On Prime video there is cult film from 21 years ago with a stellar cast of actors that you absolutely must see.

Want to watch a funny comedy on Amazon Prime Video? There is a movie with a stellar cast to watch that will have you full of laughs!

He blew out 21 candles but brings them very well. Indeed, over time he has become a real one cultto the point that authors and producers were convinced to write a sequel (always present on Prime Video) 16 years later.

Zoolander is a small comic masterpiece, born from the brilliant mind of Ben Stiller and that you can stream on Amazon Prime Video.

It’s a parody about the world of fashion, with all its excesses, from the point of view of the models: always flawless and too full of themselves, from gymnastic physicists and obsessed with extreme attention to their aesthetics, they are actually clumsy and unprepared. to face real life.

Stiller, as well as the author of the story and the screenplay, is also the protagonist, the “model of international fame” Derek Zoolander.

Together with him, to guarantee the success of the operation, there is a beautiful piece of the Frat Packan “unofficial” group of American comedians who, over the years, have collaborated in several films all with a satirical-insane background.

In this title we find Owen Wilson as another model, Hansel McDonald, Will Ferrell in the role of stylist Jacobim Mugatu, e Vince Vaughn like Derek’s rude brother, Luke Zoolander.

There is no shortage of other secondary characters played by names of the caliber of Milla Jovovich, David Duchovny And Jon Voightand numerous stars appeared in different cameos playing themselves, such as Natalie Portman, Lenny Kravitz And David Bowie.

Curious to know the details?


Watch the trailer and read the story

Derek Zoolander is a supermodel, famous all over the world for his attractiveness and for having invented the magnetic expression “Blue Steel“.

He is a candidate for the fourth time for the award of “Model of the Year”, But it will be Hansel McDonald, rising fashion star, to win it.

His three roommates, also models, try to cheer him up after the defeat, but they die in the explosion of a petrol pump that they themselves caused, naively playing with the regulators and reiterating the basic stereotype: the models are very beautiful, but very stupid.

This tragedy, combined with the loss of the award and a disparaging article about him written by journalist Matilda Jeffries, sends Derek into a deep crisis.

He begins to feel old and unmotivated for the fashion industry. On the other hand, for years he has been busy looking for a new cover expression, the “Magnum“, without success.

The man thus returns to southern New Jersey, where his father and brothers live working as coal miners. A “virile” job, a condition that has always made him feel excluded and unsuitable, as if he were the “black sheep” of the family.

Despite his efforts, however, he fails to be accepted in that context and, definitely, the mine is not for him.

Find the way out in Jacobim Mugatua stylist who for the first time hires him as a testimonial of his new line, “Derelict“, Inspired by the homeless, and thus allows him to go back to doing what he was born for: the model.

What Derek Zoolander doesn’t know is that he was not chosen by Mugatu for his fame or beauty, but for his stupidity.

There Fashion Mafiain fact, he intends to kill the new Malaysian prime minister, who has promised to eliminate the exploitation of child labor in his country, a source of great savings for the entire textile sector.

The minister will be present in the front row at the Mugatu parade, and the “armed wing” of this devious plan must be a particularly stupid model, to which the brain washing passing it off as an innovative beauty treatment. Exactly, our Derek.

The sound of the song Relax of the Frankie goes to Hollywood it will be the signal for Zoolander’s mind that, bombarded with subliminal messages, he will kill the Malaysian minister with a karate move, taking the blame and condemning it, and leaving the principals unpunished, of which he does not even know the existence.

But Matilda has sensed that Derek is in danger, and will try to stop the operation …

Obviously, everything is peppered with hilarious gags, funny jokes and a biting satire on the superficiality of both the fashion world and its detractors.

Have a good evening with this fun Prime Video movie!

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On Prime video there is cult film from 21 years ago with a stellar cast of actors that you absolutely must see.