Passes of the year, resignations and few favourites: everything you need to know in advance of Carnival 2023

By Guzman Ramos
Thirty-nine groups from the five categories adjust the last details to set foot on July 18 next Thursday the 19th at the Inaugural Carnival Parade,
beginning a journey of 50 nights of high-voltage carnival in the neighborhoods and the Teatro de Verano

Having lifted the veil of the pandemic, the Municipality of Montevideo decided that the main avenue should be the center of gravity of the first night, abandoning with a stroke of the pen the alternative of Parque Rodó promoted last year, and based on the weight of tradition, according to expressed the director of Culture, Maria Ines Obaldia.

A day later – on Friday the 20th – the tablados will debut, and on Monday the 23rd the Summer Theater contest will begin, whose preview is dominated by murgas and parodists, genres in which there are many children for the same top, which is why nobody play an advance ticket at the window.

The murguero knot will be the most difficult to untie. There, parity, high level and a diverse battery of arguments are anticipated where the lyricists announce that there will be no puppet with a head.

The menu includes traditional political criticism -with the Astesiano case as the topic of the moment-, public safety, educational or pension reforms, or the controversial and frustrating performance of La Celeste in the World Cup in Qatar.

But even within the announced parity, some murgas do the impossible to take advantage.

The two of the sample has it the big dollwhich features the return of Red Smurf to the choral direction. The group shook the hornet’s nest in the middle of the year with an announcement that ensures very high scores in a key area. Lombardo will make a creative duo with Marcel Keoroglian in the repertoire called Carnival of Voiceswhich will be criticized with the couplet of the politicians’ pets, and satire with another of an ambitious Arab sheikh.

Edu Lombardo.  Photo: Darwin Borelli
Note to Eduardo Lombardo, Smurf Lombardo, Uruguayan musician, composer and singer, Montevideo, ND 20170309, photo Darwin Borrelli – El Pais Archive

Darwin Borrelli/El Pais Archive

Among the spiciest is also the late nightwith work The story of the Magician Flowers. Directed by Martin Souza and Maximiliano Orta, will have a look at current Uruguay from the unique stories of a neighborhood and its imaginary murga.

Despite the poetic line that envisions its theme, the group warns that it will cut thick and use the critic’s club in an oregan mode, hitting left and right.

The trident that mobilizes the highest expectations also has Patent Robbers, who defends the crown with a show based on a traveling auction. He vows to bomb top government figures, and claims a blank check for a hilarious couplet about Uruguayan drug traffickers. The main figures of him are German Medina, Martin Angiolini and Maximiliano Perez.

German Medina.  Photo: Diffusion

The line that separates the candidates from the favorites is almost imperceptible, which is why other murgas await their chance with sharp teeth.

It is the case of They force us outwhich will propose a counterpoint between Uruguay and Democracytwo characters acted by Jimena Vazquez and Petru Valensky. A parenthesis in that story will be a crazy couplet about Queen Elizabeth and the novice King Carlos, who is already a sensation in rehearsals.

Other strong challenger is lean cheese, whose show will revolve around the theme of simplicity; his cuplés, always humorous, will be a cheap shopping trip to Buenos Aires and another version of the Uruguayan narcos. They are also lady bastardwho will set foot on the Collazo with a group of extraterrestrials who have come to Earth on an unexpected visit; the cayetanawhich will talk about local and foreign conspiracies with a harsh couplet dedicated to retired soldiers; The key, which reserved the theme of happiness with a couplet dedicated to mental health; Y The Green Devilsfresh and captained by a generation of twenty-somethings who promise a sharp page on the educational system.

  carnival 2004 murga green devils 12 640x480
Green Devils. Photo: File.

The Digital Country

From the admission test they come with great force Mushroom Tanners Y The New Milonga. The former disembark with a mixture of astrology and fun esotericism in their show Mysticalwhere they reissue the old cupleteros duo made up of Freddy González and Hugo Arturowhile the murga of the mythical Tito Pastrana He will talk about the public and the private. The main figure of him is Rusito Gonzalezwhich will make the carnival version of the Minister of Labor, Paul Mieres.

Rusito Gonzalez.  Photo: Marcelo Bonjour

Rusito Gonzalez. Photo: File.

There will also be room for surprises, a category where the most innovative groups are.

