‘She Hulk’: Why doesn’t Daredevil appear in episode 6?

    Why doesn’t Daredevil appear in episode 6 of she-hulk, Jen, to dry? The best way to quickly answer this question is with another: who said Daredevil was going to show up in episode 6? No one. It’s one thing for Daredevil’s helmet to appear, which we already know will appear, will appear, in the series at the end of episode 5 (in which ironically there are sneakers inspired by a few Marvel characters who are also expected to present the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming soon) and one that we heed alleged leaks that basically play the old mentalism trick of cold reading. If someone says now that Daredevil is going to come out in episode 7 of she-hulk, the hook for next week is already launched: it hits, great; no, the divination is repeated. Hook that, eye, can be improved: Daredevil appears in the last scene of episode 7 of she hulk… what do you think? … or, wait, much better: Daredevil appears in the post credits of episode 7. Boom! In fact, the last option is the best, because then the alleged leakers can get away with saying that the scene in question was deleted. In any case, the best approach is to open the sleeve as much as possible: Daredevil appears in episodes 8 and 9 of she-hulk. This way you save time and, furthermore, it is more logical, before presenting Daredevil to the general public, who does not know him as you do, who have seen the series that Netflix broadcast and before introducing him, we will have to finish presenting the peach that Tatiana Maslany’s character has on her head.

    Jessica Miglio/Netflix

    As Marvel Studios never says this mouth is mine (apart from the fact that it has announced that Daredevil appears in this series, more as a marketing claim to attract an audience that might have skipped this series, as they skipped Ms Marvel, who as a fundamental character for the plot), anything is valid, not to mention that it is a powerful marketing tool. If you look closely, the same thing happens to Disney and Marvel as it does to Apple with the different iterations of the iPhone or, for that matter, of any of its products. The underlying problem with Daredevil in she-hulk is that it has lost sight of what the main dish of the series is (which is the mix of Jennifer Walters, her alter ego She Hulk and Tatiana Maslany, not to mention the rest of the main characters, such as Nikki -Ginger Gonzaga-), the role played by cameos and what Marvel Studios wanted to put on the table (a pure and simple comedy, a parody of the superhero series themselves, of television series in general and of the series of lawyers in particular) . Marvel Studios has always played to subvert the expectations of the viewers since the MCU is the MCU, consciously or unconsciously, following a path that does not have to be the one expected by comic book readers who often do not understand the difference that there is between the original product and the cinematographic derivative in the form of films and series. The new Daredevil series is a new product. Daredevil’s cameo in she hulk it is a marketing tool integrated within the series to attract viewers. And, of course, with that objective, you have to hold the character as long as possible before he appears. What I mean is that the She Hulk plot works whether or not it has Daredevil.

    Another important question is: to what extent is it relevant to the plot of she-hulk or for the She Hulk Universe in the MCU to have Daredevil appear? Marvel Studios is peppering its series and movies with brief cameos to introduce its new characters (it happened, for example, with Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine in the post-credits of Black Widow and in an episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier) and turning new secondary characters of weight (as it happens with John Walker, direct to the Thunderbolts). The two characters have met a hundred times in the comics: in The Avengers, in the Fantastic Four, in the Hulk, even in Doctor Strange, not to mention their respective series (most recently in the She Hulk issues that wrote Charles Soule, but also in Daredevil v5 23); they have been together even in Deadpool. They have a past together, that’s clear, as heroes and friends (just friends; another thing is that we talk about Jennifer and Tony Stark, that’s another story… of a night), and they are both lawyers, so it has all the sense that it appears before, I don’t know, Hellcat. But from there to taking away the prominence and gaslighting the titular character goes an abyss. And this show is taking it slow, more than any other Marvel show, to introduce the character, so it never made sense to introduce Daredevil early. It is as if the series wanted to present, I don’t know, The Thing, from the Fantastic 4, and instead of leaving it for the last chapter, it had put it in the middle of the season.

    Marvel Studio is perfectly aware of what it has in hand, the expectations generated and the more it can delay the presentation, the better. Could they have saved episode 6 of the series? Totally, but we would have missed a fantastic episode. Daredevil has proven to be the best marketing tool to garner the interest of She Hulk-averse viewers.

    ‘She Hulk’: Why doesn’t Daredevil appear in episode 6?