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Spy Kids may be kitschy, but it’s intentionally kitschy, and the film has become a cult classic, and now director Robert Rodriguez has confirmed that the reboot has wrapped filming. While the show may be silly and not taken seriously, it still has a huge legacy and the movie will hopefully live up to fan expectations.

Spy movies come in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s comedies, kids’ adventure films, or Cold War thrillers, and the way they’re all so different is why they never get old. Between a “true story” about a game show host turned CIA agent and a groovy parody of James Bond, spy movies don’t get more unique than this.

Spy Kids (2001)

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The Spy Kids franchise has been getting a lot of attention recently, as MCU fans compare Quantumania to Spy Kids 3. claims that the original 2001 release is a seriously great spy movie.

The Redditor comments, “I’ll go ahead and say it, Spy Kids. Of course, it doesn’t compare to the other movies mentioned on this list, but as a kid, this movie was awesome! It’s not exactly your typical spy movie, and there’s hardly any espionage, but there’s no doubt that it’s a favorite among 90s kids, and it’s the one of Robert Rodriguez’s most inventive films.

Casino Royale (2006)

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Locke_5 thinks the first James Bond movie directed by Daniel Craig is the best spy movie, noting that “Casino Royale is one of my favorite movies of all time, period. Casino Royale hasn’t researched it, as the poker game in the 2006 film is completely unrealistic. But aside from its portrayal of casino games, the gritty, grounded James Bond reboot is as exciting as it could have been.

That’s partly because the clunky gimmicks are gone altogether, and it feels a lot more like a legit spy movie. The classic 007 tropes are still there, whether it’s the spy drink or the over-the-top theatrical villain, but it was the first time in decades that Bond had done proper spy work and participated in honest espionage.

Mission: Impossible 3 (2006)

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A deleted user names the third version of Mission: Impossible as the best spy movie, mentioning: “Mission: Impossible III is here for me, I absolutely loved this movie. 2006 was a huge year for franchise spy movies. Along with Casino Royale, the year saw the release of Mission: Impossible III, which was a comeback for the series after the disappointing Mission: Impossible 2.

And like the James Bond movie, Mission: Impossible III was a much grittier turn for the spy series. The film starring Tom Cruise was the first in the series to feature a truly imposing and terrifying villain, there were high stakes when it came to Ethan Hunt’s (Cruise) personal life, and those are the scenes. suspenseful espionage that rivals the original film.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002)

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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is so many things at once, because it’s an ingenious comedy, it’s full of high-profile cameos, it marks George Clooney’s directorial debut and it’s one of best movies based on a true story. Not only that, but Writes_Sci_Fi thinks it’s also the best spy movie. The Redditor simply states, “I can’t believe no one mentioned it: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. »

The 2002 release is one of the most unique spy movies because it’s supposed to be based on a true story, but no one can be sure. The film follows Chuck Barris, a game show host who swears he’s a hitman for the CIA. Whether the events that unfold are true or not, there’s nothing more entertaining than watching a man who moonlights The Dating Game as an assassin.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

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This user thinks Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is the best spy movie. The Redditor makes a great point, saying, “It felt like a really ‘grown-up’ movie. And I don’t mean that in a dirty sense, but in the sense of ‘everything is presented without glorification’. ”

Most spy movies are guilty of assassinating high profile targets and setting up cool spy strategies, but Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy does no such thing. The Cold War spy thriller follows the head of MI6 in the 1970s as he tries to uncover a Soviet spy in the agency. The film is procedural and convincingly dramatizes events without being “cool”.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Fucked Me (1999)

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After International Man of Mystery, which is one of the funniest films of the 1990s and the gold standard of James Bond parodies, the goofy spy has returned in a sequel almost as good. However, Jumpsuitpanda thinks it’s even better than the original movie, claiming The Spy Who Shagged Me is the best spy movie.

The sequel isn’t nearly as memorable as the original or even the threequel, Goldmember, which stars Beyoncé Knowles and has that iconic meta opener. However, the film has its moments that rival the first film, as Heather Graham turns in a hilarious performance as Felicity Shagwell, and it features Dr. Evil’s clone, Mini-Me.

Knight and Day (2010)

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BigGuyRevel thinks Knight & Day is the best spy movie of all time. The Redditor admits, “Even though there’s a lot of hate here, I absolutely loved Knight & Day. Although Knight & Day is one of director James Mangold’s highest-grossing films, it has become almost forgotten by mainstream audiences.

Given that it was released the same year as The Tourist, which was another spy movie, Knight & Day was unfairly lumped in with the movie starring Johnny Depp. However, the movie deserves a lot more credit, as Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise have great chemistry, and it’s packed with some good action series that’s expected given it’s being directed by Mangold.

The Talk (1974)

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ShadowOutOfTime nominates Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation, along with Blow Out, as the best spy film. The Redditor comments, “I love The Conversation and Blow Out. They may not be spy movies per se (definitely not Blow Out), but they do the best job of portraying surveillance and paranoia. »

Blow Out and The Conversation have similar premise, as the two main characters are caught up in a murder plot. But while the user may not think the 1974 version is a spy movie, it certainly has more spy elements than most other spy movies. The film is an expertly shot paranoid spy flick, and it’s unfairly overshadowed by Coppola’s other film, The Godfather Part II, which was released the same year.

Spies Like Us (1985)

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Which film VEA1001 picks as the best spy movie is a massively unpopular opinion, as Spies Like Us was panned by critics and even the general public didn’t like it very much. However, the Redditor defends his choice, noting, “Great comedy starring Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd. Not a spy movie in the sense of others but still worthy of this list in my opinion. »

Despite its reputation, the film is still full of laughs, as it sees Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd at the top of their game and at the height of their careers. The film sees two government employees take the entrance exam for the CIA’s spy program, then are immediately sent to the Middle East. The Saturday Night Live alums deliver a ridiculous spy flick that’s a great comedy to turn off your brain.

Body of Lies (2008)

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In the 2000s, Leonardo DiCaprio endeavored to work with the most famous visionary directors, be it Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese or Sam Mendes. And in 2008 he worked with Ridley Scott on Body of Lies, a spy film about a CIA agent trying to catch a terrorist in the Middle East.

El_Dubious_Mung thinks Body of Lies is the best spy movie of all time. The Redditor argues, “It brings the espionage genre out of the Cold War and into the modern age. It has action and suspense, remains realistic and has excellent acting. Ironically, the premise sounds a lot like Spies Like Us, but the dramatic thriller is one of the most suspenseful of the 2000s.

The 10 Best Spy Movies Of All Time, According To Reddit | Pretty Reel