Roccacinema 2022 ends with a flourish in the name of Western Spaghetti with a tribute to the legendary Bud and Terence

Two timeless protagonists of Italian cinema will be protagonists on Thursday 1 September of the final evening of “Roccacinema”, the summer festival of Castiglione del Lago in the evocative location of the Medieval Fortress: in fact, the final evening is dedicated to Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.

Lagodarte Impresa Sociale once again joined “Super Cinema Estate”, the network of Umbrian arenas associated with ANEC (Italian Association of Cinema Operators). Big screen, starry nights, sociability, entertainment, culture and safe viewing were the aspects that made the Castiglionese film festival a success.

“They called it Trinità with Pomarancio beans” is the title of the initiative conceived by Lagodarte. From 19:30, at the Cafe Pomarancio, the “Bean to Bud Spencer” with optional exhibition of Western-style disguises: with a supplement of 6 euros you can taste beans with sausages or the vegetarian version with a drink of your choice. Reservations required by 7 pm on Wednesday 31 August on 075 951099. At 9.30 pm the screening of the copy restored by the Cineteca di Bologna of the 1970 film “Lo Chiamavano Trinità”.

“The legendary film – remembers the president of Lagodarte Piero Sacco – was also screened with great success at the Caporali Cinema in 1971, a few years after the new hall was inaugurated in 1965, with entrance on the current San Domenico square and called” Modern Cinema “. Who was there? Who remembers any other titles from the legendary years of Modern Cinema? ».

The success of the Italian Spaghetti-western genre

“They called him Trinity” is the progenitor of a very successful trend: the “comic spaghetti-western” exported and imitated internationally and capable of bringing a breath of freshness to the main genre, which was beginning to flatten out. The perfect parody: dreamlike substance that rises from a busty truth of details. And the more precise they are, the more they disengage from the local meter, offering our gaze, which has never been in the far west, a possibility of commensuration. The lazy gunslinger goes in search of his brother, Bambino, a cattle thief but momentarily camouflaged behind the sheriff’s star. Love will do the rest: Trinity wants to free the beautiful daughter of the Mormon community leader from the clutches of the villain and Bambino will reluctantly get involved in this mission. It is an extraordinary reversal of the cliché: the bloodthirsty western in which we talk little and shoot a lot, we step aside, and where we die now we laugh. But even when you don’t laugh, because it probably also makes it hard to reach levels of expanded hilarity, the fertile and fatal sensation of this work is the transversal power expressed, the whip that penetrates and crosses generations and ends its true mission: to disarm the opposites. , coast to coast. The hidden madness of the spotted cow, which finds itself on the roof almost by chance, is the madness of punches because it is a disarming torture, in fact, a memorable torture of tickling.
The protagonists of the historic film are the actors Bud Spencer, Terence Hill, Farley Granger (American star who had worked with Hitchcock, Visconti, Vidor), Steffen Zacharias, Dan Sturkie, the young Gisela Hahn and Elena Pedemonte, Luciano Rossi, Ezio Marano, Remo Capitani directed by EB Clucher (Enzo Barboni) and the unforgettable soundtrack by Franco Micalizzi.

Roccacinema 2022 ends with a flourish in the name of Western Spaghetti with a tribute to the legendary Bud and Terence