with a cat, his heart starts pounding and his hand thrills to touch his smooth, fluffy coat.
A sort of courtship therefore begins to win the friendship of the furry new friend, and if he then gives his consent, then inevitably the human will melt under the blows of a spasmodic purr.

By now the cats are already resigned to feline supremacy: when they are the architects of some mischief, and should be scolded, cats look with a pleading look for cuddles and inevitably everything is forgiven; how many of you collect crushed baubles? How many of you cat lovers look for the cat and find it in the tree? How many hasn’t happened to witness some strange devilry?
Yet everything takes a back seat, because in the end they are in charge, rebellions are useless: the cats will conquer the world, the thing has already begun and it’s all documented with passion and devotion by the friends of the page Facebook de Cats will conquer the world.

And so, the publishing house Planet Mangaaware of the fact that this state of affairs is taking over, acquires the rights for Italy of Nyaight of the Living Catshounen manga written by Hawkman and designed by Mecha-rootsand distributes it as a warning to the population of the peninsula.

In an unidentified region of Japan, on October 5 of an unidentified year, a devastating pandemic (because we can’t get enough of pandemics), led cats to be the means of transmission of a virus that… turns everyone into cats at the touch of the coat. But a man, a cat lover, who seems to have particular physical affinities with small cats and who has lost his memory and doesn’t know who he is, wants to restore the pre-pandemic status quo because “You can no longer sink your face into their soft coat or feel them prick your skin with their light bites! You can’t even feel those soft cushions!”. Since these deprivations can drive a cat lover to madness, Kunagi, our protagonist, will do everything to defeat this feline disease by becoming the bearer of the banner of freedom.

The story is obviously pushed beyond all limits of common sense, impregnates the pages of a grotesque and paradoxical taste and for that absolutely hilarious. The fundamental thing in this war, where whoever is touched by a cat becomes, precisely, a cat in turn due to the NN virus, is that furry felines cannot have a single, single hair twisted and this leads to the paradox: how can you keep good and at a distance creatures that by their nature go everywhere just to get cuddles and food? It is therefore amusing to see how humans, to stem the advance, implement strategies which, mostly deriving from popular beliefs, are destined to fail miserably, and how, instead, the slightly effective ones come from our hero the cat.
As the story progresses slowly, the figure of Kunagi is defined more and more and better. We discover him at the beginning that, together with two other companions, he desperately faces a feline advance and then, through a long flashback, we are shown his past and his total amnesia is revealed.
The reader, therefore, remaining intrigued by the character is certainly encouraged to learn more about him and his crusade. But… be careful! It could be a trap set by fur babies!

The mangaka Hawkmanis clearly a lover of the species Felis Silvestris Catus, or domestic cat, and fills the story with scientific insights and detailed information on the cat universe. Also between chapters there are brief descriptions of some cat breeds and other curiosities. There is also a certain reference to action filmography, evidently another passion of the author: the back covers are a clear reference to it as they represent two cinema posters, complete with an invitation to the cinema!

The drawingsedited by Mecha-roots, they have a hard, metallic imprint when they represent humans and convey a sense of anxiety and desperation, of fear and uncertainty (after all they are fighting for the survival of the species) while, obviously, the drawings of cats are round and woolly, even if they never convey that feeling of “kawaii” easily associated with their being. In any case, the attention to detail and the more marked black shades that make the story distressing are appreciated. The backgrounds are always present and sufficiently detailed for the purposes of the narration, the layout is linear and follows a precise scheme: the page is usually divided into three scenes with the exception of sporadic more agitated situations. No drawing passes the border, except for a few vignettes. Also in the drawing there are references to modern pop culture and here and there there are figures resembling famous characters from the show.

The edition planet it’s the one we’re used to: at the by now appropriate price of €7, we are offered a compact, browsable volume, easy to browse and full-bodied, with a dust jacket and no color pages. Appreciable effort in translation, edited by Mayumi Kobayashiof the onomatopoeic words that the Japanese love to use when it comes to felines: already in the title, left with the transliteration one by one, we notice the “nya” typical of the phonetic translation of the cat’s verse into the Japanese language. Within the manga, however, they have been rendered in a valid and coherent Italian form.

Finally it can be said that this manga is not a panacea for cat lovers, but definitely his reading is fun and engaging.
Now it’s up to you to decide whether to follow Kunagi in his battle or pet a cat for the last time so you can choose to become one of them. I made my choice.

Nyaight of the Living Cat

Nyaight of the Living Cat 1

Forget caresses and cuddles, don’t give in to the tender faces and heartbreaking meows: the gattastrophe has begun! Cats rule the world due to a virus that turns anyone who comes in contact with them into felines. The only salvation is escape. How will humanity be able to resist the adorable feline horde?

Publication date: 10/11/2022
Price: €7.00

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Nyaight of the Living Cat: first impressions of the feline advance to conquer the world