Rosalía and Quevedo, victims of ‘Vo

It all started in TikTokthen went viral on Twitter and now it’s come up’the anthill‘: ‘Vocalizes’ the Mucha Pepper song who criticizes the singers who like Rosalia, Quevedo either bad bunny they seem to enjoy doing songs where it is practically impossible to understand what the lyrics of the song say.

The theme is performed by the singer Pepa Solano: the founder of the musical project ‘Mucha Pepper’ that seeks to put an end to “machismo, banality, injustice and bad taste in today’s urban music” and has become a success in only 4 days old: on their TikTok account they already reach 15,000 likes, but on Twitter it already exceeds million views and the 40,000 likes you.

This is the viral lyrics of ‘Vocaliza’

The song starts by saying ““It has always been possible to distinguish between sung music and music without voice or instrumental, but now the most important thing is the sung music and that nothing is understood, tell me that it is not subnormal” and he continues addressing directly to the singers who do not make the minimum effort so that what they say can be interpreted: “It seems that you sing inside […] you sing as if you had the small coconut […] you sing like you just got out of the dentist […] You have to sing as if you had a potato in your mouth”.

One of the reasons that have made the song so popular It is because of the use of sharp metaphors and catchy rhythm that sums up what we all think about the songs of the most famous singers of the moment.

But although it might seem like a parody, the lyrics show that the protest song seeks much moresince it warns the stars that they must take care of “the legacy we leave” and claims that “what you say must be understood if you respect art”.

‘Vo-ca-li-za’ heals against criticism

Within the song there is also an answer for fans who want to defend how their favorite artists sing: “It has nothing to do with accents, it’s that you seem to sing inside” and “It doesn’t matter if you’re from Europe, America or Mars, what you say is understood if you respect art”.

with an effervescent “potato, potato, potato in the mouth” the dancers and singers appear in the video literally dressed as potatoes to reinforce the message.

MUCHAPPER: songs that say things

After this springboard jump to fame, many people are wondering What is Muchapper? As explained on their website, it is a musical project led by Pepa Solano who wants to show that it is possible to make music of urban genres (trap, reggaeton or hiphop) with letters that bet on values ​​such as equality, ethics or social change; but, above all, understand when listening to them.

Rosalía and Quevedo, victims of ‘Vo-ca-li-za’: a viral song that criticizes how bad reggetoneros sing