“Robo Mundial”: the series with Joaquín Furriel that reflects Argentina’s passion for the World Cup

Joaquín Furriel, the protagonist of world robberythe comedy series from Star+ that follows a group of crazy and very improvised thieves in their plan to steal the World Cup with the aim that Argentina is not disqualified from the World Cup, stated: “The production proposes to laugh of what we are as Argentines”.

“Humor is something that we should exercise more, from a slightly more decompressed place to be able to think better because we already realized that the only thing tension is leading us to is more tension,” Furriel pointed out in a chat with Telamabout this series of six 30-minute episodes created and directed by Gabriel Nicoli, already available in the platform’s catalogue.

The Qatar 2022 World Cup is getting closer and, as it happens every four years, the issue captures all the attention of the media. And not only are the contents of sports news channels or air television programs dyed blue and white: it is also the time for the premiere of fiction or documentary titles that populate the field of streaming.

The second season of President and his comical story of corruption in FIFA (Prime Video), the documentary series Be eternal: Champions of America (Netflix) or the movie inspired by real events Managerby Ariel Winograd with Leonardo Sbaraglia (Paramount +) are some of those that could be seen in recent weeks.

“It is a series made for the World Cup -Furriel acknowledged-, everything was done so that it could now reach November and I liked that it was a kind of entrance, a canapé, a previous fun, because later we are not going to have so much fun because We are going to be watching the matches with nervous attention”.

Developed by Full Frame and produced by Pampa Films/Gloriamundi Producciones, world robbery follows the story of Lucho Buenaventura (Furriel), a widowed father who, after investing all his savings to take his son to the World Cup, sees how the Argentine National Team is disqualified due to incidents caused by fans in a qualifying match.

The drama, to which is added that it is the Chilean National Team that replaces the national team, adds a new level of misfortune in the workplace, since the appliance company where Lucho works is going to go bankrupt for having promised in a promo that if Argentina did not qualify, each Smart TV it sold would be free.

Starting from this premise – which reminds us of Managerinspired by the famous Noblex promo from 2017-, a fantasy plot lights up: as a kind of “argent” parody of Mission ImpossibleLucho gathers co-workers and an old school friend to carry out the insane plan to steal the World Cup trophy during its promotional visit to Buenos Aires, with the idea of ​​extorting the highest soccer governing body to return it to Argentina. to his place in the championship.

Benjamín Amadeo, Carla Quevedo, Hugo Piccinini, Diego De Paula, Hugo Quiril, David Szechtman, Agustina Tremari, Juan Isola and Matías Luque Benante complete a cast that has cameos from figures such as Sergio Goycochea, Oscar Ruggeri, Maxi Rodríguez and the sports journalist Sebastian “Chicken” Vignolo.

About the proposal, Furriel highlighted: “I was attracted by the fact that the robbery of the Cup is proposed but also takes the opportunity to put on the table all the fears that we Argentines have. The series goes for a very own path, very unique. It is a pure fiction where we are all laughing also at the Argentine gene, at what we are as Argentines”. And he added: “It is a pure fiction where we are all laughing also at the Argentine gene.”

Regarding Lucho, his character, he described him as an “antihero”. “What happens to him with the mother of his son, who dies, at the same time he proposes to the son that he is going to take him to the World Cup and Argentina is left out, and suddenly he puts together a gang of people as anti-hero as him who are suffering from a situation that they don’t know very well where to go and they come up with the absurd idea of ​​stealing the Cup to demand that the Football Federation reclassify Argentina. We can laugh that we are antiheroes, although we always have the perception that we are something heroic, “he expanded.

At the same time, he maintained that this comedy will also serve to release a little the anxiety that begins to grow in the run-up to the World Cup. “I think it’s set on this date for that, and I think it’s also a fun way to laugh a little at what happens to us outside the World Cup too, because there are also many comments in the series about how difficult it is to be Argentine at times, that we feel that worse things cannot happen to us”, he mentioned.

And he added about the team that accompanies him in this robbery: “They have a goal. They don’t have much of an idea of ​​how to carry it forward, and in that clumsiness is where I think the series is very topical, because unfortunately no matter who you listen to, it seems that everyone has a way out of the great problem we are going through, with the war, with two governments that at no time were they able to accommodate the ship, with two alliances that show that democratically Argentina still lacks much exercise in negotiation, in dialogue. What I like about the World Cups essentially is that it is the first time where we all have a kind of good vibes with being Argentine, that enmity that we can have due to our differences calms down a bit. That friction that exists everywhere.”

On the look that the production will have in other countries, the actor confided: “I think that the fact that it is so Argentine just gives it a plus, because no one can ignore anywhere in the world that if Messi were to be disqualified it would be a tragedy. for us, and if there is a tragedy, there is nothing for comedy. It can be attractive for someone from outside to see how we experience football and be able to have fun with that little window into our culture”.

“Robo Mundial”: the series with Joaquín Furriel that reflects Argentina’s passion for the World Cup