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While original actor Robert Englund has already given his blessing to the cast, Kevin Bacon might not be quite as perfect a replacement for iconic A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise villain Freddy Krueger as he seems. screen veteran. It’s not easy to recast an iconic horror villain, as Jackie Earle Haley learned when the actor replaced Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger in the 2010 remake of Nightmare On Elm Street. fair to unfortunate Haley, even Robert Englund’s Freddy couldn’t have saved 2010’s Nightmare On Elm Street since the remake lacked new twists on the franchise formula and misjudged the only minor changes its story made to the existing mythos .

Still, the fact that both audiences rejected Haley’s spin on Freddy Krueger proves how difficult it is to replace a legendary horror villain. Haley was well suited for the role and had been on a hot streak with critics before Nightmare On Elm Street was released, and even the talented comedian was unable to make an impression that managed to escape the shadows. outsize of Englund’s original iteration of Freddy. Kruger. As such, Kevin Bacon should be wary of taking on the role in a new reboot of Nightmare On Elm Street, although Englund himself has endorsed the actor for the role.

It’s hard to say if a classic reboot of the slasher franchise starring Kevin Bacon as Freddy Krueger would be able to reinvent the series. After all, a Nightmare On Elm Street reboot has already failed despite its stellar cast, and no actor alone can save a doomed project. On the other hand, Bacon is used to playing bad campers and has been a horror star for decades, two qualities that make him more suited to the role than the more dramatic Haley. Not only that, but Bacon’s take on Freddy wouldn’t necessarily need to be a straightforward remake, meaning the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise could follow in the footsteps of Halloween 2018 and Candyman and reinvent the series for a new generation.

Kevin Bacon could be the next Freddy Krueger

Around the same time Robert Englund explained why the Nightmare On Elm Street remake failed with audiences, the actor said there were rumors Bacon would take on the role and gave the cast his blessing. . In August 2022, Bacon responded in a ScreenRant interview with an evasive “never say never”, neither confirming nor denying if the rumors were true or if he would take on the horror villain role if offered the part. Although non-committal, Bacon’s response shows the actor wouldn’t rule out the idea of ​​playing Freddy Krueger in a new Nightmare On Elm Street movie, and it could be great news for the dormant franchise.

The Case of Freddy Krueger by Kevin Bacon

As Englund noted, Bacon loves horror. Kevin Bacon’s many horror movies prove he’s a rare actor who hasn’t given up on the genre that gave him his start, from his iconic horror debut in 1980s Friday the 13th to the recent slasher of 2022 They/Them. Kevin Bacon has also spent years balancing charisma with sleazy villainy, making him a solid candidate for the role of Krueger. The terrifying, humorless Krueger of the original A Nightmare On Elm Street and its first sequel isn’t very similar to the goofy, theatrical antagonist of later sequels, and Haley’s portrayal of the character bounced back poorly in the end. ease between silly one-liners and genuinely wicked moments. However, Bacon’s work as a world-class sleaze bag in everything from Hollow Man to You Should Have Left proves he’d be perfect for the role and might be able to marry Freddy’s most frightening supernatural powers. Krueger with the character’s dark sense of humor.

The Case Against Freddy Krueger by Kevin Bacon

Bacon seems perfectly suited for the role of Freddy Krueger and, at a glance, it looks like the actor is a perfect fit for a Nightmare On Elm Street reboot. However, viewers familiar with the franchise will recall that the series has gone through this process before. When Jackie Earle Haley’s performances as a complex pedophile in Little Children and a murderous, unhinged vigilante in Watchmen led producers to believe he was a perfect replacement for Freddy Krueger, the role seemed tailor-made for the lineup. of the actor. Freddy Krueger is a tough role that’s hard to get right (especially when Englund’s own original Krueger has become a cringe-worthy self-parody in the latest Nightmare On Elm Street movies) and Kevin Bacon might not be up to the daunting task more than Haley was equally talented.

Can anyone replace Robert Englund’s Freddy Krueger?

The difficulty with replacing a character like Freddy, Tony Todd’s Candyman or Brad Dourif’s Chucky is that the character is closely associated with the original actor. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Mark Hamill’s performances in 2021’s Candyman and 2019’s Child’s Play couldn’t leverage their considerable star power and screen presence against the outsized influence of their predecessors, a problem that Nightmare On Elm Street’s Freddy replacement would also face. Regardless of who plays the new Freddy, the biggest problem any Nightmare On Elm Street reboot faces is the problem of replacing the original cast member in the first place.

Kevin Bacon’s Freddy Is A Nightmare On Elm Street’s Best Reboot

If the Nightmare On Elm Street series is to replace Englund, then Bacon has the fame, acting chops and established screen persona to pull off the role. However, Englund is still alive and working, which means the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise might be better off following the same scheme as Candyman and sending in the original Freddy instead of replacing him. If Bacon played a new character who eventually replaced Freddy at the end of the film, it would allow the reboot to humanize the new villain while letting Nightmare On Elm Street borrow Candyman 2021’s best trick. This slasher reboot succeeded at the time to bring back the original monster and replace Tony Todd’s iconic titular villain in one fell swoop, proving that the new reboot didn’t ignore the original films while allowing for new projects in the franchise. A Nightmare On Elm Street reboot starring both Kevin Bacon and Robert Englund could potentially strike the same delicate balance, but it would require a clever story to justify replacing the original Freddy Krueger.

Should Kevin Bacon be Nightmare On Elm Street’s new Freddy Krueger? | Pretty Reel