On 17 December the season of the Sentino theater in Sassoferrato

Five shows scheduled until the month of April

The appointment with the Sentino Theatre, this year, is one not to be missed. The one that will open on December 17th it is a season of prose that promises to be exciting, intriguing and, as tradition dictates, in the name of quality. Organized by the municipal administration – always attentive to the promotion of culture and art, for which it invests skills and resources thanks also to the growing interest of the public – the season alternates exhilarating moments with more intense ones that lead to reflection, with an often aimed at current events. An edition, in which the Pro loco collaborates in the preparation, which presents six titles on the bill, five of which are subscription-based and one dedicated to the young public which will have the very young pupils of the Municipal Theater School as protagonists.

On stage prominent artists of the national art scene and beyond: da Cesare Bocci to Galatea Ranzifrom Tosca D’Aquino to Giampiero Ingrassiafrom Enzo Iacchetti to Victoria Belvedere, from Tiziana Foschi to Antonio Pisufrom Giancarlo Ratti to Piero Guarnerafrom Annalena Lombardi to Mariella Guarnerajust to mention the best known.

The opening is entrusted to what is considered the queen and, at the same time, the most loved of operettas, The happy widowauthentic masterpiece of the composer Franz Lehar. More than a century after its debut at the Theater An der Wien in Vienna, the romantic story, set in early 20th-century Paris, continues to captivate audiences with its lightness, hilarious misunderstandings and timeless themes related to love, money and power. In the circumstance the creation of Lehár is revived through an original reinterpretation of Mariella Guarnera which offers a new and exclusive version while maintaining the elegance of the classic tradition. As a mezzo-soprano, Guarnera boasts thirty years of artistic activity which has seen her present in the seasons of the most important national and international theatres. The direction bears the signature of Edward Guarnera, great tenor and multifaceted artist, recently deceased, to whom the show is dedicated to honor his memory. Central figures of operetta are Annalena Lombardi And Piero Guarnera. The latter, a baritone of high value, has a long and brilliant career behind him which has seen him perform constantly in prestigious Italian and foreign opera houses. Lombardi is a versatile and very talented artist: actress, singer, soprano, showgirl. In addition to the aforementioned interpreters, fifteen other excellent artists from the Sentino will perform on the Sentino stage Guarner Bros. Amusing diplomatic messes, sparkling circumstances and pleasant intrigues animate the whole story in which the melodies of Franz Lehár and others frame the show, entirely sung live.

The second appointment of the season, the January 24this with intense, exciting, engaging and extremely current representation – Son – signed by the French writer, playwright and director Florian Zeller. The work of the Parisian author, nominated for six Molière prizes, is part of a trilogy, The father, The mother and, indeed, Son, whose texts are not connected to each other except by the number of characters and the human and social implications it develops. The direction, which bears the signature of Piero Maccarinelli. The central protagonists of the representation are two great actors, intense, refined and highly appreciated by the public: Cesare Bocci And Galatea Ranzi. Next to them three other valuable performers, such as Giulio Prano, Martha Gastini And Jacopo Angelini. After the success achieved by signing the direction of The fatherMaccarinelli “reprises” Zeller with this work which acutely and subtly narrates the generational misunderstandings, selfishness and lack of communication in the family of the young Nicola, around whose painful adolescence the story unfolds.

«The plot is simple, especially at the beginning – writes Maccarinelli himself in the director’s notes – but not the texture of emotions, the desire to reveal what is often, too often hidden. The text is capable of conquering thanks not only to the beauty of the language, but to the capacity for introspection, the cross-references between one character and another, the manifestation of their weaknesses, their inability to understand themselves and others. Life in all its facets to plant a mirror in the hearts of all parents of a teenager. I don’t want to reveal the big twist of the ending that I hope will excite the audience».