The head of that row is Put it in that they are cakeswhich will address gender issues added to deep and introspective reflections on the role of the murguistas; my old mulecurrent revelation, which comes to shake heads and criticize archaic customs with its proposal The Vinegar Clown; Big peopledebutant and a great candidate for the hit with a show about advice; an old titlewith Maximiliano Tuala and Fabricio Speranza, both winners of the Maximum Figure; fell the goatwhich will focus on the roles and behaviors of human beings -especially their complaints-, and Dear Neighborhoodwith a good performance in the qualifiers with his proposal Flow.

fell the goat

The Goat fell. Photo: File.

In that wagon they go A la Bartola and the Revenge of the Utilerosunfairly relegated in 2022. They arrive with the works Villanxs and Re Manija, original, sharp and usually with rich scripts.

Two murgas from the interior close the list: People’s Gardenfrom Paysandú, which arrives in Montevideo with Metaverso, and Front and Hand, from San José, with his proposal Genial. Both half convinced in November, but they have outstanding choirs, a good base to turn the footprint around.

While the murgas attract crowds, the parodists season a rich salad of Uruguayan stories, film classics, biographies and fictional characters.

The last champion gypsies, promises to combine laughter and emotion with the parodies “La Nona” and “La Vida de Alberto Candeau”. The first is an Argentine play about a family whose grandmother eats non-stop, threatening to ruin them. The second, for its part, investigates the work of the great Uruguayan actor, with an ending in which aldo martinez will have its moment of emotion evoking the Obelisk Proclamation of 1983, at the dawn of the return of democracy.

Aldo Martinez.  Photo: Nico Azaretto
Aldo Martinez. Photo: Nico Azaretto.

Nico Azaretto

Gentlemen will also appeal to a similar formula: humor with “Ma Barker”, a typical parody of action, gunmen and adventures, to which they will add emotion with the biography of Rosa Luna, a symbol of candombera dance, militancy for rights and passion for his beloved National. They will work with a very proven duo: Jorge Medina and Walter “Cucuzú” Brilka.

cuckoo. Photo: File.

Darwin Borrelli/El Pais Archive

At the other end, the boys They insist on the commitment to renewal. Their parodies will be “Gilda” and “La Historia del Cerro”, for which they will investigate the behind the scenes of one of the most popular neighborhoods in Uruguay. They will talk about their immigrants, history, sports rivalries, union struggles and emblematic characters. Its main actors are Martin Perrone and Lucia Rodriguez.

They complete the payroll momosapiens Y Aristophanes. The first will parody “The Robbery of the Century”, with the return of the historic Cacho Denis. The action of this representation will be a duet with “Snow White”, a Disney classic that will turn the axis of the world of cartoons. Aristophanes, for his part, led by Federico Pereyra, will stage a thoughtful look at homeless people and discrimination. His parodies will be “Invisible” and “Mulan”.

The first round will begin on the 23rd and will last until February 1. Two days later, all the participants will start the round of rematches. For both cases there is a record for the sale of subscriptions: almost 700.

If the parity is confirmed, the main enemy of the favorites will be the small error that increases the dividend in the pools. But also, if in Momo’s imagination a feeling of a great tie is configured, those with the least chance will be on the lookout, because a slight tailwind can take them to the top.

Liverpool, Malvín and Polo Prado will be the three new stages of the 2023 carnival. They will compensate for the loss of the Rural del Prado, which this year will not open its doors.

The Liverpool stage promises between four and five groups per night, co-organized by Daecpu and Tenfield, in a modality that will also attend 16 popular tablados, which will open from Thursday to Sunday with financing from the IM. The money from television will allow three (Monte de la Francesa, Canario Luna, El Tejano) to open their doors for two more days. Polo Prado, within the Rural but with an entrance on Atilio Pelosi street, will be the only one with a roof. After the carnival function, he proposes to continue in dance mode.

Jury: two resignations at the last minute

The actresses Adriana Da Silva and Silvia Novarese will not be part of the jury, despite having been announced weeks ago by Daecpu and the Municipality of Montevideo.

Da Silva withdrew for medical reasons, and Novarese for a work impediment.

The evaluation team chaired by Ramiro Pallares must confirm their replacements in the next 48 hours.

The substitutes will act together with Alfredo Leiros and Martín Duarte in voices and arrangements, Joaquín Doldán and Marcel García in texts and interpretation, Gabriela Barboza in choreography and dances and Marianella Freire in costumes and makeup.

Meanwhile, at the regulatory level, the evaluation of the groups will eliminate the sub-item of global vision of the show from each of the judges, which will now be judged as a specific item by a single jury.

The modification thus returns to a system that had been abandoned in 1991.

Originally, the new item created had been assigned to Silvia Novarese.

Passes of the year, resignations and few favourites: everything you need to know in advance of Carnival 2023