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Do you need a good dose of laughter right now? With the days getting shorter and the temperatures starting to drop, we understand you. Nevertheless, even if the programs abound on the streaming platforms, it is not always easy to navigate. And finally, we sometimes spend more time looking for a movie to watch on Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video, Canal + or Salto. Télé-Loisirs has therefore thought of you and offers you a list of 20 comic films – whether cult, French, American, and bordering on stupid for some – not to be missed to have a good time of fun. . If ever the film is no longer available on the platform indicated, you can find it for rental or digital purchase from traditional video-on-demand operators: Canal VOD, My TF1, Orange, Apple TV, Google Play , etc…

very bad tripan explosive cocktail that will turn your stomach (Netflix and Salto)

Two days before their friend Doug’s wedding ceremony, Alan, Phil and Stu, his best friends, take him to Las Vegas to bury his life as a bachelor. The next morning, the groomsmen wake up ringing in a hotel and the future groom has disappeared. “The bigger it is, the funnier it is” seems to be the motto of this delirious comedy, the success of which launched a real fashion. With very bad trip you will be treated to an avalanche of hilarious gags, performed by a very endearing band.

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The Nutty Professorfor a masterfully funny Eddie Murphy (Netflix)

Hard to be obese in California. This is the case of Sherman, professor of genetics, who falls in love with his new colleague Carla. To win her over, this shy man decides to experiment with a slimming potion on himself. He then turns into Buddy Love, a real Don Juan. But the effects of the substance quickly turn out to be uncontrollable. A tasty number from Eddie Murphy in a cult American comedy with delirious characters.

My stepfather and mebe ready if you have to meet your stepdad or stepmom… (Netflix and Prime Video)

Greg and Pam love each other. But an obstacle stands in the way of their love: Jack, Pam’s dad. Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller form the hilarious duo in this delightful comedy, a festival of gags and blunders.

Bitch, princess of heartsthe one who dares to say and do what we dare not (Netflix and Prime Video)

Camilla realizes that she is not happy at all and imagines a royal destiny. She sets her sights on Harry, the Prince of England, and rushes to London. After having been the heroine of hilarious little pastilles on Canal+, La Connasse goes to the long format. A challenge, largely successful thanks to the incredible glibness of Camille Cottin.

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Senior Yearwith a Rebel Wilson always at the top of his comic capital (Netflix)

Cheerleader Stephanie has it all. One day, she falls and falls into a coma. She wakes up twenty years later. Despite her almost 40-year-old physique, she is determined to pick up where she left off and therefore to go back to school… The original idea does not shine with its originality, but this comedy is nevertheless entertaining, especially thanks to the talent and charm of Rebel Wilson in the lead role.

Dikkenekto better understand the Belgian (Prime Video)

In Belgium, Jean-Claude, a notorious loudmouth, tries to introduce his friend Stef to the (very delicate) art of seduction. This delirious comedy gives in the unbridled humor. All the actors are earthy, starting with François Damiens, revealed in this film long before the success of his hidden cameras, or Marion Cotillard, far, very far, from his current Hollywood glamor. Dikkenek is to be discovered while sipping a good beer (in moderation of course).

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Bad Momsthe comedy that honors mothers (Prime Video)

Overwhelmed, deceived, overworked, Amy (Mila Kunis) breaks down and revolts with the complicity of two other exhausted mothers… This comedy sends all the pressure unnecessarily inflicted on women flying. Bad Moms is sassy, ​​joyful, and often funny!

The City of Feara cult and hilarious film with Alain Chabat (Prime Video)

During the 1993 Cannes Film Festival, press officer Odile Deray had a hard time selling her little horror film Red Is Dead. Until the day when a real killer assassinates the projectionists of the film one by one by following the modus operandi of the killer of Red Is Dead. Taking advantage of this unexpected publicity, Odile brings down the main actor of the film, Simon, on the Croisette. Humor full of nonsense and cult dialogues: Les Nuls by Alain Chabat, Dominique Farrugia and Chantal Lauby deliver an excellent thriller parody, rich in gags and finds. Fans will once again revel in the best lines, which they will sing along to. An unforgettable comedy for an entire generation.

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The Internsthe duo Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn continue to delight us (Prime Video)

Two quadras whose careers have been ruined by the Internet get an internship at Google… To the glory of the famous search engine, this wobbly comedy nevertheless manages to capture something of the times.

The goatwith a Pierre Richard in all his splendor (Prime Video)

Barely arrived in Mexico, Marie, unlucky by nature, is kidnapped. His father, a wealthy industrialist, hires Campana, a specialist in disappearances. In vain. The company psychiatrist advises his boss to add to the detective his assistant accountant François Perrin, as blundering as the sweet scatterbrain. The Gérard Depardieu-Pierre Richard tandem works wonderfully in this exhilarating adventure comedy.

