Those who wonder: what does Salgimondis eat in winter? I give it to you in thousand from the beginning. It is a disparate and confused mixture in its most usual sense. It’s a bit like what the news of the last week gave us. Many elements have made the news without any really taking over. We also feel a lot of confusion among the actors who live these current events. So much so that the meaning that we can give to these subjects is not immediately imposed on us. Still, this will be the backdrop for many events over the next few weeks and months. Invitation to travel by browsing scattered elements of the news and a confusion of the senses.


On the international scene, the outstanding fact is always the war in Ukraine whereas the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, accuses Russia of having bombarded with a missile civilian targets in Poland. However, all the authorities including the President of the United States, Joe Biden and the Polish President Andrzej Duda considered it highly probable that the missile which fell was used by the Ukrainian defense. What Zelensky denies who calls for an investigation in which his country will be an active participant. On the one hand, the NATO countries are happy that it is not a Russian missile, thus avoiding that the NATO countries are obliged to declare war on Russia under Article 5. This article states that: Collective defense implies that an attack against one member of the alliance is considered an attack directed against all allies. On the other hand, Zelensky would like to see the NATO countries join his forces to defeat Russia. File to follow where reigns for the moment a lot of confusion between the actors.

Another confusing issue is that of diplomatic relations between China and Canada. Last week, we were treated to a civilized and publicized confrontation between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. After a first exchange between Justin Trudeau and Xi Jinping last Tuesday at the G20 summit far from the cameras, the two heads of state have spoken again informally. Except that this time, it was the Chinese president who had grievances for the Canadian prime minister. The cameras were able to capture this tense dialogue in which Xi Jinping criticized Prime Minister Trudeau for leaking their conversations to the media. This is causing a lot of talk around the world and we do not know what to think of the consequences this could have on diplomatic relations between China and Canada, which are already very damaged. A file to follow, especially since for the Chinese, as the old saying goes, the ox is slow, but the earth is patient…

Our neighbor south of the border

For us, what is happening in our southern neighbour, the United States of America, is more than international issues. We are linked to the destiny of this country. We have only to take the measure of the invasion in our country of their cultural codes, the importation of their debates on racism and tutti quanti.

If it is possible to rejoice in the fact that American democracy and the institutions managed to save the day during the mid-term elections, nothing is decided yet. The strength of the number of elected members of Congress who do not believe in the legitimacy of the results of the 2020 election constitutes an element of this on the record of the proof of our concerns for the future. It is true that the former vice-president and ultraconservative, Mike Pence, has just withdrawn his support for Trump when the release of his autobiography. It is also true that Donald Trump was let go by several of his supporters and by the media of Rupert Murdoch’s group. Nevertheless, this is not enough not to worry about the future of our American neighbor. There are so many socio-economic inequalities and racism is so present that violence can resurface at any time either in the form of acts of madness such as mass killings or organized violence such as failure lamentable of the Trumpists on January 6, 2021.

In addition, it will be necessary to carefully monitor the capacity for the representative of the 23e district of the State of California, Kevin McCarthy, to emerge as leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives. The narrow majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives and the partisan game of alliances against McCarthy could here benefit the Democrats who secured the majority in the Senate by sparkling victories in Nevada, Arizona and Pennsylvania where candidates supported by Donald Trump have bitten the dust. There remains the fate of the State of Georgia to be settled in a second round where it is very likely that Herschel Walker, the Republican supported by Uncle Donald, will also bite the dust in favor of the Democrat Raphaël Warnock. In the United States too, confusion reigns and political events are likely to keep us on the end of our seats in 2022.

In Canada and Quebec

A militant prime minister has just taken power in British Columbia. This is David Eby, 47, lawyer, vegetarian, activist for animal rights, the environment and anti-globalist. He was in the fight against his province’s bid for the Olympics. In recent years, he has multiplied press conferences against the police. In short, a Valérie Plante 3.0 to force thousand. It will be interesting to see how this Prime Minister will evolve within the brotherhood where we find Doug Ford and François Legault. In Toronto, meanwhile, the daily The Star continues its crusade against bilingualism, accusing it of being responsible for the shortage of medicines for children. We would have heard everything, but the concept of a French language that kills children is a whole new chapter in the history of discrimination against Francophones in Canada. Confusion and demagogy on the part of Toronto’s media elite.

In Quebec, we are endless debates on parliamentary representativeness, the oath to the King and bickering for bonuses to the Liberal Party of Quebec. The oppositions are dramatically absent from the political scene and the government of Mr. Legault has a good hand in its preparation for the opening of the parliamentary session at the end of the month.

Worrying phenomenon, the multiplication of hoax type events in colleges. By dint of falsely crying wolves, we are preparing for an unhappy tomorrow for a moment when it will be really important. Technocracy triumphs when the Québec Ombudsman gets confused by using a “Gomeryan or Charboneaunarian” vocabulary to describe the legitimate right of politicians to use their discretionary power to help non-profit organizations. It’s like college, crying wolf unnecessarily risks making it all irrelevant. Voluntarily, I do not address the question of the sanctions of the people’s courts on social networks in the wake of the Julien Lacroix affair brought to the news by the file of The Press+. My head is not made on this difficult question. As much as I am of the opinion that the MeToo phenomenon was essential in freeing the voices of abused people, I am perplexed by this ruthless tribunal which transforms allegations into social death sentences.

And to add to the unusual, Brigitte Bardot has just added her voice to MeGoldwater to protect the deer of Longueuil from death. Here too we swim in confusion or in parody…

Near our house

At home in Sherbrooke, we can rejoice that members of the council are uniting to share their criticisms and observations regarding the mayor and her record. The reaction of the latter to the exit of the advisers and advisers seems to give water to the mill of their thesis. Furthermore, the case of the purchase of La Résurrection-du-Christ Church by the City of Sherbrooke for $1.2 million does not fail to raise questions about the behavior of Mayor Beaudin and the City of Sherbrooke in this file in light of the criticisms of the CPE Jardins D’AMIS This could put the relocation of this early childhood center at risk. I can’t wait to see what the ministers of the Legault government will say about this case. Already, Mayor Beaudin does not have excellent relations with the Government of Quebec. There are no lost loves in this relationship. Confusion seems to be master in these files. Ms. Beaudin will have the opportunity to shed light on all this confusion and in particular on her economic development vision for Sherbrooke during her speech to members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on November 29. Nothing better than the spoken word to dispel confusion. We will finally know whether the rumors of the freezing of the development of more than 90% of the territory are confirmed or not in the wake of the forthcoming adoption of the nature plan of this administration.

This was my November salgimondis on November 23, 2022…

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