Over 200 events for the 2022 edition of the Literature Festival (Fla) which celebrates its twentieth anniversary [FOTO

Beyond 200 events in 4 days for the 2022 edition of Flathe Literature Festival and other things that this year celebrates its twenty years. An important milestone for an initiative that has now become a fixed and important appointment for the cultural world of Pescara, which over the years has seen its importance grow even at a national level, attracting guests of prestige and international standing. The presentation, moderated by the direct of Fla 2022 Vincenzo D’Aquino, was attended by the mayor Carlo Masci, the municipal councilors Alfredo Cremonese and Maria Rita Carota, the municipal councilor Giovanni Di Iacovo and Nicola Fabrizio CEO of Metamer who is the main sponsor of the festival. Also present were 99 Cosse, the Pescara musical group that opened the presentation with a short acoustic musical moment and a funny curtain with the parody of the mayor Masci, to whom the group has often dedicated posts and videos on social media in the name of irony .

Mayor Masci highlighted just how the Fla has become a cultural symbol of our city and wanted to remember the figure of Adelchi De Collibus, who just last year had been invited by the mayor to the presentation of the Festival, as a great man of culture who has given so much to Pescara.

“The Fla has a characteristic that I really like: beyond the important characters who always arrive at every edition in the city, it is a moment to explode the creativity and art of our cultural operators and local artists, at a particularly difficult because of the scarce resources available. Every day in Pescara there is always a great effervescence and this undoubtedly helps the social growth of the city, and I send a great wish and thanks to all the artists. promoter and creator of Fla, congratulations because it really is an important moment and showcase “.

The Councilor for Culture Carota said she was very happy to see many cultural operators already in the presentation phase:

“This is an important event, a great driving force to present the city in cultural terms at national and international level. Since my inauguration since the beginning of this year, I have appreciated how the culture and the cultural network is developed and important, and for this I thank those who believed in us like my colleague Di Iacovo who encouraged this festival. We must be present and strengthen the Fla more and more: in the preparation phase there was the involvement of schools, and this is very important as in the case of ‘Acerbo and this participation of young people as well as artists is very important because they are our future and we must invest in them “.

The Cremonese commissioner wanted to thank Vincenzo D’Aquino and Giovanni Di Iacovo for giving prestige and importance to this festival:

“As a councilor for trade and tourism, I can only be happy with this Festival, which will affect various areas of the city, also involving traders, who will have direct and indirect benefits for people who will arrive in Pescara from all over Italy. I hope that this initiative continue to be our point of reference “.

The director Di Iacovo, founder of the Fla, told how the idea was born among friends, impromptu and without important assignments and budgets available:

“For me it is important to see how an adventure started among friends has become a national and structured reality, a reference point for the culture of the city and of the whole Region. I thank Vincenzo D’Aquino for his ability to direct and grow the festival . Almost 200 events and meetings in addition to the appointments with the big names, which serve to strengthen the large and important network of associations, artists and local realities that work every day to make Pescara grow “.

Nicola Fabrizio, main sponsor with Metamer, explained that the company has chosen to invest in culture and the values ​​of civil society, a Fla project which therefore gives the company a great chance to focus on these areas, thanks to the great commitment which lasts a year by Vincenzo D’Aquino and by the volunteers to organize each edition. During the Fla there will also be the Metamer award for personalities who are committed to environmental sustainability which is the sector where the company operates.

Fla 2022: the main events

Vincenzo D’Aquino explained that over the four days (from 10 to 13 November) there will be a series of events and meetings, over 200, which will all be available on the official portal https://www.pescarafestival.it/. The appointments were divided into many sections, including the theme of sustainability with the tour that “L’Abruzzese off-site” will do with an electric car around the Abruzzo region.

“The collaborations are many: many events at the same time between the Literary Café, the Circus theater, the Petruzzi auditorium, the Museum of the People of Abruzzo and the Circolo Aternino. Just to name a few, Thursday 10 November at the Flaiano Auditorium the “Rigoletto, the Night of the Curse” by and with the great theater actor Marco Baliani accompanied by Giampaolo Bandini (guitar) and Cesare Chiacchiaretta (accordion), Fabrizio Bentivoglio with his homage to Flaiano at the Circus theater on Friday 11 November. Or Ezio Mauro who, on the occasion of the centenary of the march on Rome and the advent of fascism, will always hold the lectio “The year of fascism, chronicles of the march on Rome” at the Circus theater.

Also worth mentioning is the collaboration with the International School of Comics Comics which will offer various events and musical concerts from 11.30 pm for three evenings in the Literary Café. Friday 11 also the appointment at Petruzzi with Paolo Giordano who will be interviewed by an exceptional moderator, Donatella Di Pietrantonio talking about his latest work “Tasmania”.

Over 200 events for the 2022 edition of the Literature Festival (Fla) which celebrates its twentieth anniversary [FOTO – VIDEO]