“Only Murders in the Building” and the true crime podcast in Argentina

Charles, Oliver and Mabel They are three strangers who live in the Arconia in New York. Although at first glance they seem to have little in common, they are united by the same passion: true crime podcasts. But the mystery is much closer than they imagine: there is a murderer on the loose inside his building, and he already has his first victim. So they decide to open an investigation of the case and record everything in their own homemade radio program: “Only Murders in the Building”.

We are talking about the series Star+, which premiered its second season in June. Starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez, It is a story of comedy, mystery and in turn a parody of the genre, a satire that is distinguished by the excellent chemistry between the protagonists, each with their extravagances and secrets.

In the first season, the characters set out to unravel the murder of a neighbor that the police had mistakenly labeled a suicide. In the second, everything becomes much more dangerous: they find themselves involved in a crime, they are accused by the neighbors and they are even investigated by the competition’s podcast.

“It is for all audiences, it has a bit of humor, mystery and excellent actors,” they comment Debora Figueroa and Eugenia Grandon, creators of Noir Podcast, in dialogue with Filo News and continue: “We loved it. We love the age difference of the characters and how they unravel the mystery to be revealed, the aesthetics and musicalization of the series is very good”.

Noir Podcast started in 2021 with the episode “Sons of Sam”, and since then they share cases and stories every week. In each of them they are presented with the same introduction: ‘The room smelled of cigarettes from the night before; between the curtains filtered the lights of the street and on the table the questions. The questions about that case they couldn’t stop thinking about.’

“It was born as a response to a previous project, where Eugenia did an episode in collaboration and dealt with a true crime theme. From that moment I realized that it was what I wanted to talk about”, say the hosts of the program, in dialogue with Filo.news.

The serial killings of Tamara Samsonova, the mystery behind Solange Grabenheimer Y Lucilla Fred, the crimes behind the Osho sect and more: in each episode, lasting approximately one hour, the hosts review the details of each case. The last chapter is dedicated to the murder of the photographer from Revista Noticias, Joseph Louis Headsand how his case shook society and the political world.

“Noir is dedicated to True Crime because it gives us the chance to investigate, investigate mysteries, come up with theories. We have always been very curious people and with a tendency not to stay with what ‘they tell us’ as reality but to go out looking for answers until something closes us, this genre gives us the opportunity to do exactly that”.

“It’s a crime” defines itself as “a podcast about murderers made by innocent people”. Created in 2019 and with the leadership of Angeles Bernardez Y Anabella Guimareyreached the top 6 in the section “True Crime” globally in Spotify; were chosen based on the more than 5,000 podcasts that chartable you have in your database.

“It was born anecdotally, to transfer to a medium what was happening in the intimacy of the home: me telling Anabella about a murder, she reacting and limiting. I suppose we did not have a goal, perhaps we thought that someone could be entertained by our dynamics, ”Angels tells Filo.news.

Who Ricardo Caputo, the Argentine assassin known as ‘The Lady Killer’? did you know Cesar Ghirardi, the bloodiest murderer in Argentina, after Robledo Puch? or to Francesca Rojas, who murdered his two little children in Necochea? These are some of the stories they tell in the episodes.

“I was always a fan of true crime, as weird as that sounds. Although it does not sound so strange because today there is an entire community dedicated to true crime. We chose the podcast format because of the accessibility of the entire infrastructure and because I have always liked radio, although a podcast is not exactly that”, she reveals.


“If we find the painting, we find the killer,” says Charles.

“It’s a good dialogue, repeat it,” says Oliver and takes out the tape recorder. It’s the perfect ending to episode one.

From an amateur detective perspective, in each chapter the protagonists bring new theories and point out possible suspects -even the musician Sting-. The goal is to get to the truth, before the culprit commits a new murder, and recount minute by minute in front of the microphone. “We are in Only Murders in the Building, and we will not remain silent”, Mabel maintains in front of the microphone.

The podcast phenomenon exploded around the world several years ago: according to a study by Comscore Regarding Latin America, half of the users interviewed listen to podcasts and a similar proportion spend at least 3 hours a week on them. To this we must add the boom in the pandemic: as reported Deezerthere was a 37% increase in global listening during 2020, while iVoox revealed a 55% increase.

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“We like the podcast format because in these times when social networks are so visual and banal on many occasions with respect to physical image, the podcast gives us the opportunity to be heard without having that aesthetic filter that other platforms require as a mandate. that we should be seen before we are heard”, stand out from Noir, which premiered its second season in June.

With podcasts, listeners can choose what to listen to and what not, when, how and where, at their own pace, with greater control and through different platforms. At the same time, it is a tool that gives voice to many content creators, a space that provides freedom and creativity to talk about what they want in a more personal and intimate way. And one of the most popular topics is true crime: from Altman Solomon and chartable They assured that one in five chooses it as their favorite genre par excellence.

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In the series we meet Cinda Canning as the ‘queen of true crime podcasts’, a character inspired by the journalist Sarah Coenig, as confirmed by the creators. From Noir, according to what they tell this medium, they listen to and recommend programs like “My Favorite Murderer” -the second highest-earning podcast in the world, according to Statistical-, “Michelle McNamara” and “Unrevealed”.

“Each one has its mark, we believe, however it is a genre that is still not exploited in this country as much as abroad,” they analyze. The data shows that the most popular topics in our country are movies and series (44.9%), society and culture (33.3%) and political economy (23.9%), based on the Podcast Consumption Survey 2021 of Drop the Mic.


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In one of the episodes of the series, the character of Selena Gomez he wryly notes that its format is “to present a true crime podcast before it has a story, an ending, and even a crime.” How to work on the preparation of a script, how to choose the cases to tell on the air?

“We talk about both international and local cases, which cover from the typical ‘serial murderer’ to lately other types of crimes such as gender violence – say the hosts and add – our goal is to bring light to cases not because of the morbidity itself, but to provide information that is perhaps not generally known in order to raise awareness a little about the dangers we live in and to which we are exposed every day as women”, they close.

For his part, from It’s a crime They assure that they have cases of criminals with final convictions, that is, that they have been resolved: “Sometimes we have a story with paranormal overtones. What characterizes us is that we tell everything about the case: the place, the professions of those involved”, he explains.

They are currently in their fourth season: “We take advantage of the fact that Anabella is a Geologist and I studied music to tell some data of that style, added to things of general culture, or typical of the place. Taking advantage of the fact that they listen to us from all over Latin America and Europe, we like to give as much context as possible. Possibly all these surrounding issues are what most attracts the audience, added to the humorous tint that we sometimes give, if the story warrants it.


Since its premiere “Only Murders in the Building” became a success: so much so that it was nominated for the next edition of the Emmy Awards, in categories such as “Best Comedy Series”, “Best Lead Actor”, “Best Supporting Actor” and “Best Screenplay”.

“We watch series like this all the time. In fact, we have a section in our podcast where we recommend weekly series, documentaries and movies on the subject”, they say from Noir, while from It’s a crime They say: “I usually watch many documentaries about murders and sects.”

The truth is that it was already confirmed for a third season; that means two things: that the recorders are still on and that Charles, Oliver and Mabel will take the investigation in a whole new direction.

“Only Murders in the Building” and the true crime podcast in Argentina