Sala Russafa proposes to say goodbye to the year in the theater with ‘My dear silly Spain’

Sala Russafa offers the night of the December 31 a special function of My dear fool Spain to say goodbye to 22 with a smile. The stage is transformed into a particular and surreal hell in this satirical comedy with live musicin which five characters come from the afterlife to the call of the poet Dante Alighieri to save Spain from the eternal flames.

“It is the seventh time that we are going to say goodbye to the year with the public, from the stage,” he says Juan Carlos Garesthe director of the center for the creation and exhibition of performing arts, for whom spending New Year’s Eve in the theater is an experience, both for the spectators and for the performers themselves.

“The performance begins later, at eleven o’clock at night, so that halfway through the function the time for the chimes arrives. And they are incorporated as one more element of the show. Every year the text of the work that is in poster so that the countdown to the end of the year fits with the setting and the characters”, explains Garés. In addition, cameos and surprises are included throughout the night that add value to the work.

“The public has the cotillion in their town and, with the chimes, the stalls become a party. We even distribute champagne and the characters toast with the spectators. It is a very special moment because the theater is always something alive, unpredictable But that night the fourth wall is completely broken, we feel the public very close and they us. The complicity is total”, affirms the director of Sala Russafa and actor, who has participated in many of the year-end performances as interpreter.

After eating the 12 grapes, the show continues. And, at the end, the celebration moves to the hall of the theater to share a drink, continue enjoying the music, complete the welcome to 2023 in an evening with the best atmosphere that already has regulars. “There are more and more Valencian theaters that offer the possibility of closing the year enjoying the theater. And, since we started at Sala Russafa, there are people who repeat each season. There are also those who come for the first time and are surprised because the experience of coming to the theater that night is very different from any normal performance,” says Garés. Tickets for this special session can still be purchased on the Sala Russafa website for a price of €50.

Spectators become judges of the most surreal Final Judgment

eat the grapes with Saint Teresa of Jesusthe captain Augustine of Aragonthe philosopher Maimonidesthe Conqueror Hernan Cortesthe poet Dante Alighieri and the artist Salvador Dali it is something that, certainly, can only happen in Sala Russafa. They are the protagonists of My dear fool Spainthe comedy with live music that the theater and the Arden company have co-produced for Christmas.

Chema Cardena He signs and directs this new satirical show, in which he reviews the history of the country and its fellow countrymen, using a lot of humor, criticism, self-criticism and, of course, parody.

Live music provides covers of great songs from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar and artists like The Communards, Bonney M, The Police, Cecilia either Coldplay. Giving new meaning to the lyrics or reinforcing the comedy of the scenes, the themes are intertwined in the adventures of the peculiar rescue squad that tries to avoid the condemnation of Spain to eternal flames.

The power to decide is in the hands of the public, transformed into the jury of this particular final trial. And the characters try to persuade him that Spain and the Spaniards are innocent of offenses such as anger, greed, gluttony, lust, laziness, arrogance and envy.

Covering themes such as the Spanish reconquest, the conquest of the Americas, the passion for gastronomy, religion or the monarchical dynasties that have ruled the country, the most foul-mouthed and corrosive humor characterizes this show that until January 8 stays on the billboard.

Sala Russafa proposes to say goodbye to the year in the theater with ‘My dear silly Spain’