The 16 best war series in history, ordered in ranking

    ‘Blood Brothers’ is the best war series ever produced. We are going to get rid of this, which we all already knew, as soon as possible, and so we can continue with peace of mind.

    War reflects the worst of human beings (as do Twitter or getting up early). It is the failure of civilization and dialogueand a return to the animal brutality of marking our territory or our possessions with a rather macabre twist: the animal does it out of necessity and instinct, the human race, on the other hand, is moved by greed, power and hatred. And we have learned this by rediscovering history with some of the series on this list.

    But if cinema (and life in general) has taught us anything, it is that Within every tragedy there are always good stories to tell. Anonymous heroes, feats that were hidden in their time, sacrifices that changed the course of history… War cinema is full of these stories, and television series could not be less.

    The elongated format of the small screen series offers an unparalleled framework to offer us plots as complicated and full of edges as those involved in a war. Thanks to this we have enough time, not only to enter the battle and fight alongside the protagonists, but to know their day to day in the trenches, their fears, their concerns and their desires.

    Series like the one mentioned ‘Blood Brothers’ or ‘The Pacific’super productions under the protection of names like Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks (who already touched on the theme with the unforgettable ‘Saving Private Ryan‘ and that they are preparing a new series on WWII for Apple TV+, ‘Masters of the Air‘), manage to imitate the chaos and noisy nonsense of the contest with spectacular action sequences, explosions, shootings and hundreds of extras, but in this list there is also room for introspection, morality and existentialism based on armed conflicts as in the two versions of ‘The Submarine (Das Boot)‘, being the original by Wolfgang Petersen one of the summits of the genre.

    And, of course, there is also room for humor. People say that “comedy is tragedy longer” (Woody Allen, Mark Twain, Lenny Bruce… Choose the one you like best), and that’s the formula they applied to soften the tone a bit with ‘MASH’, homonymous adaptation of Robert Altman’s film about a funny group of medics in the Korean War. Or also, for example, in the fourth season of ‘Blackadder (The Black Viper)‘, where the interpreters of Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) and doctor House (Hugh Laurie) traveled to World War I.

    To finish, although almost the entire list is set in war events from the 20th century onwards, we cannot ignore the fact that wars are as old as human beings themselves, and that bWho could have entered productions like ‘Roma’, or the medieval fantasy of ‘Game of Thrones’. On behalf of all of them we have selected ‘Vikings’, since its genre is indisputably warlike and it is the one that best fit our criteria.

The 16 best war series in history, ordered in ranking