Pablo Motos slaps Irene Montero for defaming him in an advertising campaign

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hart of lies Irene Montero.

Paul Motorcyclesthe presenter of ‘El Hormiguero’ (Antenna 3)went out on the night of November 24, 2022 to leave the Minister of Equality not only at the feet of the horses, but also to brand her as a liar.

All as a result of an advertising campaign launched by the department of the United We Can in which the showman is accused of Atresmedia of being a sexist.

Specifically, in the fragment in which Pablo Motos is alluded to, it is made ugly that in an interview with Elsa Pataky asked him a question about whether or not he sleeps in sexy underwear.

Thus, taken out of context, it could be understood that the host of the program did not have a true journalistic interest in his guest and, on the contrary, created curiosity to retain the audience.

The problem, as Motos himself recalled, is that the actress and model went to the set when she was in the middle of a promotional campaign for a lingerie firm designed for sleeping.

Or, what is the same, although the question might seem spicy, it made perfect sense and you only have to listen to Pataky’s own response to realize that there was no malice or sensationalism in the question launched by the presenter of ‘ The Anthill’.


So, in the face of such accusations, Motos was very clear in his response to Irene Montero for spreading a campaign in which he was mercilessly slandered:

Today I want to start the gathering in a different way. I never use the microphone for a personal thing, but as you know from this program we have strongly criticized the law of ‘only yes is yes’ and the Ministry of Equality has spent more than a million euros of public money on a television campaign to call me a macho. I know it’s almost vulgar, because they call it to everyone, but it’s because they made an ad on TV for me. Spending more than a million euros of Spanish money with the country as it is is indecent. But it has a fun part.

In fact, Motos chose to compare the “parody” that Equality made of his question to the actress in 2016 with the question that he posed to Pataky. And it is that in the announcement of the Ministry of Equality, the interviewee is heard saying this phrase: “If I were a guy, he would not have asked me that question.” So the presenter had no choice but to show the real moment they alluded to from Montero’s apartment:

I asked this question in 2016, which has already gone far away, to Elsa Pataky. But it is that Elsa Pataky came to present a campaign of underwear and sexy pajamas. I have recovered the moment for you to see the moment the slimy tone that she has used the one of the campaign and what really happened. Neither I was being slimy nor is she uncomfortable because she is talking about her campaign. The Ministry of Equality lies.

And to conclude, Motos put the cuts of interviews carried out with men in which they were also asked about underwear, whether or not they slept in pajamas or what kind of underpants they wore.

Questions like these were answered by the motorcycle pilot Joan Mir, the actors Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Pablo Chiapella, the singers Maluma and Sergio Dalma or the soccer player Sergio Ramos.



Juan Velarde

Delegate of the Digital Journalist branch in the Archipelago, Canarias8. He is currently a writer in Madrid at Periodista Digital.

Pablo Motos slaps Irene Montero for defaming him in an advertising campaign – Digital Journalist