President in the White House and China

The longest-lived yellow family on television is famous for predicting some historical events. Before, he predicted the assumption of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States and the arrival of a virus from China. Now there are other predictions that users of social networks discovered.

Below we present four of the “prophecies” of this animated series.


One of the most catastrophic prophecies is the arrival of a Third World War, but this time not only with bullets and trenches, but also with biological and nuclear weapons, reports the La Nación portal.

The current tension that exists in the world does not make this unreasonable. For example, the war between Russia and Ukraine, the missiles from North Korea, the provocations of the United States and the relations of the western country with China.

This is foretold in the episode when the character of Kent Brockman, the newscaster for Channel 6 in Springfield, says in the middle of a broadcast: “It is with great sadness that I inform you that the United States and China have declared war. A massive nuclear attack is expected to hit our shores within the hour!”

President in the USA

In the chapter Bart to the future, this character travels in time and finds his sister Lisa who has become president of the United States.

In principle this episode is related to Donald Trump. The former US president came to power in an unpredictable way (in real life and in the series). And after him took over Lisa Simpson.

In the real world, Joe Biden took office after Trump’s departure; However, the current US President is not in iron health, as Simpsonian viewers report, and he could leave office. In this case, his successor would be Vice President Kamala Harris.

There is a similarity between Lisa and Kamala that has not gone unnoticed by lovers of the series. The flesh and blood woman wore a purple jacket, a high-necked blouse and a white necklace at her inauguration. Her clothing is almost identical to the one Lisa wore when she in the series assumed the Presidency of her country. Of course, the neck of the girl’s blouse is somewhat different from that of the Vice President.

asteroid threat

In the episode Bart’s Comet, which aired on February 5, 1995, Bart accidentally discovers an asteroid in the sky.

Springfield scientists go further in their investigations and determine that the asteroid will hit planet Earth, especially the city of Springfield, which will be catastrophic for humanity.

In this episode, Professor Frink and other inhabitants decide to launch a rocket to hit the comet and save the planet.

The plan is a failure, and although the asteroid escapes the rocket, it quickly breaks down upon contact with the contamination shell. According to netizens, this could happen, especially due to the recent operations that NASA has carried out to divert this type of object.

Last year, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) managed to divert the trajectory of the Dimorphos asteroid, located 11 million kilometers from Earth. This was done with the aim of trying to divert any celestial body that could impact the Earth.

Continuing in space, Internet users say that trips to Mars could come true, just as The Simpsons predicted in the chapter The Chronicles of Ian and Marge. In the real world, progress is already being made on this mission.


The Simpsons predicts an inflation and economic crisis that will encompass the entire world.

Earlier in the series of the yellow family, in the chapter Homer is already prepared, there was talk of the digital apocalypse; This is the moment when digital devices stop working and chaos ensues in Springfield.

In this same line of argument, Internet users who follow the series discover an economic crisis, as a man from a mysterious origin assures Homer that “anarchy and the end of civilization will soon come to an America near you.”

He replies that it would not be possible, since the United States is very powerful, but after watching a video that shows how oil prices rise and local agriculture will be non-existent, he begins to believe what he sees.

Users, according to the Univision web portal, were convinced that this scenario could come soon, but not only in the United States, but throughout the world due to increases in various consumer products.

The Simpsons television series premiered in December 1989 and has been on the small screen ever since. The program recounts the vicissitudes of an American family, which does not age and its followers continue to discover new veins and prophecies.

President in the White House and China-US war, Simpson predictions 2023