Review of ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5

Although the seams are already very noticeable, it is worth enjoying the darkest, most extreme and experimental installment to date.

Following the amazing results of the All Valley Karate Championship, Season Five kicks off with Terry Silver bent on expanding the Cobra Kai emporium and trying to impose his style of karate in the city. believe is behind bars and Johnny Lawrence karate has parked to focus on repairing all the damage it has caused. Thus the things, to Daniel LaRusso he has no choice but turn to an old friend.

karate returns to Netflix with the return of the magnificent sequel to
‘Karate Kid’. In this fifth season, the creators
Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald Y Hayden Schlossberg They have spared no excesses and have decided that the status of the series is such that, for better or worse,
applying rules and sticking to some consistency no longer makes any sense, if he ever had it here. This makes the new episodes for the most part, even more so, as surprising as incredible -in both senses of the word-. Furthermore, as far as action is concerned, fiction sets the bar really high for its hypothetical sixth installment.

Separated to briefly face their own problems, Johnny, Daniel and company they don’t take too long to meet up again to finish off their enemies. In fact, in the beginning the series leaves aside the exchanges of blows between dojos to focus on resolving some character conflictsboth individually and collectively. This is when it seems unashamedly embraces its B-series action componentto later look more like the usual in a mirage of familiarity that hides from us the madness that is to come.

Image Cobra Kai Season 5

With Americans and Koreans culturally appropriating in abhorrent ways, karate in the series
It has already become just an excuse to include action sequences in each episode. And here the writers
They bet double on everything, even when it’s not necessary. It doesn’t matter if it’s warming up the fights with an exchange of blushing phrases that
Dolph Lundgren either Steven Seagal they would be proud, or even putting the characters to fight in scenarios where it seems that nobody cares. In this season everything is taken to the extremefrom action to decisions, and
sometimes it works perfectly while in others it borders on parody.

Knowing all this, and including all the cameos and references of it, the truth is that this season
it’s as if he desperately wants to resemble the third part of the sagawith Terry Silver being again that unlikely and rabid villain that
turns the lives of teenagers and adults into a nightmare for reasons which, once knowing all the information,
it seems difficult not to be ridiculous. In addition, good old Silver is accompanied by some
new minions that increase that feeling of being before a series B action proposal.

While Johnny remains best character by farY
Chosen stands out as a violent comic relief that
brings a different spark to the seriesgives the feeling that
the younger leads have been somewhat mistreated this season. Thus, during most episodes Miguel, Sam,
robby, tory and the rest of the troop function as simple tools or soldiers at the orders of adults. Moreover, when fiction decides to stop at them, cannot avoid falling into clichés and situations that cause more than one déjà vuin addition to the conflicts of
the characters are generally less complex.

Image Cobra Kai Season 5

In fact, most of the time, the season
it works so much better when everyone gets together for the usual, that which we all like whether we consider it a guilty pleasure or not. And it is that, at this point in the series, the writers
they don’t seem to know what to do with many of the characters individually, or at least not without falling into unnecessary clichés or simply abandoning all development of them. sometimes even
this is a very direct and unsubtle deliverysomething that is partly appreciated, especially when he detours through subplots that
they do not contribute much beyond wanting to bring some normality to a totally unusual chaos.

This season’s production values ​​are likely to be the most uneven of all. Not only because of a montage that sometimes feels rushed, but also because of a staging that sometimes gets lost between formats such as sitcoms, teen dramas, or B-series action. It may just be
a consequence of the carelessness of the creators at the time of shaping this delivery, or it may also be the
lack of budget or problems derived from the pandemic. However, it must be admitted that
this ‘problem’ gives it a certain charm, especially during its final stretch.

However, all its flaws are worth it to get there
to the most spectacular, excessive and full of delirious nonsense final episode of the series. A tribute to everything that this represents, both for the good and for the bad. It is in this way that ‘Cobra Kai’ bites you again and won’t let you escape no matter how hard you try, rounding up like this
the darkest, most entertaining, extreme and experimental season to date. A delivery about
forgive and reconnect with those we thought were enemies, even when that enemy is yourself. And although the seams are already quite visible in his story, the fiction It is still one of the essentials of the platform.

The fifth season of ‘Cobra Kai’ the premiere
September 9 in Netflix.

Review of ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 – Netflix Series