‘Peter’ hesitates with the ‘Chuiman slap’

The actor Adolfo Chuiman stated that he was surprised because the “Chuiman slap” that he recorded with his daughter Carla, has more than two million views on “Tik Tok”. In addition, he thanks the public for tuning in to the series. ‘There is room in the background’ which continues to lead the rating.

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“Okay, the ‘Chuiman slap’ has become famous in ‘In the background there is room’ because I have given it to various characters in the story since the first season and the public enjoys itself because it is performed in very funny scenes. For this reason, I made a parody with my daughter that she shared on her social networks, it was to bless her in her projects, ha ha ha. But I was surprised that it has more than two million views on Tik Tok, “he commented. Adolf Chuiman.

Is it part of the great success that ‘Al fondo hay lugar’ has been having?

I feel very grateful for all the affection that the public has been giving us since we returned, I did not think that the reception would be so great, because on the street and through social networks they send us samples of affection.

Every day there are new nuances in history…

The writers rack their brains to always create new and fun things; and I have some classmates who day after day demonstrate their quality and professionalism on screen. All of us are happy for the success and we are a beautiful family because we are involved in continuing to grow.

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The actor Adolfo Chuman stated that he is affected by the sudden death of Diego Bertie, with whom he struck up a good friendship when they coincided in the series ‘Al fondo hay lugar’ in 2015 and recently in ‘Back to the neighborhood’. On the other hand, Bertie’s family issued a statement thanking the general public for showing love and admiration for the actor.

“The news of Diego’s death was a bucket of cold water, It’s the kind of news you never expect to receive. This made me feel bad, it affected me a lot because he was a great actor and a better person,” he said. Adolf Chuiman.

Then, he remembered that they met in the nineties, since they coincided in some meetings; but they established a close friendship in ‘Al fondo hay lugar’, when in 2015 he played ‘Sergio Estrada’, who was a suitor of ‘Isabella Maldini’, a role played by Karina Calmet.

“We shared a lot of time during the recordings, we talked a lot about theater, humor and he was always with projects. He always spoke with a lot of passion about music, something we had in common,” he said. Adolf Chuiman.


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‘Peter’ hesitates with the ‘Chuiman slap’