On Disney+, She-Hulk: Lawyer this is its seventh episode to say nothing, it’s almost a feat.

The new entry in the Marvel universe follows Jennifer Walters, played by Tatiana Maslany, who tries to keep the everyday ordinary when she can turn into poorly finished special effects. Her life is disrupted as being She-Hulk brings her as many solutions as new problems. And this week, she hulk makes us reach the seventh level of boredom.

Warning, there are some spoilers!

Big arms, but nothing in the belly

seen and doesn’t care

It is assumed by the series that it does not play in the same category as other Marvel projects. Very little action, no Earth-saving superheroic stakes and no real nemesis, changes in the formula that can only be desirable. The MCU rarely deviates from its recipe, and she hulk wants to be one of his attempts at another register. Unfortunately, for those who inflicted themselves the previous episodes know that the series messed up its essay tremendously.

We are moving to a new stage this week since Tatiana Maslany had so far managed to save the shipwreck with her charisma and good will. But after seven attempted attacks on our person by the series, the bit of magic that floated like an accidentally escaped fart disappeared. Maslany appears to us as swimming painfully in dialogues as painful to follow as a game of Scrabble made by illiterates. And it is with a twinge of heart that we look at the talented actress of Orphan Black go around in circles in his game and disappear in screenplay platitudes as silly as they are irritating.

She-Hulk: Lawyer: photo, Tatiana MaslanyThe low angle shot, or how to iconize a character

Because the episode begins on the liaison edited like a New York romantic comedy from the 2000s and accumulating the clichés of the genre – lasting 5 minutes, but felt 15 – between Jennifer and Josh (the perfect man from the previous episode). It ends with an SMS from Jen left in “seen and don’t care”. Our heroine is annoyed to always be unanswered after her candy-pink love text. At this stage, the spectator’s brain risks ordering a liberating defenestrationor syncope if the previous option has already been performed the previous week.

Waiting for the message of his plan-heart brings She-Hulk, by a clever screenplay scheme (not at all), Inside the Bad Into Her Skin Villain Shelter by Emil Blonsky. Tim Roth returns to the show to extend his career suicide. In this wellness camp, Walters will try to refocus on herself, aided by repentant Marvel villains. And it’s as boring as it sounds.

She-Hulk: Lawyer: photo, Tatiana MaslanyImitation of Marine Lepen

private joke

At the idea of ​​​​seeing several supervillains from the comics adapted in the MCU, we are jubilant. These are by the way second-class characters who had the best chance of living on screen thanks to a series. Except it’s she hulk who made them exist, so they will pass through the filters of calamitous development where no joke is aimed right. We don’t know anything about the characters who are thrown at us like paper balls chewed up by a chewer. They arise there to rant their jokes in a circle of failed super-villains, played by over-expressive actors, without anyone ever being invited.

Laughs in a can salvaged from a sitcom would have made it possible to direct the spectator to the funny moments, because without that, impossible to know where she hulk wants to make us smile. The Porcupine is however the biggest stuffing. In the comics, he’s a weapons expert dressed in a prickly outfit, the series made him a guy dressed as a Wookie who went through a hair dryer. Same for the first appearance of Man-Bull and El Aguila where we laugh in embarrassment at his airs of bad American publicity for an energy drink, or chips doing cultural recovery. Nothing comes to catch up with this impression of being in a short film broke by cinema students fans of comics.

She-Hulk: Marvel's Green Void Lawyer on Disney+: Photo, Tatiana MaslanyRed Bull and Zorro meet the Green Giant

Yet it is Zeb Wells writing the episode, a screenwriter who loves pop culture and superheroes. He worked on the comedy and parody series Robot Chicken on which Jessica Gao, showrunner of she hulk, also wrote. In addition, he is the author of many comics of the House of Ideas, and especially Spider-Man. The feeling of miss a real Marvel UFO is therefore even more frustrating. Is the series a voluntary scuttling or the example of a studio that crushes the talent of the creators it hires?

she hulk stays in its line of being a never-ending joke which only amuses those who wrote it, and that is not even certain. It would take a colossal leap of the collar for Disney+’s antics to escape a dismal downfall and a spot as the worst adaptation of Marvel comics for television. Yes, for the moment, it is at the level of complete failure Inhumans.

Episodes of She-Hulk: Lawyer are available every Thursday on Disney+ since August 18, 2022

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She-Hulk: Lawyer season 1 episode 7: Marvel’s green nothingness on Disney+