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Yesterday, Thursday, June 9, was the Summer Game Fest 2022, a digital event that has been with us for some time, where video games for the industry are announced and presented. Especially on this occasion, when this year’s E3 was cancelled, so this event of Geoff Keighley arrives to take the place.

The PlayStation State of Play last week served as a prelude to today’s event, where they announced great surprises, which we also invite you to review our summary here. Because they showcased high caliber titles at the PS event, Summer Game Fest 2022 was expected to be of the same quality.

But unfortunately for us, this year’s event did not pass the bar that Sony’s event had left, much less last year’s version. This Showcase was not what was expected, emotion and weight titles were lacking.

Don’t get us wrong, the games they presented (of which there were a lot) looked good, interesting and entertaining (except for a couple). But again we collide with the following, longer events do not mean better events.

In the three hours of the event that was Summer Game Fest 2022 (two of the main event and one of the Day of Devs 2022) They introduced us more than 30 titles. Some known, some new announcements, but very few surprises. In any case, we will let your opinion decide.

Below we will summarize what was presented at the event, we will dwell more on the “big announcements” and finally we will give you the final list.

The Last of Us – Part 1

We have to start with perhaps one of the biggest “surprises” of the event, and therefore, the last game they presented, The Last of Us – Part 1 Remake. Neil Druckmann took the stage to tell a lot of news about Naughty Dog, and especially the TLoU franchise.

In addition to reporting that tomorrow, June 10, is the last day of filming for the saga series, starring Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie), he also reported that the game’s original actors, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, They will have a role in the series.

But without a doubt, the most important announcement is that the remake of the original game of the saga is in development. With the new graphic engine of the new generation, and mechanical improvements of combat and exploration. This remake was officially baptized as The Last of Us Part I.

In addition to this announcement, which shows Joel and Ellie as we have never seen them before in the first game, with the engine of its second part, they also announced a new project.

Of this, they did not show anything more than an early conceptual art of the game, but according to what Druckmann told, we would be talking about a multiplayer based on the world of TLoU. While they didn’t give any more information, he said we could expect more information soon.

To close his presentation, the renowned Naughty Dog video game director assured that he would be working on a new project, not yet announced. While he said it was too early to give any more information, we should keep an eye out for news from the PlayStation studio.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

Another big announcement they made was the first extended gameplay of Activision’s renowned first-person shooter saga, Call of Duty, which was revealed last Wednesday the 8th. In this, a game mission was shown, in which Task Force 141 finds himself raiding a Latin American oil base in the middle of the sea.

This installment is presented as an expansion of the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, where we will follow the classic characters, such as Pierce, Soap and the much loved Ghost. All this based on a story that has to do with the path of oil and naval cargo.

The gameplay shows a great graphic improvement, very careful in the details and the physics that the inclement weather brings with your surroundings.

They also presented this game as a turning point for the franchise, and that it would mark a before and after in their titles, due to technical improvements. And with this it would also lead to a new level of Warzone, its battle royale, which would come with its “2.0” version.

Street Fighter VI – Guile

Among other announcements, they presented the next character that joins the roster of Street Fighter VIin this case, a classic that we all know and many of us love, Guile. The representative of the American spirit takes his place on the original roster.

It looks like we can secure a redesign for all the characters in the new installment of Capcom’s combat classic. For Guile, he sports his typical blonde haircut, in blue aviator overalls with a sweatshirt underneath, a full beard, and without his classic sunglasses. Even his eagle also had a makeover.

Mechanically, it doesn’t seem to change much from what we already know, his abilities don’t seem to be entirely new, but he will surely have some surprises for the character’s departure.

More information about this character can be found in the Street Fighter VI official websitewho joins Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and Jamie.

According to the description given on their game site it says: “As a pilot in the US Air Force, and fighting for his country, Guile managed to dismantle Shadaloo and avenge his friend Charlie. Although he is a family man, new battles await him.«

More ads from Summer Game Fest 2022

Among the announcements that we can quickly tell you about, is The Callisto Protocol, which reappeared after its trailer in the State of Play last week. On this occasion, it came with the same trailer presented on June 2, but with more blood and violence.

This reminded us of the essence that the spiritual successor of dead space should have: deaths, blood and grotesque executions. Anyway, they also showed a gameplay that shows how the game moves and its main tool.

It was also announced the sequel to a humorous classic that was the sensation of simulators at the time, Goat Simulator 3. In their presentation they showed even more madness and lack of control, while the powerful goats bring chaos.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also appeared. From her Gym, she thanked all the positive feedback for her participation in Fortnite as The foundation. He also talked a bit about his next movie: Black Adam.

The trailer itself was a very funny parody of the announcement trailer for Dead Island 2, where a runner played music while going along the coast. All this while accidents and lack of control happened around him.

A new chapter in the ninja turtles beat em’ up also found some interesting announcements at Summer Game Fest 2022. In this one, announcing a new game mode and a new character.

TMNT Shredder’s Revenge introduced his new character, Casey-Jones, who will join the roster of already six playable characters. In addition, they presented a new game mode for 6 players on the same screen. All this will arrive on June 16.

To our surprise, a first-person horror classic came with an ad. Part of the well-remembered Layers of Fear saga, now comes its new chapter, Layers of Fears. This preview showed the graphic leap that the saga took to Unreal Engine 5.

This new installment of the horror classic seems to want to take advantage of its old sagas and put all its fragments together in a great story. This would be completely new and with a production never seen before for the franchise.

Curiously, Nvidia was also present, with DLSS, Reflex and Ray Tracing for Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, which will be released on September 13 this year. Furthermore, they confirmed DLSS in more than 180 games.

Finally, the game that is important to name is Gotham Knightswhich from WB Games Montréal announced that they would begin to release gameplay trailers and showcase for each of the playable characters.

This time they left with Nightwing, where they show the hero in action and a couple of different outfits to show how he would move in the game.

ad list

As there are still titles to talk about, we will only leave you the name of the title and its featured trailer, so you can see it for yourself.

In addition, they brought a lot of news for the section of Day of Devs. All the games shown in that space were indie and some seemed to have a lot of potential, especially the one they started with, timeflies.

We invite you to review it in the following video:

This has been the summary of Summer Game Fest 2022. Expectations were higher than they should have been. Small, unknown and not so important announcements marked the event this Thursday, June 9.

There’s still an event to come, and there may be a couple of surprises, but it looks like we’ll have to wait until Sunday to see the unique event of Xbox and Bethesda. Among the things that are expected, is the first gameplay of the long-awaited Starfield and more countries for the Xbox Game Cloud.

Let’s also hope that more announcements will be presented as the year progresses, since many well-known and expected titles were left on the waiting list after the event.

The next big event is Gamescon in August and then the final event of the year, The Game Awards. It should be noted that at the end of today’s direct, Geoff Keighley assured and confirmed the Summer Game Fest for the year 2023which will be live and with an in-person audience.

What did you think of the Summer Game Fest 2022 announcements? Which game on your list was shown? Which one did you expect to see that didn’t come out?
Say it in the comment box.

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