‘On An Average Day’ composes a “puzzle” about human frailty in Sala Russafa

VALENCIA (EP). The Russafa Hall in València hosts, from November 4 to 6, the premiere in the Community of On An Average Daytext written by John Kolvenbach. It is a show that, for its staging in London’s West End, featured the actors Woody Harrelson Y Kyle MacLachlan. In this thriller, the viewer is the one who builds like a puzzle. The Riojan company El Perro Azul presents the Spanish version of this piece represented in several countries.

any given day speaks of the fragility of the human being and his need to be understood. His text combines humor, drama and the possibility of redemption with the characteristic style of the North American author, whose works, including this one, have reached countries as diverse as Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Rome or Israel, among others. The story is built before the public as a puzzle, during the meeting of two characters with radically opposite points of view on the same story.

Beto lives isolated in a rotten apartment, surrounded by clippings about missing persons, with old obsessions and opinions. While Juan is also a loner, an invisible man who is unable to fit into the life that he has fought so hard to create. Ángel Maestre and Fernando Moreno play these two intense, innocent and distant characters, who will give viewers the right clues in a plot that unfolds as an emotional battle, of frenetic intensity, with dialogues full of twists and turns.

Javier Galitó-Cava directs this show for El Perro Azul, which returns to Sala Russafa within the XII Cycle of National Companies of the stage production and exhibition center created by Arden Producciones.

The group from La Rioja will show the Valencian public one of its productions for adults for the first time, after having represented successes for small spectators in this same theater such as ‘Superhéroe’, ‘Miiedo’ or ‘Globe Story’, distinguished as Revelation Show in the Sala Russafa Audience Awards in 2015 for his skilful translation of the black and white world of silent cinema into the theater.

The company, created in 2010, investigates theatrical languages ​​in proposals with a personal and risky artistic perspective, which invite the public to be part of an evocative experience and transform the stage into a meeting place. A starting point that has also guided the staging of Any given day, a disturbing story where the various faces of the same truth come together.

Tales for wicked children

In addition, this weekend the program for family audiences begins at the Ruzafa theater with a piece that is a declaration of intent about the spirit that guides the selection of works in this line of scenic exhibition. The Zamoran company Baychimo Teatro premieres in the Community on November 5 and 6 Tales for wicked childrena subversive proposal in which they give one (or two) twists to Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs.

Perrault, the Brothers Grimm and, above all, Disney offered a sweetened version of these popular stories, which oral narration spread throughout the centuries to teach children. But times change and so does the way of addressing little ones, in the opinion of Baychimo, who has created a comedy for audiences from six years old that breaks the candid image of the females in these stories and the innocent nature of their characters.

The interpreters Ramón Enríquez and Paloma Leal use acting interpretation, combined with the manipulation of hand, rod or table puppets. While poetry serves to rhyme a text full of grace and black humor, which gives unexpected turns to stories that adults and children thought they knew by heart. The result is a parody with a hint of hooliganism, which offers winks and laughs to all audiences.

‘On An Average Day’ composes a “puzzle” about human frailty in Sala Russafa