Streaming movies about the years of the Cold War

We have selected for you five streaming titles set in the era of espionage and the great tension between the West and the former Soviet Union.

Today we dedicate our cinephile study to a historical period in which the political, social and ideal conflict between East and West was on the agenda. Let’s talk about the years of the so-called “Cold War”, Fought with espionage and atomic threats mainly by the then two world superpowers, namely the United States and the former Soviet Union. So here are five streaming movies that echo that tense and dramatic period, offering the public cinema of undoubted depth, as emotional as it is artistic. Enjoy the reading.

The best streaming movies that tell the years of the Cold War

  • Doctor stranamore – Or: how I learned not to worry and to love the bomb
  • Wargames – War games
  • Thirteen Days
  • The mole
  • The bridge of spies

Doctor stranamore – Or: how I learned not to worry and to love the bomb (1964)

The masterpiece directed by Stanley Kubrick is made at a time when talking about the atomic bomb was seriously taboo, a tangible bugbear. But the great author decides to make a satirical parody of it, giving to Peter Sellers a trio of unforgettable characters, accompanied by other great performers such as Sterling Hayden And George C. Scott. Doctor Strangelove he writes the history of cinema, earns four Oscar nominations – film, direction, lead actor and adaptation – and confirms the absolute greatness of a cinematographic genius like no other, an author with no before or after. Like a monolith… Available on KILOS, Google Play.

Wargames – War Games (1983)

Brilliant idea – not surprisingly nominated for an Oscar for the screenplay – which tells how the danger of an atomic war can be imminent, can be breathed, can also be caused by a small, absurd malfunction. A great underestimated craftsman like John Badham makes of Wargames – War games a generational cult-movie, also thanks to the talented protagonist Matthew Broderick. Even today he puts a palpable tension on him, he is so well written and directed. To be seen or reviewed to reflect. Long … Available on Google Play, Apple Itunes, Amazon Prime Video.

Thirteen Days (2000)


The notable political thriller directed by Roger Donaldson stages the days following the United States’ non-invasion of Cuba, those of April 1961 when the nuclear conflict really came close. Thirteen Days is a beautifully constructed chamber tension film, with a cast headed by a greats Kevin Costner And Bruce Greenwood in the role of President Kennedy. Film almost unnoticed by us and it’s a real shame, it contains really precise and powerful historical and human reflections. Available on Google Play, Apple Itunes, Amazon Prime Video.

The Mole (2011)

If we talk about espionage and the Cold War, they could not be missing John Le Carré and his great character Smiley. Which in the film directed by Tomas Alfredson is interpreted with human and professional mastery by Gary Oldman. The mole scene after scene becomes the best spy-movie of our times, contained and painful, elegant and very tense. Next to the great protagonist Mark Strong, Colin Firth, John Hurt, Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch. In short, the best of British cinema. Beautiful movie. Available on CHILI, Infinity +Apple Itunes, Amazon Prime Video, NOW.

Bridge of Spies (2015)

Steven Spielberg it tells not only the era, but above all the men who fought that underground war and those who tried to maintain civilization in the face of a bitter conflict. Tom Hanks And Mark Rylance (Oscar as a supporting character) do de The bridge of spies a clash / meeting of ideologies, of human beings, of distant yet very close values. An extraordinarily orchestrated and excellently written film, by the way also by Coen brothers. Feature film of great value, one of the best of the last Spielberg. Available on Rakuten TVCHILI, Google Play, Apple Itunes, TIMVisionAmazon Prime Video, NOW.

Streaming movies about the years of the Cold War