“Taranto and the fliaci”: the study day | MArTA

The works of the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto come back to life and the theatrical masks of the fliaci, portrayed on the vases of the fourth century. BC, they become a scientific and artistic project dedicated to the study of museum sources and collections, to the training of young actors and to theatrical production.

“The start of everything was born from the scientific project of Dr. Gabriella Capozza, researcher at the University of Bari” Aldo Moro “, who proposed a three-year study program on the reception of the Great Greek phialic farce in the Apulian theatrical tradition of modern and contemporary age ”- comments the director of the MArTA, Eva Degl’Innocenti during the event entitled “Back in time. Taranto and the children”, Which took place on Saturday 5 November in the Meeting Room of the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto.

“We welcomed it with great enthusiasm because the MArTA hosts one of the most important collections of Apulian ceramics linked to theatrical iconography – says the director of the Tarantino Museum – and therefore we have involved the CREST theater cooperative, with which we have a protocol of understanding, which in turn started a co-production project with another Apulian talent: the theater company “I Nuovi Scalzi” from Barletta.

“There is a very strong link between this ancient Greek theater and the contemporary theater – said la researcher Gabriella Capozza – and the glue is constituted precisely by the commedia dell’arte, because if we want this great Greek theater it constitutes a progenitor, going back in time, of the comic theater of today. The connotative stylistic code is the parody, a key to reading that is always current and transversal over the centuries, but also a way to exorcise fears and pains and to criticize even the most terrible facts through laughter “.

“The fliaci did a comic theater and perhaps they were the only ones who could afford to make fun of and mock the gods or the powerful – he declares Clara Cottino, president of the CREST Theater Cooperative – thus dealing with the Fliacian theater of these times also allows us to face the great themes of contemporary tragedy with different eyes. Many have dealt with it, but we have few materials available – continues Clara Cottino – and therefore we felt the need to accompany the production, collaborating with researchers who have written and explored the subject ”.
Thus arises the need to create bridges between written and archaeological sources, evidence of the past and the canons of traditional but also contemporary theater.

“The children and the comic show in Magna Graecia: archaeological and literary testimonies” was the intervention presented in this sense by the scholar Giulia Corrente.
“This project was created to disseminate and make more known, and therefore to bring out from the university classrooms, themes of an important tradition of Magna Graecia – declares Giulia Corrente – a comic theatrical tradition that is part of an even richer tradition that makes fliaci italioti one of the liveliest expressions of the comic tradition of the Great Greek period ”.

The project will also contribute to creating a creative act for young people, by the theater company “The new barefoot” in co-production with the CREST theater cooperative.

“A difficult task – he explains Savino Maria Italiano, comedian of the company “I Nuovi Scalzi”- considering that we are navigating between the archaeological and historical sources and the mask code of the commedia dell’arte. The goal is to create a show that is captivating and that captures the attention of the public, taking up that comic, irreverent and grotesque tradition ”.

“Today we have returned to public use the results of the preliminary phase of a scientific and artistic research project – ends the director of the MArTA, Eva Degl’Innocenti – which will have important developments on the knowledge of the Fliacian theater and which we hope will soon merge into a real theatrical production ”.

At the end of the meeting, the audience of the MArTA was able to attend two theatrical improvisation scenes freely inspired by the labors of Hercules and the epic episode of the meeting between Ulysses and Agamemnon. The two protagonists of the performances participated in the workshops of the project on the Fliacico Theater of the CREST cooperative and of the “I Nuovi Scalzi” Company.

“Taranto and the fliaci”: the study day | MArTA