The 5 worst movie performances in 2022

If anything distinguished 2022, it was the way in which cinema regained all its appeal. Whether it was in theaters or on the platforms of streaming, the return of high-calibre and enormous quality productions was evident. From extraordinary stories with a leading technological section, to sensitive dramas that moved the audience. Although we are not spared from the lousy performances in 2022, the cinematic experience proved to have survived the mandatory stoppage of the pandemic.

But while showbiz’s renewed splendor is evident, so were its low points. With a new wave of feature films available to the public, there was a group of films that surprised by their low quality. In particular, due to the lousy performances of its cast, the majority of which are made up of renowned figures and considerable talent.

An eventuality that leads to the exploration, perhaps, of the weakest points of Hollywood as an industry. The way in which with some frequency some great projects support their potential in formidable stages and visual spectacles before in the performance of their actors. Undoubtedly, an endless debate that, every year, reveals some cracks about the world of entertainment and its priorities when it comes to building big productions. These are the five worst performances that cinema has left us in 2022.

henry cavill in Enola Holmes 2 it’s the worst performance of 2022

During 2022, Henry Cavill found himself in the center of the public spotlight. On the one hand, due to the apparent return of him as Superman to the DC extended universe, something that finally it did not happen. At the other extreme, due to his abrupt departure from the series of The Witcherwhich will leave after the third season. Between both things, the interpreter’s career seems to be at a delicate moment. At least one fragile enough for one of the worst performances of 2022 to be analyzed from its future consequences.

This is what has happened with his role in the second part of Enola Holmes, the Netflix hit based on the novels by Nancy Springer. Cavill, who played Sherlock Holmes again, had a more prominent role. But also, and perhaps for this reason, much more lackluster than in the first installment of the nascent franchise.

The actor, in one of the worst performances of the year, was unable to give his character nuances of emotion, much less any trace of three-dimensionality. Although this time his relationship with his sister Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) was of considerable interest. But Cavill limited himself to repeating his lines without much emotion and without revealing the emotional bond that unites both characters.

Much worse, to show a Sherlock lacking in maturity and more like a lackluster version of many other similar characters. By the end of the film, one thing becomes clear. Cavill’s Sherlock needs to explore his motivations rather than his ability to pull off elegant period costumes. Apparently, the actor’s biggest concern in this flimsy role.

Christian Bale in Amsterdam

Christian Bale in Amsterdam offers one of the worst performances of 2022

Amsterdamby David O. Russell, is one of the inexplicable paradoxes of 2022. Despite a cast of great actors and an impeccable staging, it was a resounding failure at the box office and critics. It is probable that both things can be attributed to the performances of its cast and, specifically, to Christian Bale. Quite a surprise, when the interpreter is known for his histrionic capacity and versatility when embodying unique characters.

But his version about a man who has an unusual platonic relationship with two of his best friends is hardly credible. Something that makes it one of the worst performances of 2022. Bale does not seem to find a middle ground between sensitive solidarity and the essential motivations of her character. Much more when the Burt imagined by the script survives war injuries and a complicated family situation.

The film tries, from several different perspectives, to allow the character to express loneliness and uprooting. But Bale is more interested — and it’s, perhaps, the break in tone of his role — in being cynical comic relief. Which ends up completely collapsing his lousy interpretation.

Amsterdam it is one of the great flops of 2022. But, at the same time, one of the few in Christian Bale’s successful career. An unfortunate sample of what a soft argument and clumsy direction can cause.

Chris Evans, also among the worst performances in the invisible agent

The Invisible Agent, Netflix

For Chris Evans, abandon the incorruptible Captain America Marvel has not been an easy task. Much more when the long journey towards an independent career in the film saga seems increasingly complicated. It was expected that his participation in the invisible agent, directed by the Russo brothers for Netflix, was a step in the right direction. But it just wasn’t. Also became one of the actor’s biggest flops over the past decade.

The production, which harvested a barrage of negative reviews, is a confusing mix of action movie with the origin of a franchise. Chris Evans was in charge of the villain, a heartless killer who had to face the hero on his ground. In other words, they were both equally skilled and deadly.

But in the case of Evans, who gives one of the worst performances of 2022, the role is a caricature of multiple characters. With a strange anachronistic appearance that does not contribute any distinctive feature, Evans seemed to satirize the classic antagonists. But without the cynical humor or the double reading that a similar histrionic experiment requires.

As if that wasn’t enough, the film has real editing problems, making Evans’ role seem incomplete. At best, little meaningless bits of information that link together without reaching a conclusion. Furthermore, the actor fails to delve into the shameless and evil attitude that the role requires. Which leaves, in return, a blurred figure in the middle of a scene of endless explosions and shots.

dave bautista in Daggers in the Back: The Glass Onion Mystery

Dave Bautista as one of the worst performances of 2022

The former WWF star’s career is confusing, to say the least. From roles with a bit of a comedic streak at Marvel, he evolved into several more mature ones, like his Sapper Morton from Blade Runner 2049. He even came to have a more or less consistent participation in Dune like Glossu Rabban. However, his characters seem marked by inexpressiveness and for demonstrating his notorious physical strength.

In Daggers in the Back: The Glass Onion Mystery, the director and screenwriter Rian Johnson gave him a more ambitious opportunity. Duke, a star of the streaming who discovers a secret at the most surprising moment, is the open door for several events at the same time. Especially when he understands how important the information at hand is.

But Bautista failed to get his character to display the mischievous swagger that Johnson’s script suggests. Much less the perception of a latent violence that is part of the context that surrounds the unique figure. Which includes it fully in the list of worst performances in 2022.

What a mix of incel and a minor celebrity, the character seeks recognition. Which would give the actor the chance to give Duke a wide range of nuances as uncomfortable as they were mocking. But Bautista never achieved the perception of corrupted fame and, even less, the decadent version of the manipulation that the role required.

Chris Hemsworth, among the worst performances by Thor: love and Thunder

Chris Hemsworth in Thor: love and Thunder, one of the worst performances of 2022

Chris Hemsworth is an actor with a powerful streak for comedy. So evident that when Taika Waititi brought the Norse god to humorous ground in Thor: Ragnarok the result was pleasantly surprising.

However, in Thor: Love and Thunder, Hemsworth had real difficulty following an erratic and confusing script. especially when his character had to go from parody to exploration of suffering in a few sequences. Of course, the actor cannot be blamed entirely for one of the worst performances in 2022.

Although it was notorious that he failed, in any of the scenes, to give Thor anything more than a flat mix of simple humor. Something that ended up sinking his attempts to delve into the role. Silly and without substance, his character became a jumble of sketchy ideas that he never fully developed.

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The 5 worst movie performances in 2022