Superman: exit Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Zachary Levi (Shazam) react

A few weeks ago, fans of Henry Cavill were jumping for joy: the actor was indeed making his big comeback as Superman by appearing in the post-credits scene of Black Adam. Henry Cavill then promised big things for his Superman in the DCU.

And yet, while the fans of the actor and the superhero are in heaven, a twist: Henry Cavill will finally no longer be the Superman of the DCU! The sad news had been tweeted by James Gunn (new co-CEO of DC Studios): the latter had announced that the next Superman film would focus on an “earlier part” of his life, which involves casting a new actor.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill revealed the bad news on Instagram: he then wished DC good luck for the rest of the franchise, but above all thanked all those who supported him throughout his adventure as Superman . As expected, his post made fans react, but also his (ex) DCU co-stars: Jason Momoa and Zachary Levi, who respectively play Aquaman and Shazam in the franchise, reacted to the message of Henry Cavill.

Touching reactions on Insta

Jason Momoa and Zachary Levi are among the first to comment on instagram post by Henry Cavill. The two actors expressed their full support: ” I love you, my brother “, wrote Jason Momoa (with lots of heart everywhere!) via his Prideofgypsies account, while Zachary Levi wished the best for the rest of Henry Cavill’s career, hoping in particular to see him again in another “universe”. Who knows ? Since the time that fans have been talking about finding Henry Cavill in the skin of Captain Britain, the British version of Captain America! Many also hope to find him in the second season of House of the Dragon. Henry Cavill is a talented actor, no doubt his career will not be hampered by this change of plans at DC.

Fans resent James Gunn

As expected, the news about James Gunn’s plans for Superman got the crowds pumping. Fans went wild on Twitter in response to James Gunn’s announcement of a new project Superman without Henry Cavill. While everyone was happy that the director took the reins of the DCU, everyone is now furious with his decision.

Some fans didn’t mince words, accusing James Gunn of doing Superman what Taika Waititi did of Thor: “I guess he [Henry Cavill] wasn’t funny enough for James Gunn’s silly Superman parody that will do for Superman what Taika Waititi did for Thor. So how many shitty jokes do you think Superman will drop? »

It remains to be seen what will happen for the Superman of the DCU, some are already curious to know who will replace Henry Cavill in the role of the Man of Steel. Case to follow.

Superman: exit Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Zachary Levi (Shazam) react