Reviews | Bros, satire and normalization of the gender difference

One of the many things that cinema allows us is the possibility of disconnecting from the world for a couple of hours, watching something that excites us, makes us feel good or makes us laugh, regardless of what the movie is about. brosa new film by Nicholas Stoller, gives us the above, only from a new perspective.

Starring comedian Billy Eichner, the new film Seeks, from an all-LGBTQ cast, tells a romantic comedy about two openly gay grown men who fall in love.

The fact that the cast is openly belonging to the communities, allowed a satirical film to be carried out on all sides of the subject. That they are not afraid to laugh at themselves, their community, or at any pleasure and that they manage to create a hilarious product.

Filled with cultural references, both from the LGBTQ community and Pop knowledge, bros it has only one goal as a film: to make you feel good, to have fun and to lift your spirits. Although this is something that any romantic comedy tries, we can anticipate that they succeeded here.

Data sheet

  • Original title: bros
  • Year: 2022
  • Release date in Chile: November 24, 2022
  • Duration: 115 minutes
  • Directed by: Nicholas Stoller («good neighbours«, «How to survive my ex?«)
  • Screenplay: Billy Eichner; Nicholas Stoller
  • Producers: Judd Apatow; Guy Branum; Josh Church; Billy Eichner; Karl Frankenfield; Ciara Pavia; Nicholas Stoller
  • Music: Marc Shaiman
  • Cinematography: Brandon Torst
  • Editing: Daniel Gabbe
  • Actors and Actresses: Billy Eichner, Luke Macfarlane, Guy Branun, Miss Lawrence, TS Madison, Dot-Marie Jones, Jim Rash, Eve Lindley, Monica Raymund, Guillermo Diaz
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Production company: Universal Pictures; Apatow Productions; Stoller Global Solutions
  • Distributor: Universal Pictures; Andes Films
  • Version for your Review: Microcine, original language with subtitles



Bobby, a successful representative of the LGBTQ community, is reaching his 40s and hasn’t been able to find true love, beyond quick hookups with strangers. But everything starts to change when he meets Aaron, who is in a similar situation.

Quickly, they will get to know each other until they realize that they are destined to love and be together. But things will not be easy for them, since their personal lives and traumas will get in the way to prevent them from reaching something serious and stable.

Busy lives, chaotic and more complicated than they wanted, they will try to get in tune. Two men who little by little will learn what love is, and how to deal with the responsibilities and challenges that come with it.

What secrets will each have that won’t let them settle? What things in their lives did what they know teach them? Can their love be consummated as they wish?

Verdict: Recommended

The good

  • It is a fast and funny romantic comedy. It is light and easy to enjoy.
  • The humor is at the highest level that we can expect with Billy Eichner as a screenwriter.
  • It’s full of references to both pop culture and the LGBTQ community.
  • The way it is presented is friendly to anyone who wants to see it, whether from the community or not necessarily.
  • As a romantic comedy it is much funnier than its latest exponents.
  • It has a message between the lines about the normalization of gender differences.
  • It is a full-fledged satire about gender differences and normalcy. With a cast made up entirely of actors and actresses belonging to the LGBTQ community.

The bad

  • Bros is a tape that is not for all ages. Its humor is centered for adults, plus some scenes are risqué.
  • Some lines of dialogue have so many references that it’s hard to keep up with this one.

Bros is one of the best romantic comedies I’ve seen this year. Such ingenious, close and entertaining preparation and production, which only left me with the best sensations that a film of this genre can leave.

It was the least that could be expected from the incredible and unique humor of Billy Eichner, who once again shines, not only in acting, but also in the script. If you’ve ever seen Billy on the Street, you can understand the humor this artist pulls off, and this movie proves it.

The production carried out is unique in many aspects and manages to become one of my favorite comedy movies of 2022. A quick, funny and witty humor, together with a romance story that manages to move, is an excellent combination of aspects.

According to an interview with Eichner, Bros is a film that does not seek to preach about the genre and its community. It only seeks to tell the story of two adults, openly gay, who have never found love, in a realistic, funny and light way. We can assure you that this is precisely what they achieve.

An openly LGBTQ romantic comedy film can do the same as any other such film. What’s more, it’s superior in every way to many of the feature films that try to tell the same story.

It becomes even lighter when it has many references that add a lot to its humor. These range from pop culture to the LGBTQ community itself, and while much of it may not be understood, it doesn’t need to keep it feeling the same.

It denotes being a film that its sole purpose is to entertain, make you feel good, and tell an entertaining story. And you don’t need anything else, since that’s what it’s all about.

Undoubtedly, and as is to be expected from Nicholas Stoller’s productions, they don’t hold back when doing risqué scenes. Something will have learned with both installments of Good Neighbors, because of this, the humor and what it shows is more directed to adults.

Even though it is so, Bros has a scene that can be explicit enough for people, but it is one of the few points that could affect it.

On the other hand, the rapidity of its scenes, events and lines of dialogue can be difficult to follow while watching the film. It is best to give it as much attention as possible, so one can ensure the greatest enjoyment.

What Bros proposes is very interesting, one of his messages is why would it be a problem today to make a type of film like this? Theme that the same movie parodies. And the answer is simple, it is not a problem. The tape is worked in such a natural way that it takes you by the hand to a more than entertaining experience.

It is a door to making more films of this style, where the message or criticism you want to present does not matter, but rather the content and the story you want to tell. I give it a lot of credit as they manage to create something of their own.

In fact, that the cast is entirely from the LGBTQ community is unique in itself. Not many movies can boast of that and it is precisely, perhaps, the aspect that gave the film the most life: humor comes from everywhere and from all subjects.

Billy Eichner said that was the goal, that way Bros allows a wide variety of humor, with the freedom to laugh at all aspects that this film represents. Whether it’s the variety of gender, such as heterosexuality, like their own characters.

All of this makes it a hilarious, fast, agile feature film that does not shy away from showing realities in honest ways, but at the same time invites you to continue enjoying while the story progresses.

In short, Bros is a unique film that works excellent in two aspects of itself: as a romantic comedy that fulfills its role as such, and as a door for more films of this style to shine on the big screen.

This is a production that I strongly invite you to see, to give it a chance, to put aside any stigma you may have. I am sure that this movie can enchant anyone who sees it, that it can generate love, happiness and a good time.

Making a movie like this today is not risky. Why would it be? The same movie works with that and bases its climax on that very question. In the end, Bros works excellent as satire thanks to its ingenuity and way of being approached, but it also has a second reading that puts doubts about it into perspective. Love is love, and if a movie manages to transmit a good vibe, energy and humor, it shouldn’t have to be viewed badly.


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