Review of the film To enter to live (2022)

Pablo Aragüés presents us with a film without direction or personality. Halfway between comedy and horror, without standing out at all in either genre. Here we leave you our review of the film To enter to live (2022), which arrives in theaters on the occasion of this Halloween.


A couple (Barbara Goenaga Y Gorka Otxoa) just found the house of your dreams. Everything is perfect until they realize that it can be even better: the house gives them everything they want. But do they need all that? They will soon realize that their new home hides a sinister secret.

Barbara Goenaga and Gorka Otxoa

Review of the film To enter to live (2022)

Pablo Aragues He offers us a film with a very careless script and without much substance, very forgettable. The movie To Move In (2022) does not seem to take itself seriously, not standing out in almost any of its sections: the actors do not shine at all, sometimes even overreacting, the script does not lead to anything or surprises at any time, the montage is messy and nothing professional… On many occasions we feel that we are facing a neophyte director with hardly any personality.

An interesting but poorly developed premise

In the beginning the history of movie To Move In (2022) It seems interesting to us and makes us notice that it could have worked enormously well in the field of comedy or parody, but that it completely deflates when introducing horror elements. It is just at that moment when the film begins to present us with a barrage of clichés with enormous plot failures and little work that will culminate in an ending that will make us wonder if they have really dedicated enough time to the script, since it is completely meaningless.

On many occasions, due to lack of work and personality, we end up leaving the story completely and stop believing what is happening, observing overacted interpretations and confusing editing.

overacted interpretations

The actors, we cannot say that they shine or are facing their best work, without being very clear if it is due to their lack of acting ability or the direction (or lack thereof) that the director exercises or should exercise. Emphasizing within the bad the good interpretation carried out by Kira Miró, the only actress with whom we do not feel that we are facing a school play.

In conclusion, I consider that the film to enter to live it is a completely expendable work that is fine as an artistic test for the director’s experience gain, but that does not present any appeal to the general public. I do not consider that it has been taken very seriously by its creators, since many of its aspects and flaws denote clear lack of work in them.

Final opinion of the movie To enter to live (2022)

The movie To Move In (2022) It is not recommended at all for the general public. We are facing a proposal that has not been worked on at all, with a script, a montage and quite improvable performances. A story that had great potential in its premises but that remains an amalgamation of clichés that lead nowhere.

Premiere and technical sheet

Original title: to enter to live
Gender: Comedy, Horror
Official Site: To enter to live
Country: Spain
Idiom: Spanish
Release date: November 4, 2022 in theaters
Producer: Redwood Films
Distributor: Redwood Films
Duration: 90 minutes
Year: 2022
Age rating: Not recommended for children under 12 years of age

Artistic Sheet

Address: Pablo Aragues
Pablo Aragues
Photography: Adrian Barcelona
Distribution: Barbara Goenaga, Kira Miro, Luisa Gavasa, Jorge Uson, Gorka Otxoa


Poster for the movie To Enter to Live (2022)
Poster for the movie To Enter to Live (2022)



The movie To enter to live (2022) has a premise of great potential, unfortunately it is poorly worked in all its aspects.


A story with great potential.


Very improvable script that presents great deficiencies.

Some very poor performances that manage to get us repeatedly out of the movie.

A confusing and messy montage.

Review of the film To enter to live (2022)