The February 21 Tosca D’Aquino And Giampiero Ingrassiathey will bring to the stage Love and flavors in the kitchens of the Leoparda funny and engaging comedy whose text is signed by Roberto Cavosidirected by Nadia Baldi. Alongside the two protagonists, another great interpreter, Giancarlo Ratti. The cast is completed by three excellent actors: Thomas D’Alia, Rossella Puglia And Francesco Godina. What happens in the kitchens of Palazzo Ponteleone while in the luxurious halls above the famous dance narrated by the very famous novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa is consummated The Leopard? It is easy to say: the courses fly, the cooks fight, they throw pans, but, above all, unthinkable, cruel and wonderful loves are revealed, seasoned with all those holy and profane scents typical of Sicilian cuisine. Teresa, the cook, in her youth was the favorite prostitute of none other than Don Fabrizio Salina, the Leopard. Theirs was a love as intense as impossible that set fire to an entire summer. But it’s been twenty years since they’ve seen her and she’s waiting for him, hoping he’ll at least say hello, while her soul keeps an unmentionable secret. A story set in the second half of the 19th century that unfolds between succulent quarrels, blackmail, irony, sarcasm and humour, through the clash between Teresa and the other cook, Monsù Gaston. One envious of the other, they are not satisfied with competing in preparing the best dishes, but also want to have the exclusive attention of Don Fabrizio. A text in which dishes and feelings mix artfully in that kaleidoscopic world of languor and eroticism, of passion and causticity typical of the “deep” south.

A recital full of laughter, but also of “amarcord”, from the title Make another facewill be staged onMarch 11th. To put her face into it, hers, tough and forthright as always, Tiziana Foschi, which, through a brilliant performance, represents the faces of various characters, often singular, sometimes funny or strange, that the Roman actress has met in the course of her career and her life, from the beginning with the famous quartet “Premiata Ditta ” until today. Actress with an overflowing comic vis, but also versatile and intense – just think of the masterful dramatic interpretation exhibited in April Fool alongside Cesare Bocci – Foschi returns to the Sentino Theater with the “complicity” on stage of a solid support, that of Antonio Pisu, actor, director and screenwriter of great artistic sensitivity. Both sign the text of the show, directed by Pisu himself. It is Foschi herself who explains the meaning of this theatrical work of hers: «People, human typologies that I have seen pass (but also remain) in many years of this profession. Faces that amplify themselves on stage, become grotesque just to elicit a laugh, and in the audience everyone recognizes the neighbor, the newsagent, the office colleague, the mother-in-law, but never himself. It’s the age-old game of parody: turning people into characters and everyday situations into what’s worth telling. My faces are projections of realism, they are contemporary faces, which tell the story of current events, but also cynical and polite dream faces. This show tries to unleash a laugh, stimulate a thought, arouse a memory… it seeks a new face to show».

They will close the season of subscription shows, the April 19thtwo great artists, versatile, brilliant, masters of the stage: EnzoIacchetti And Victoria Belvedere, protagonists of a splendid comedy, Blocked by snowwhich bears the signature of the British playwright Peter Quilterdirected by Enrico Maria Lamanna. The text of the show is very recent, having been written in 2020 during the first lockdown. Blocked by snow is a brilliant comedy whose theme is the coexistence of different people, both in character and in the way of conceiving the world and life, in a borderline situation of extreme necessity. Patrick is a middle-aged man who lives alone in a country cottage. He loves being alone and over the years has developed a kind of misanthropy. One day, however, during a violent snowstorm, his peace is disturbed. Judith, a woman who lives in the nearby village, knocks on her door asking for bread and eggs. It is entirely covered in snow. Patrick, annoyed with her, pleases her, hoping that Judith will leave soon. Unfortunately for him, things get complicated. The snowstorm becomes even more violent and a police statement warns all the inhabitants of the area not to go outside and to barricade themselves indoors. The two are thus forced to have to live in that forced quarantine. Two strong characters constantly compared, twenty-four hours a day. Will Patrick and Judith be able to find common ground, even though they belong to completely different worlds? Will they become friends, despite everything, even after the snowstorm is over?

The subscription campaign has already started. info: Municipality of Sassoferrato – tel. 0732/956222-231 – cell. 377/1203522 – fax 0732/956234, e-mail: info@comune.sassoferrato.an.it – web: www.comune.sassoferrato.an.it “Theatre” area.

On 17 December the season of the Sentino theater in Sassoferrato – Ancona News kicks off