Queen Elizabeth II: Series and movies that enhanced her life through the screens

Editorial Office (ALN).- His death caused a great stir around the world; where many personalities from both the artistic and sports worlds, and especially the heads of state, offered their condolences to the royal family.

Despite the fact that British royalty has always kept the private life of its members hermetically sealed, this has generated curiosity both among the followers of the nobility, as well as that of film directors and producers.

Series, films and documentaries that paid tribute to the life of Elizabeth II

It should be remembered that Elizabeth’s destiny was not precisely to be queen.

She came to the throne as a result of the resignation in 1936 of her uncle, King Edward, who handed over the crown to King George VI, father of Elizabeth, who dies, so she is crowned at age 25 as the Queen of England.

Using much information collected, the filmmakers were inspired by the stories of Buckingham Palace and the queen’s long history on the throne, as well as the scandals in which she was involved, to bring to the cinema screens the life and work of the monarch, as well as through platforms such as Netflix, PrimeVideo, BBC, among others,

There have been many series, movies and documentaries that pay great tribute to its history.

If you like it and you are fans of royalty, here are some that you can enjoy via streaming:


1.The Crown

It is the most popular series on the Netflix platform. In addition to capturing his reign on the screen, they show part of his personal life, his love and family relationship.

It is important to note that the series is based on historical events and has elements of fiction.

“This series, based on historical events, is a dramatization of the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the political and personal events that have defined her reign”, as outlined in the official synopsis of the streaming platform.

According to the creators, they have clarified that it is an unauthorized biography, which is why the Royal House described it as “too dramatic”.

The series consists of six seasons and each one covers a certain period of time in her life, from her wedding in 1947 with Felipe, Duke of Edinburgh, until the beginning of the 21st century, which would be the sixth season, which stopped its production. precisely as a sign of respect for the deceased queen.

The first season of “The Crown” has returned to the top 10 of the most watched productions following the death of the queen.

Throughout its four seasons, the series has been awarded multiple Golden Globe and Emmy awards.

The fifth season is scheduled to premiere on Netflix starting November 22, 2022.

2. The Royal House of Windsor

This series is based on the last 100 years of the British monarchy and which shows the least known side of the Windsor.

It projects the birth of the four children of Queen Isabell II, the conflicts during the marriage of Carlos and Diana and the complicated relationship with her grandchildren Williams and Harry.

The Royal House of Windsor recounts how the British Royal House has managed to overcome various obstacles.

It has been available on Netflix since 2017.

3. The Windsors

Unlike the previous series, this one could be described as a parody of the real family presented in the form of a soap opera.

It has received different criticisms for putting royalty in irreverent situations; in fact, being a parody, the events are unreal, although they are based on real events.

“This crazy comedy series offers a new look at the excessively public vicissitudes of the British royal family”, can be detailed in the official synopsis offered by Netflix.

It currently has three seasons; the last one was released in 2020.


1.The Queen

The tape recounts the alleged reliability between Elizabeth II and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, so that the monarchy would approach her people mired in pain at the loss of the also known as the queen of hearts.

Although it is not precisely focused on the life of the queen, it does so with an event that marked the history of the royal family, as was the death of Lady Di, which occurred in 1997.

It was released on October 19, 2007 and can be seen through StarzPlay.

2. The King’s Speech

In this tape, an Elizabeth II is shown when she is not yet queen and her father Jorge VI was the one who ruled.

Although the monarch was seen in the film since she was a child, the story puts in context the moment in which Lilibeth’s destiny was marked, as the queen is known among her friends.

The king’s speech revolves more around the monarch’s father, who suffered from a stutter and went to speech therapy.

Isabel’s ‘most innocent’ face is what the film reveals, since she was still a princess; the royal family welcomed this production as, unlike The Windsors, it showed an event within the royal family without making fun of it.

The film won 4 Oscars, including best film, best actor, best direction and best screenplay.

3. A Royal Night Out

In 2015, the movie “A Royal Night Out” hit theaters, which focuses on then-Princess Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret.

The plot of the film takes place during the night in which Europe celebrated the end of World War II, on May 8, 1945.

“It is a true story that intrigues everyone. But we don’t know exactly what happened. It’s a little fantasy inspired by that true story,” said the film’s director, Julian Jarrold.


1. Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute

This BBC documentary pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th birthday, narrated by her son Carlos.

The documentary was made by John Bridcut, who according to the BBC, had special access to the personal collection of recordings of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The videos, until the premiere of the never-before-seen documentary, had been recorded by the queen herself and her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince William and Prince Harry are part of the production and are seen reacting to videos from their childhood. The now King Carlos III, Princess Anne of England, daughter of the queen and sister of Carlos III, among other members of royalty, also participate.

2. Elizabeth: the invisible queen

The BBC news producer premiered this other documentary with home footage on Queen Elizabeth II.

The material details the stages that marked the queen’s life since the death of her father, King George VI.

The images show the queen, at that time a princess, with her sister Princess Margaret and their corgi dogs.

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Queen Elizabeth II: Series and movies that enhanced her life through the screens