Performances at the Municipal Theater

NAPOSTÁ QUARTET – Looking for ways

Tomorrow, Thursday – 8:30 p.m.

NAPOSTÁ CUARTETO celebrates its 10 years making its own music with a Bahiense identity.

With the multiplicity of sounds in the hands of JULIÁN MANSILLA (piano and bandoneon), GUILLERMO GARCÍA (saxes and flute), EVA BARONIO (bass and guitar) and GUSTAVO FERNÁNDEZ (drums and percussion), the quartet reconverts itself with new sounds in each theme going through the paths of jazz, folklore, tango, candombe and rhythms of Brazil.

Tributes to Hermeto Pascoal, Hugo Fattoruso and Astor Piazzolla will be present in an intimate night between the public and the magic of the Municipal Theater stage. This meeting will have the special participation of the renowned Pedro Giorlandini as a guest artist.

General Admission: $1200

Retirees, pensioners, students and UmSur members: 25% discount.


Friday – 9:00 p.m.

Divergents, is a play set in the 90s in New York City. It recounts the future of a group of “squatters”, all of them friends and artists of the New York “underground”, who are afflicted by the scourge of the new disease of the moment, HIV/AIDS.

Mark, filmmaker and member of the group, portrays the daily life of his friends going through their illness, from a natural but crude perspective, and at times cruel.

General Admission: $1200

TUTTO (Fatto in casa) – Dramatic comedy

Sunday – 8:00 p.m.

Mirna is the owner of a small gastronomic establishment, at the entrance of an unknown provincial town.

He lives a quite suffered loneliness, but very well camouflaged. Every day, she is accompanied by a singular individual, who annoys her as much as he accompanies her.

These two characters, who apparently do not get along, will combine and merge, to collude (as if they were one piece) when it comes to helping a woman suffering from abuse. No one ever imagined a relationship like this.

INTERPRETERS: Alejandra Castro and Carlos Cocciarini

TEXT and DIRECTION: Leandro Marcos Gonzalez

General Admission: $1,000

Retirees, and students of the Theater School: 25% discount.

THE DISGRACE by Juan Martín Delgado and Francisco Martínez Castro

Wednesday – 9:00 p.m.

“La Desgracia” is a Police-style Musical Theater play (with a Live Band) with caricature characters and politically incorrect humor.

It goes out of the ordinary and transcends the margins. This work has the peculiarity of enchanting viewers who are not used to it, and even those who are far from the genre, managing to create a comic, critical and satirical world for 90 minutes where viewers will not be able to leave their seats.

Synopsis: A terrible deadly disease reaches the town of Newfoundland, sowing panic in all its inhabitants. The scandal is evidenced when Anita, the mayor’s daughter, is admitted to a medical room for being infected. The only doctor in town works hard with his nurse Nora to find the cure.

A mysterious murder, ideological fanaticism, corruption, religion, frustrated love and guilt are some of the ingredients that weave through farce, parody and at a dizzying pace, the plot of this hilarious work; with songs that reveal the deepest and most sincere desires of its main protagonists.

Cast made up entirely of local artists (13 Actresses and Actors + 7 Musicians on stage)

-Stages: $2,600

-Lower boxes: $2,200

-1st floor boxes: $2,000

-2nd floor boxes: $1,800

-Retired, and students of the Theater School: 25% discount.

All tickets can be requested at or at the theater box office (Alsina 425), from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Discounts for students, retirees, and pensioners are only available at the box office.

Performances at the Municipal Theater