Taika Waititi Wouldn’t Direct Thor 5

The 4th installment of the adventures of the God of Thunder on the big screen has divided fans and critics alike. According to the latest rumors, Marvel could oust Taika Waititi from the franchise and give the sequel to another director. But what is it really?

Thor Love and Thunder grossed $750 million in 2022

If the editors were strongly disappointed by Thor Love and Thunder, the film nevertheless did very well at the box office, since with a little over 750 million dollars in revenue it is currently in 6th position among films the most profitable of 2022.

If this figure is lower than the 850 million receipts of Thor Ragnarok, we imagine that it largely brought satisfaction to Mickey and his team of financiers. It is believed, however, that the feature film has benefited from the relative lack of competition in terms of superhero films this summer, and that without this it would not have drained as many spectators in theaters.

Thor Love and Thunder disappointed some of the fans

In any case, a quick tour of the Allociné and Rotten Tomatoes sites confirms that neither the press critics (who are often very generous in good ratings with Marvel) nor the spectators really seem to have been thrilled… and we understand them.

Taika Waititi Wouldn't Direct Thor 5 #2

Before throwing the stone at the director, we must admit that the first 2 Thor films were rather boring and that the character terribly lacked relief before being reinvented by Taika Waititi. If as avid readers of comics we were initially a little shocked by the way the director had reshaped the God of Thunder by giving him a comic facet, once the surprise had been received we really adhered to Thor Ragnarok.

Unfortunately, in our opinion, his Love and Thunder sequel goes too far in parody, in Monthy Python mode except that Taika Waititi is neither Terry Gilliam nor Terry Jones…

We were able to get a glimpse this week of what the 4-hour long version of the film could look like, and we hesitate between “pathetic” and “distressing”, but we let you judge for yourself:

Marvel could replace Taika Waititi to direct Thor 5

For the moment no Thor film is officially announced in Phase 4 or 5 of the MCU, but it could be that Thor 5 is announced today at D23 for 2024 or 2025. The post-credits scene of the film made it possible to discover the actor who would play Hercules, thus paving the way in our opinion for a film on the West Coast Avengers.

To tell you the truth, we would see at the editorial staff a team composed of Thor, Hercules, She-Hulk, The Wasp, Circe, the Dark Knight:

Taika Waititi Wouldn't Direct Thor 5 #3

Anyway, according to the site Giant Freaking Robot, if a Thor 5 movie does get started, Taika Waititi won’t be directing it. Before crying with joy or disappointment (yes some of the spectators liked Thor 4), this rumor has not been confirmed by any other media and James Gunn’s setbacks with Mickey also showed that Marvel studios could anyway change your mind along the way.

Moreover, if the director is still currently attached to a film project in the Star Wars universe, the project does not seem to be progressing so much for the moment.

Last July, in full promotion of Thor 4, Taika indeed explained to The Wrap that he hadn’t made much progress on the screenplay:

It’s not for this year. I’ll be in New Zealand from August until the end of the year with “Our Flag Means Death” and “Time Bandits” [adaptation en série du film de Terry Williams] and meanwhile, I will continue to write.
I’m still trying to figure out what the story is.

He then added:

I am able to bring my tone. For now, it’s still too early, because I haven’t finished the script yet. I’m still trying to find ideas and I’m mostly in this part of the process where it’s still very open. And when I write, I write down all the ideas I’ve had, and then I start to chisel them into something.

Taika Waititi Wouldn't Direct Thor 5 #4

In any case, we hope that Kathleen Kennedy and Kevin Feige, now also involved in the overall direction of the Star Wars universe, will be able to channel Taika so that he offers us a feature film that meets the expectations of fans.

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Taika Waititi Wouldn’t Direct Thor 5