Space Wars: the worst counter

By Laura B. Posted September 1, 2022, 11:23 AM

The Michel theater is once again hosting, from October 15 to December 29, 2022, the show for teens and children “Space Wars: the worst counter-attack”. This parody of the “Star Wars” saga – very successful – can be discovered during the All Saints’ Day 2022 and Christmas 2022 holidays, as a family, as well as at weekends.

Launched during the All Saints 2021 holidays, the room for children and teens Space Wars: the worst counterattack returns to Michel Theater. the spectacle is again on the bill of theaterfrom October 15 to December 29, 2022. It is therefore played during the holidays of the All Saints Day 2022 and of Christmas 2022as well as every weekend.

The room Space Wars: the worst counterattack was born in the head ofOlivier Soliveresalready author and director of the successful play teenplayed for more than 15 years now.

Space Wars: the worst counterattack is a family showmoon parody intergalactic for children, teens and droids.
Five actors evolve in a 3d video decorBetween lightsabersr and robots who almost lose their nuts. The room even presents a holograma first in a show for young audiences.

The pitch of Space Wars: the worst counterattack ?
In Lord Bad Bador’s imperial shuttle, Princess Sheila tries to escape the soldiers of the Empire who are chasing her… Before being caught, she manages to send a call for help to her old friend Obione Two Three. The latter then decides with the support of his young disciple, Jean-Luc Walker, to go to his rescue.
Will they be able to free her? Why does Bad Bador attack the Princess?
Does lightspeed work in the dark?
Does Superman have spare red briefs?
And above all, will Jean-Luc Walker find the strength… to stop his teenage crisis?
You will find all the answers to these questions and many more, embarking with our heroes aboard our intergalactic shuttle direction … Space Wars !!

On stage, we find in particular Jason Rolland and Pascal Buil who both starred in Teen.

Critical :

With Space Wars, Olivier Soliveres succeeds in its bet to propose a spectacle for childrenvery funny, parodyfully in line with the universe of Star Wars… without ever quoting him.

And the spectacle even begins upon arrival at Michel Theater, where you are greeted by robots. After a credits completely massacred on the flute, the scene reveals a decor with 3D screensallowing the actors sometimes to be in a spaceship than in Tataouine.

Between choreographies with felted steps and battle with guns – then saberslasersthe spectacle is driven briskly. No time to get bored. the show is dynamic, funny, both for children only for the parents.

Olivier Soliveres has found, as much in the writing as in the staging, the means of constantly recalling the universe of Star Wars without quoting it and in a way that is not cheap at all. Here Bador has a Quebec accent, wears a fuchsia bathrobe, and does not stop making “pshit, pshit” with his Ventolin.

Besides the unhidden references to Star Wars, Olivier Soliveres stuffed his spectacle other nods to current or older culture. From Cristina Cordula to Timon and Pumba, via Pascal the Big Brother, Brigitte Macron, Wejdene, Messmer, Stéphanie de Monaco, Céline Dion, Père Fouras, AC/DC or even Aya Nakamura… They are all present, from near or far. Some will speak to parents, others to children.

Show seen in November 2021

If you’re looking for ways to keep your young Padawans busy during the holidays or on weekends, embark direction Space Wars: the worst counterattack !

Space Wars: the worst counter-attack back at the Michel theater