Should we see Nope, the new film by Jordan Peele?

After Get Out and Us, Jordan Peele is back. Whether you’re looking for thrills, thought-provoking metaphors, or just pure entertainment, Nope is bound to delight you.

While American journalists raged on Twitter to find out if Jordan Peele buried the careers of John Carpenter, Alfred Hitcock or Steven Spielberg, we poor mortals were doomed to wait until August 10.

The film was released in theaters, and we can now say it loud and clear: films like Boop, there are not two. here is our review without too many spoilersto finish convincing you to go there.

NOPE, entertaining and impressive UFO

In Boopwe follow a brother (Daniel Kaluuya) and his sister (Keke Palmer), owners of a ranch around which supernatural events. As weird as it sounds, the characters will then develop a obsession for the fact to capture evidence that these facts are very real.

What this summary does not say is that Boop is an incomparable visual and sound experience. The sound is so immersive that even an audio-only version of the film would make us want. On the image side, the camera oscillates between the threatening immensity of the clouds and the one at these arid plains, as if heaven and earth clashed in this western where the enemy comes from above. Most shots are extremely wide and the spectacle on a cinema screen is nothing but more breathtaking.

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The alliance between the suspense of the plot, exceptional game of the actors and the beauty of the image makes Boop entertainment that keeps you going until the last minute. Jordan Peele says it himself in the columns of variety :

“We tried to do a big summer blockbuster which you can enjoy whenever you want. If you want to go there and smoke a big joint while talking with a friend about societal issues, you can. If you just want relax, get away and see Keke Palmer in the middle of a UFO, then that’s what we’ve got for you. »

And still, many hidden meanings

As get-out and Us, Boop reminds us how gifted Jordan Peele is ability to surprise and one force of proposal rare. The director is true to himself in his ability to engage a reflection from entertainment.

At the heart of the film, there is a strange paradox: the characters flee the threat as much as they provoke it, and even go so far as to chase it. Desire for fame, wealth or desire to make history, they want appropriate the creature in capturing his image risking their lives. It is for them to try to tame and take advantage of the monstrous, to risk to unleash its violence

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However, these elements are only tracks of interpretation in a work which abounds in mysteries and of details opening up new perspectives. We invite you to be particularly attentive to the object coming from the sky, its forms, its reactions… Boop is an ecological fable? A Hollywood metaphor? On the Internet, interpretations flourish and continue to open our eyes to the film even long after having seen it.

Jordan Peele is only on his third feature film, which hasn’t stopped him from tackling a big piece. Boop is indeed a kind of modern western with a flying saucer…and a movie who talks about cinema. Just that.

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Should we see Nope, the new film by Jordan Peele?