Rafa Maza, a one man show in Burriana that brings Fabiolo to life with his poshest show

Fabiolo from La Mora and Leja will go on stage at the Teatre Payà de Burriana this Saturday with his show ‘Fabiolo Connection’a character played by the Aragonese Rafael Maza. The performance will be this Saturday, September 17 at 9:00 p.m..

‘That Turkey’ It is the most repeated tagline by this posh that will make the viewer do a journey of a thousand and one nightslive adventures with Fabiolo who talks about the future, virtual reality, 5G technology, travels to the desert, talks about sheikhs…

Rafa Maza is 44 years old and since 2022 he has been dedicating himself to the entertainment world. She came to Madrid, from Huesca, to train in the Royal School of Dramatic Art, has worked on radio and television, is currently on the Julia Otero program. He has performed classical theater, is an impersonator, juggler, sings, dances, performs gestural language close to mime

Who is Fabiolo?

I consider myself a one man show, with which I manage to make a theatrical story of this character, by Fabiolo, who went viral and has been going viral on Instagram and YouTube with his tagline ‘what a turkey’.

Fabiola de La Mora y Leja, that’s her name, started in 2012 with her first show, with ‘Solo Fabiolo’ and since the end of 2012 I haven’t stopped performing with this character in Madrid and other places.

In the pandemic, Fabiolo went viral with a video in which he confused the Ebro with the Guadalquivir. People believe that he is a posh who co-founds Zaragoza with Seville.

With the storm Filomena, a video recorded on the balcony of my house in Madrid went viral in which I congratulate the year saying that I am in the Alps because Madrid is all covered in snow.

What will the viewer find with your show?

‘Fabiolo connection’ is not a monologue, it’s a play, in which I tell a story in which Fabiolo talks about algorithms and sheikhs. Hence the connection, the connection with the world of networks.

How do you prepare for the performance?

In both ‘Fabiolo Connection’ and ‘Solo Fabiolo’ I talk about current affairs and people appear in very recognizable situations

In the show I take a trip to the thousand and one nights, an adventure that Fabiolo lives, he talks about the future, virtual reality, 5G technology, because for Fabiolo if the future is in technology, oil is of no use to us.

He also talks about relations with the sheikhs and reveals the connection of the sheikhs with the algorithms, but it is a hesitation to the public where there is improvisation and he behaves like a high-class jester, super funny, who thinks everything is super cool but in reality he is uneducated.

Why a posh character?

Fabiola was born on the street with a parody for the Madrid Olympics. Fabiolo is a lousy tennis player, who did a performance in 2009, with rackets and encouraged people to make Madrid an Olympic, play sports. Fabiolo is a posh of the Moraleja.

It is a character that is liked by people very much on the right and very on the left, I have acted in houses in La Moraleja and squatters, I criticize current affairs, I talk about politics, pensions, retirees or education

How do you define your show?

I am not the monologist who sits on a stool and starts talking. It is more of a total show and the public is immersed in a thousand and one nights, in the desert, enters a tent, a lot of characters appear and all from the hand of a carefree, scathing, jester posh, who leaves a point of irony and cynicism,

He is a character that you start to dislike and you would end up going to a party with him. He sees life with optimism.

Rafa Maza, a one man show in Burriana that brings Fabiolo to life with his poshest show