While a new version of Spider-Man No Way Home has hit theaters, here are the hidden details you need to know.

Good news, Spider-Man No Way Home returns to the cinema. But what are the hidden details you absolutely need to know ? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Spider-Man hits theaters

No one can miss the Spider-Man phenomenon. And for good reason, the famous Marvel superhero knows wildly successful around the world. And yes, the latter stands out as one of the favorites of the general public. Just that !

It must be said that with Spider-Man, Marvel and Sony leave nothing to chance. Indeed, faced with the planetary success of the character, the latter had the right to three different sagas. Thus, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland have all slipped into the shoes of the famous Peter Parker.

Moreover, for the new part of the saga with Tom Holland, the production has made an appointment with the two other performers. Thereby, the three actors reunited in an explosive film. Great !

But do not panic, Sony does not intend to stop on such a good momentum. Indeed, the production house plans to set up an animated film. To the delight of viewers therefore.

Also, a new movie with Tom Holland is on the way. And for this new project, the Spider-Man teams have decided to pull out all the stops. Thus, the director will be handpicked. Not surprising !

While waiting to learn more about the next film in the Spider-Man saga, the No Way Home component has again landed in the cinema. Moreover, some details shouldn’t be overlooked. MCE TV tells you more!

No Way Home: what are the hidden details?

It’s no secret, Spider-Man No Way Home was a hit at the cinema. Indeed, the results turned out to be even more satisfactory than expected.

Faced with the crazy success of No Way Home, the film has again landed in the cinema. Indeed, a long version is offered to the biggest fans of the superhero. Something to delight them.

Moreover, for this new version of No Way Home, some hidden details to know. Indeed, many nods to the MCU or to pop culture have been made. Starting with Peter Parker’s high school. Indeed, a mural referring to many famous scientists like Howard Stark, the father of Ironman, takes place.

Also, in the opening scene a billboard for Rogers The Musical made his appearance. As a reminder, this is a musical that parodies the MCU universe.

At the level of the post-generic scenes, we can see Venom. If the agreement between Sony and Marvel opens up a new field of possibilities, this appearance suggests that it could make an appearance in the MCU.

In Spider-Man No Way Home, there are also many comic book references. Indeed, at the beginning of the film, Peter Parker is on a taxi bearing the number 1228. This is actually Stan Lee’s birthday.

Finally, a reference to Pulp Fiction also took place. And for good reason, in Happy’s photo from 2000, he appears disguised as Vincent Vega.

One thing is certain, fans of Spider-Man have not finished being surprised. To be continued.

Spider-Man No Way Home: Hidden Movie Details Finally Revealed!