The 10 most terrifying doctors of cinema and television

  • Because it is such an important profession, doctors are often chosen as the protagonists of fictional stories.
  • The Healthgrades portal made the list titled 10 Scariest Doctors in TV and Movies.
  • In this ranking of terrifying doctors appear from famous movie stars to cartoon characters.

Medicine is traditionally one of the best viewed and valued professions by society. Having the responsibility to care for and cure people causes doctors to have a good reputation. Despite the above, in fiction this is not always the case because sometimes characters have been created who are terrifying doctors and have even become emblems of popular culture.

Characters that overcome the barrier of time

In this case, film and television are two of the most popular and well-known media in the world. Each one is consumed by millions of people for different purposes. Some just want one entertainment option but there are also those who are looking for an interesting story that catches them.

Similarly, both have seen an important evolution throughout history. The cinema is the oldest because it has existed for more than 100 years. From the invention of the cinematograph of the Lumiere brothers a new form of communication was created. At first it lacked colors and sound but as the years passed it was perfected.

On the other hand, the arrival of television was viewed with skepticism because it was believed to be the replacement for the cinema. In the end it was not like that because both complement each other and are not necessarily rivals.

Now, something that both media have in common is the taste for stories that include scary doctors. Sometimes they are inspired by real events and others are adaptations of literature.

Scary fictional doctors

With the above in mind, the portal health grades made the list titled 10 Scariest Doctors in TV and Movies. It is a ranking that includes the characters who managed to transcend and leave the screen. From memorable performances and well-constructed dialogues they have overcome the barrier of time.

As an example of the above is the Dr Hannibal Lecterwho is the protagonist of the film The Silence of the Lambs. In this case, the character played by the actor Anthony Hopkins it’s a psychiatrist who remains in jail for being a sociopath. He has a great intelligence and from his knowledge he helps elements of the FBI to catch a serial killer.

Within this list of terrifying fictional doctors, one cannot fail to mention the Dr Victor Frankenstein. He is one of the main characters in the film. Frankenstein of 1931 and in turn is an adaptation of the novel of the same name written by Mary Shelly. The story tells the story of a doctor who has the firm purpose of creating life from death. To do so, he collects pieces of corpses and through electrical energy seeks to give birth to a new being.

The cases above are examples of serious characters who are scary because of their work. Although there are also others where comedy is combined and that is what happens with the Dr Nick Rivierawho is one of the characters in The Simpsons. Through parody, a doctor with limited knowledge and highly negligent is presented. His ignorance reaches such a point that when he saw the x-ray of a pregnant woman he exclaimed that this woman had swallowed a baby. It has not been confirmed but it is suspected that it is based on the Dr. George C. Nichopouloswho did exist in real life and was the personal doctor of Elvis Presley.

For now, we share with you a graphic prepared by the Saludiario team with the 10 most terrifying doctors of cinema and television. And for you, who remains to be named?

The 10 most terrifying doctors of cinema and television

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The 10 most terrifying doctors of cinema and television