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Xalapa, Ver.- In May 2021 the song was released brunette yeswhich was composed by Byron Barranco from Veracruz, and which is currently used as the anthem of the Fourth Transformation in Mexico. Music as a communication strategy has also been used by jarocho officials, including the governor Cuitlahuac Garcia.

With salsa and urban rhythms, in November three melodies written to promote Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, Secretary of Government Eric Cisneros Burgosand another one that refers to the Unidos Todos movement, headed by the Undersecretary of Finance, Eleazar Guerreroknown as the awkward cousin.

In the lyrics of the three melodies of promotiontwo of them personalized for the actors, and another for the movement headed by Eleazar Guerrero, highlights the qualities of the politicians of the 4T, and recognize President Andrés Manuel López Obrador as the engine of their movements.

López Obrador has repeatedly stated that you are not in favor of the worship to the personality, he even mentioned that once he finished his six-year termit would be enough for him to remain in the conscience of the Mexicans.

To the rhythm of salsa, Cuitláhuac 'premieres' song in Government Report

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To the rhythm of salsa, Cuitláhuac ‘premieres’ song in Government Report

Since the time of Fidel Herrera Beltrán (2004-2010), no governor in Veracruz had presented a personal composition to promote himself, even, already in power. Usually, the parties used hit or popular songs, which were rewritten to highlight someone political character.

However, actors from Fourth Transformation they resumed old practices that today allow them to promote themselves among the militancy, even though the elections will be in the year 2024, when the presidencythe government, federal and local councils and the senate.

Cuitláhuac re-releases his song

Already in government, just seven days after he took office in December 2018, the tune of Cuitlahuac Garcia Jimenezwhich reports just over 11,488 views.

Mayors and deputies offer

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Mayors and deputies offer “festival” to Eric Cisneros in appearance

The interpreter of the salsa is Adolfina Nava, who on her channel Youtube It has 11,100 subscribers. She is originally from Tula, Hidalgo and participated in a educational project to rescue the use of the jarocha harp.

In the lyrics the fans of the governor For dancing salsa, his arrival at the state administration also highlights García Jiménez as honest, hard-working and intelligent, qualities that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has repeatedly recognized in him.

It also refers to AMLO as the driver of the Fourth Transformation train and leader of the Morena party.

The melody was presented in his most recent report in the municipality of Pánuco. At the end of the gloss fourth reportwhen he asked all his collaboratorsto thank his work, music was played.

Cisneros also presents a song in his appearance

Last November 19, the gloss of the Fourth Report of Governor Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, the first to appear before local deputies was the secretary of government, Eric Cisneros Burgos.

The work meeting was attended by hundreds of people from all the municipalities of the State who “cheered” the secretary office, who returned to take photos and thank everyone who attended.

In the courtyard of Legislative power A stage was set up where dozens of groups and dancers from different regions of the state participated, who danced or sang while the official gave accounts of the work done in the last year. It was called the festival of Identity.

At the entrance of the Legislative Palace was a group of inhabitants of jalacingo who carried piñatas from the office secretary and had a sound system in which the song dedicated to Cisneros Burgos.

The melody it also has a salsa rhythm. In the letter highlights its origin afro-descendant, calls him the blackest in the cabinet. Physical characteristic that always stands out in all his speeches and interviews, by ensuring that Brunette promotes social justice and equality.

In addition, it details that it is one of the main promoters of the Veracruz cultureand associates it with the Cuenqueño, a catamaran-type vessel that allows transfers in the Papaloapan Basin promoted by Servicios Marítimos Rivera del Papaloapan SA de CV, from Tlacotalpan to Otatitlán, where the state official is from.

A Cisneros Burgos he has been mentioned as a potential candidate for the Senate of the Republic to be voted on in June 2024. Although he also has aspirations for governor, however, he was dew nahle the ideal candidate, until this Friday, December 2, when the president said that she remains in the Ministry of Energy.

Eleazar Guerrero, is also promoted

The political grouping united allis a “wing” of Morena headed by Eleazar Guerrero, Undersecretary of Finance, known as the uncomfortable cousin of governor. Through social networks, the group promotes the Fourth Transformation, as well as some of its actors.

The group carries out all kinds of activities, from political rallies to races and cleaning work in schools and municipal parks.

The group’s melody premiered on November 25. The singer kotry the impudence is the one who interprets, and to date the channel has 594 subscribers and the video has 1,075 views.

The letter details that the group was created since 2015 as a good project for women and men, who take firm steps towards the transformation that drives Cuitlahuac Garcia Jimenez and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

They use phrases like “I get tired goose”; do not steal and do not lie; as well as hugs and not bullets that the president constantly uses, and they call on citizens to join united all.

Why is music used in campaigns?

According to strategies of political marketingmusic is used as a persuasion tactic due to its ability to generate psychological reactions in the voter and induce or modify cognitive, psychic or emotional states of the voter.

Melodies are valued as a power factor under a Democratic system and a useful tool to persuade and mobilize voters.

The use of the music It is a common practice that has spread worldwide, there is no electoral campaign in the world that somehow dispenses with the musical accompaniment. This exerts a great influence on human behavior, by generating powerful stimuli that exists to evoke sensations in the human body, it is capable of arousing different moods in those who listen to it.

Fidel Herrera innovates original song

In Veracruz, popular songs were used that were “adapted” to the political parties; Governor Fidel Herrera (2004-2010) was the first to present an “unpublished” melody written to promote him as an asset to the tricolor.

I do not want BREAD with the same, he appeared in 2009, a year after the end of his term, which alluded to his person and fidelity, as he was identified at the time of his government. When I was about to leave the government another call came up I saw you stealing, Fidel Herrera.

It was the original music of the song I want you to love me, from the movie Rudo y Cursi, however, it was a parody of the actions of the former governor at the head of Veracruz, who won the lottery twice in his six-year term.

In 2010, prior to the campaign, a salsa song was presented for Miguel Angel Yuneswho was competing for the second consecutive election for the government of Veracruz.

In the case of Javier Duarte the song of the world cup Waka Waka, by the singer Shakira, was used to promote it in the period 2010-2016.


Salsa and even rap! This is how Morena tribes are promoted in Veracruz |