Prometeo, Medea, Peace in Syracuse: here is the Inda 2023 season

Zeus in absolute conflict with men in the tragedy “Prometheus”. No divinity in “Medea”, an all-human drama. In comedy “Peace”Trigeo, winemaker from Attica, climbs to Olympus to restore peace among men. Men and Gods in the classical representations that the National Institute of Ancient Drama Foundation will propose at the Greek theater of Syracuse for the 2023 season. From 11 May to 2 July, Aeschylus’s “Prometeo chained” directed by Leo Muscato, Euripides “Medea” directed by Federico Tiezzi, “La pace” by Aristophanes directed by Daniele Salvo and a last , a fourth show, of which four reruns will be staged, “Ulisse, the last Odyssey” directed by Giuliano Peparini.

Prometheus and Peace, each seem the reverse – or parody – of the other. Prometheus steals something that men did not have, fire. Trigeo recovers what was stolen from men, peace. Prometheus is saved because he knows the secret of Zeus, Trigeo because he knows a plot against the gods.
The Inda Foundation, currently also struggling with the appointment of the new superintendent (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage has invited the Foundation to public tender after the conclusion of the mandate of Antonio Calbi, the superintendent who brilliantly guided the institution during the difficult era of the pandemic), has just returned from a successful season with over 140,000 spectators.

Next year, for the fifth time in history the Inda, will propose “Prometeo”, in the translation of the singer-songwriter Roberto Vecchioni: director Leo Muscato, known for his direction of Baroque musical theater at the Bonn Opera House, is making his debut in Syracuse and for the performances at the Fenice, at the San Carlo in Naples, at the Scala. «Medea», in the translation from the Greek by Massimo Fusillo, sees the return of Federico Tiezzi, director, actor and playwright, who returns to the Greek Theater where he had directed Euripides’s «Ifigenia in Aulide» in 2015. «La Pace» by Aristophanes, translated by Nicola Cadoni, it will be premiered at the Greek Theater. The comedy, which has never been staged, will be directed by Daniele Salvo, who returns to Syracuse for the fifth time. The director is currently staging Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” at the Globe Theater in Rome and the recital “The relegated poet – Ovid’s Metamorphosis”, for the Valley of the Temples Festival in Agrigento.

The fourth appointment, “Ulysses, the last Odyssey”, is a show conceived and directed by Giuliano Peparini, internationally renowned director and artistic director, as well as choreographer and dancer. Acclaimed at the Rome Opera House for “The Nutcracker” and “The Four Seasons”, and abroad for “1789” (France), “Le Rêve” (Las Vegas), “Romeo & Juliet”, Peparini has al his active collaborations with artists of the caliber of Claudio Baglioni and recently with the stylists Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, for the second consecutive year in their Fashion Show for Haute Couture. The show is inspired by the Odyssey on a libretto by Giuliano Peparini and Giuseppe Cesaro.

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Prometeo, Medea, Peace in Syracuse: here is the Inda 2023 season