22 Jump Streeta good dose of action and laughter (Canal+ and Prime Video)

In this uninhibited sequel, the young shock cops Schmidt and Jenko (the Jonah Hill-Channing Tatum duo, which works wonderfully and wins sympathy) infiltrate a new university to dismantle a drug traffic… Without any drop in speed, this entertainment gives pride of place to good valves and action. Its spectacular finale takes place during Spring Break in Mexico.

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The Fool’s Cagecult film we told you! (Canal+)

Who doesn’t know the famous couple Albin/Zaza Napoli and Renato, as well as Jacob, their hysterical maid? A cult comedy, where Michel Serrault, left freewheeling, is absolutely amazing.

Despite himself superheroesFifi’s band does not disappoint (Canal+)

An actor responsible for playing a superhero is the victim of a car accident. He wakes up with amnesia, convinced that he really is a superhero. Surrounded by his usual gang, including Tarek Boudali and Elodie Fontan, Philippe Lacheau continues to mix burlesque humor, action, bad taste and nice provocations in this comedy that mocks the world of superhero films.

Kaamelott: First Part, the movie fans have been waiting for over 10 years (Canal+)

Determined to find Arthur Pendragon, the tyrannical Lancelot du Lac sends mercenaries after him. As a revolt begins to mount against Lancelot, it is rumored that Arthur could make a comeback. More than ten years after the end of his cult series, Alexandre Astier is bringing his hilarious medieval saga back to life in cinema. The means are there, as are the prestigious supporting roles, to make the show very pleasant.

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OSS 117: red alert in black Africafor the duo formed by Jean Dujardin and Pierre Niney (Canal+)

In 1981, OSS 117 is sent to Africa to keep a dictator threatened by a rebellion in power. On the spot, the antihero, always so racist, misogynistic and arrogant, multiplies the blunders and boorishness. Mission rather accomplished for Nicolas Bedos and screenwriter Jean-François Halin, who have retained the DNA of the saga, and deliver a biting satire. The tandem formed by Jean Dujardin and Pierre Niney (the young OSS 1001) works perfectly.

Mary at all costand a hairstyle that will make people envious (Disney+)

In high school, Ted was in love with Mary. Years later, he decides to find her. So he hires Pat, a detective. The latter locates Mary in Miami… and in turn falls under her spell. Led drum beating, this comedy connects the gags, not caring about good taste or conventions. It is simply irresistible!

Mrs. Doubtfirewith the perfect, touching and funny performance by Robin Williams (Disney+)

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Daniel, a recently divorced cartoon voice actor, can no longer see his children as often. He decides to respond to an ad from his ex-wife (Sally Field), who has a new boyfriend (Pierce Brosnan), looking for a governess. Entirely made up, Daniel becomes Mrs Doubtfire, an Irish nanny. Under a ton of rather unsightly and implausible make-up, the late Robin Williams puts on the show disguised as an eccentric nanny. His comic genius allows this family comedy by Chris Columbus, delicate on the consequences of divorce on children, to win in burlesque.

Mom I missed the planethe film that marked an entire childhood (Disney+)

Young Kevin was forgotten at home by his parents who went on vacation. He will give a hard time to two burglars. This fun family comedy classic made Macaulay Culkin a star.

The Full Monty: The Big Gamean unforgettable striptease (Disney+ and Canal+)

In Sheffield, an industrial city in Yorkshire in the midst of an economic slump, six unemployed people decide to put on a striptease show to get out of the mess. The problem is that they don’t have the physique of the Chippendales! This English social comedy achieved a huge surprise success. The rehearsals of the show are very funny. Just like the stubbornness of these men to develop sexy choreographies, to the sound of hits by Donna Summer and Hot Chocolate. Revealed by TrainspottingRobert Carlyle brilliantly leads the dance.

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Little Miss Sunshinea comedy as funny as it is intelligent (Disney+)

Olive Hoover, a seven-year-old girl, is selected to enter a beauty pageant in California. His whole family decides to accompany him aboard an old van. Between a brother who has taken a vow of silence, a depressed uncle and a sex-oriented grandfather, the journey is likely to be long. Small nugget that this independent production, frenzied road-movie. The adventures follow one another, each funnier than the other, to conclude with the hilarious and unforgettable dance of little Olive. The great strength of the film lies in its gallery of characters, all neurotic and devilishly touching, from the uncle (brilliant Steve Carell) to the grandfather (priceless Alan Arkin). Crunchy.

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